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Posted on: Thursday, 18 September 2014, 6:38am
Comment by: anajul

Hi Sue! Thank you so much for that sweet comment you left in my gallery! I'm not on much anymore but I do appreciate all the nice words. I hope you've been well. {{hugs{{

Posted on: Thursday, 3 January 2013, 10:15pm
Comment by: helbert

What a nice surprise to see you'd been by for a visit Sue!!!! How have you been? Thanks for stopping in & have a happy & healthy 2013!

Posted on: Saturday, 22 December 2012, 8:07am
Comment by: cwakerdog

Thank YOu for your recent visit to my gallery and kind comment,,,it is appreciated!

Posted on: Saturday, 15 December 2012, 5:52pm
Comment by: thinkpink22

Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season!!!

Posted on: Sunday, 2 December 2012, 2:30am
Comment by: betty1


Posted on: Saturday, 31 December 2011, 6:58pm
Comment by: prittb

Wishing you a happy New Year!

Posted on: Wednesday, 21 December 2011, 7:26pm
Comment by: Luzma

Merry Christmas dear Sue and the best for 2012.

Posted on: Tuesday, 21 June 2011, 11:31am
Comment by: helbert

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sue!!!! Hope you get spoiled rotten!!!

Posted on: Tuesday, 19 April 2011, 3:12pm
Comment by: helbert

Thanks so much for the visit!!! Hope you have a nice Easter!

Posted on: Monday, 18 April 2011, 12:47am
Comment by: RachelUK

Hi Sue - thanks for your comment on my circle journal picture where I'm busy digging up potatoes!! Neil and I got engaged in the US in February, and the wedding is July 16th. We are adopting a very laidback approach and it seems to be working - everything is falling into place and no tempers have been frayed - perfect! Rachel x

Posted on: Saturday, 12 February 2011, 6:21pm
Comment by: helbert

Thanks for stopping by Sue! You're a dear!!!

Posted on: Wednesday, 9 February 2011, 11:40pm
Comment by: helbert

Thinking of you...... hope all is well!

Posted on: Friday, 24 December 2010, 4:27am
Comment by: SuperAllyFan

Have a wonderful Christmas!
Kim xx

Posted on: Thursday, 23 December 2010, 8:54pm
Comment by: kygirlnfla

Hey Sue.....wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a most wonderful New Year too!!! Sheila

Posted on: Thursday, 23 December 2010, 10:42am
Comment by: Luzma

I wish you a Merry Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year my dear friend!!!

Posted on: Thursday, 23 December 2010, 12:16am
Comment by: micupoftea

Merry Christmas, Sue! Health, joy and fun in 2011! shawn

Posted on: Wednesday, 22 December 2010, 3:09pm
Comment by: Angelica

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and scrappy New Year!

Posted on: Saturday, 18 December 2010, 2:55pm
Comment by: BearFamily

Hey Sue, thanks for your wishes !!! Still missing you around here............... Do you have snow yet? We had lots of it yesterday so I went sledding with Keanu the whole morning from 10 till 1, can yo believe how frozen I was, he was enjoying himself running up the small hills in the park en sledding down, and poor me was just waiting and waiting and waiting, but............. I made tons of great photo's, that was waiting worth it.
Dear Suzie, wishing you and you hubby a very merry Christmas and all the best for 2011 !!!!!!
Hugs, Astrid

Posted on: Monday, 13 December 2010, 2:08pm
Comment by: lynnde

Miss you sweet Sue! Hope you are enjoying your holiday season!!

Posted on: Sunday, 12 December 2010, 1:09pm
Comment by: Lizzy Wurmann G.

Hi sweet Suzie, thanks for your Christmas wishes, I wish you a merry Season too!!!!!

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