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Posted on: Tuesday, 22 September 2015, 1:55pm
Comment by: MarciLB

Hi Lesley! How are you liking your new "home" state? I imagine you got a job since there are no pages recently...hope all is well!

Posted on: Friday, 15 May 2015, 6:53pm
Comment by: grandma_sue

Thanks so much for stopping by my gallery! I really appreciated it!

Posted on: Tuesday, 12 May 2015, 7:37pm
Comment by: NVyankee

Lesley -- my brewery tour lo. I made the collage myself. It looks like a printed collage but it's just 4 pics on black bg pp.

Posted on: Monday, 4 May 2015, 10:53pm
Comment by: SarahEdens

On the popping tags layout, my kids know the song, a censored version anyway, so when my son saw the coat he had to try it on, and I HAD to get the photo

Posted on: Thursday, 30 April 2015, 4:16am
Comment by: ozmagi

hi thank you so much for your amazing comment and your visit in my gallery.. hugs magi

Posted on: Friday, 3 April 2015, 4:22pm
Comment by: eapipkin

Thank you for the visit! ~Elizabeth

Posted on: Sunday, 8 March 2015, 7:27pm
Comment by: NVyankee

Thanks for the gallery love. But just an FYI -- Mike wore a dark gray suit to the prom. He was actually a great dresser. We both worked in the same department store!

Posted on: Monday, 16 February 2015, 10:37pm
Comment by: NVyankee

thanks for all the gallery love. And yes my dates are all wrong! LOL. Brian was born in 1996. I have to change the dates on at least 3 lo's. DUH! That is what teenagers do to your brain. Well that's my excuse & I'm sticking to it!

Posted on: Saturday, 24 January 2015, 12:34am
Comment by: ximxyoursx

hey stranger! I haven't been around in quite a while. is the very laid back challenge still a thing? I took a glance at the forums and didn't see it. Hope to talk to you soon, thanks!

Posted on: Friday, 19 September 2014, 9:20am
Comment by: NVyankee

Hey girl - thanks for the gallery love. You know I love a good font. It was funny - I wrote down the fonts on the back of my pages specifically for you! I think a cool font makes the page. I was so happy - I'm rarely buying any alphas anymore. I have one or 2 that i just love but on the whole - I'm cutting my titles. So keep your eyes open for any interesting ones.

Posted on: Thursday, 18 September 2014, 9:10am
Comment by: NVyankee

Hi Lesley - the font on my Haleakala lo is "Hawaiian Punk" . I just love it. Probably why I'm overusing it! LOL

Posted on: Saturday, 28 September 2013, 5:32pm
Comment by: OlesyaK.

Hi Lesley!
you asked if I combine digi and regular pages in same album. I don't because I don't do digi layouts at all)) thanks for nice comments on my layouts!

Posted on: Sunday, 1 September 2013, 11:49am
Comment by: ampmdoodles

Your profile picture is awesome! Thanks for stopping by and leaving the sweet comment on my Cousins LO!

Posted on: Monday, 29 July 2013, 8:06am
Comment by: Anna C

Hi Lesley! Thanks so much for the visit and love on my fireworks layout! Congrats on becoming the the hostess with the mostess! I hope to make it back to VLB in the near future. Anna C

Posted on: Sunday, 28 July 2013, 8:32pm
Comment by: bonprof

Thank you for the lovely comment about my grandson!!

Posted on: Wednesday, 17 July 2013, 10:29pm
Comment by: Madsam27

I love the layouts in your gallery. How do you find the time?

Posted on: Wednesday, 12 June 2013, 4:50pm
Comment by: klyarizona

So nice of you to stop by my gallery and leave sweet comments. I really appreciate it. Thanks so much.

Posted on: Tuesday, 11 June 2013, 11:13pm
Comment by: ozmagi

hi lesley, thank you so much for the lovely visit and all your amazing comments you left in my gallery they all are so appecaite it. have a wonderful week . hugs magi

Posted on: Thursday, 23 May 2013, 5:22pm
Comment by: raining

Hi Lesley! The photo on my vintage tag is actually a vintage image included with the Eklectique collection by Ruby Rock It. Thank you for visiting me. I appreciate it!!! xo

Posted on: Monday, 20 May 2013, 10:41am
Comment by: dancinirish90

Okay - just saw your comment on my '43' LO. That's hilarious - 22 is a lot different than 43 - did you eat a minnow at Aquarium? Haha - not me. I did lots of shots that day, but not that one.

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