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Posted on: Sunday, 27 January 2013, 11:21am
Comment by: babigirl

just stopping by to say hi and i hope you are having great weekend

Posted on: Tuesday, 4 December 2012, 6:59am
Comment by: littleMRSimelda


I wouldn't suggest the cordless glue gun. I see it on your wishlist. I have it and it doesn't heat up very well. Maybe it's my batteries though.

Posted on: Monday, 19 November 2012, 11:57am
Comment by: littleMRSimelda

Sheesh!!! finally!!!!
and i see you put stuff on your wishlist!

Posted on: Wednesday, 7 September 2011, 5:43pm
Comment by: RachelUK

Ah - so glad to see Little Mrs Imelda's sister on here - tell her to introduce you to the secret sister thread! Rachel

Posted on: Thursday, 1 September 2011, 11:02am
Comment by: cheena

Hi Dear!! Thank for your comment!! The flowers are actually a ribbon of flower!!! I love them!! I got a whole bunch of them a few months ago, when the expo came into town. You can kinda see how they look on a blog I posted here for the same LO. Take Care, have a fantabulous day!! =)

Posted on: Wednesday, 17 August 2011, 2:30pm
Comment by: littleMRSimelda

Wooo hoo! You finally added los! Can't wait to see the biting one! :D

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