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Posted on: Monday, 6 June 2011, 9:42pm
Comment by: Just G

thanks for the gallery love you big bully

Posted on: Wednesday, 28 January 2009, 7:46pm
Comment by: ELynn

hugs girl

Posted on: Thursday, 22 January 2009, 10:53pm
Comment by: Diane_T

Have I told you lately how glad I am that we are sistas? Even if we have a different set of parents. *lol* Thanks for a wonderful visit...and most of all...for your friendship. Love ya!

Posted on: Tuesday, 16 December 2008, 9:00pm
Comment by: ELynn

where the heck are you?

Posted on: Sunday, 26 October 2008, 2:34pm
Comment by: Diane_T

I'm so glad you are my sista!

Posted on: Saturday, 4 October 2008, 6:01pm
Comment by: Diane_T

Don't ya think it is time to add a LO to the gallery? *lol*

Posted on: Friday, 15 August 2008, 9:29pm
Comment by: ELynn

Thanks for being my friend, the flowers rock!!!

Posted on: Thursday, 7 August 2008, 6:44am
Comment by: Diane_T

Just a little note to say I am thinking of you today and sending special prayers your way.

Posted on: Thursday, 24 July 2008, 6:21am
Comment by: Diane_T

Stopping in to say "good morning".

Posted on: Saturday, 5 July 2008, 1:50pm
Comment by: E Scrapper

Thanks for your concern for my Archie puppy. He had his surgery on Mon. (July 1st). It went very well. They also did the biopsy on his nose. They cut his inner right leg open from hip to ankle. It was way worse then I thought. He has to stay still and quiet for 8 weeks. That is going to be quite a chore. He is so young and playful and doesn't want to stay down.
He just took his meds and is sleeping peacefully right now.
Again.... thanks for your thoughts and especially your prayers.

Posted on: Friday, 4 July 2008, 9:28am
Comment by: Diane_T

Have a safe and happy 4th.

Posted on: Saturday, 28 June 2008, 1:28pm
Comment by: Diane_T

I'm loving the layouts...wanna see more please! Don't spend all of your rainy Saturday studying though.....take some time to do something you enjoy! BTW...I am counting down the days! :)

Posted on: Wednesday, 18 June 2008, 6:58pm
Comment by: ELynn


Posted on: Sunday, 15 June 2008, 10:20am
Comment by: Diane_T

Stopping by to say hello. I hope you are having an awesome weekend!

When are you gonna put some of those cruise photos in the gallery?????

Posted on: Friday, 13 June 2008, 10:16am
Comment by: scrappinmonkey


Posted on: Sunday, 11 May 2008, 9:24am
Comment by: Diane_T

Stopping by to wish you a wonderful Mother's Day!

"A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden, fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts.

~Washington Irving~

Posted on: Wednesday, 30 April 2008, 8:23pm
Comment by: Diane_T

Thanks for the comments on the blog, and thanks for thinking of me. It was a tough day, but I made it through one more time.

Posted on: Wednesday, 23 April 2008, 7:55pm
Comment by: Diane_T

Stopping in to say hi sista. The weekend is almost here...then you can breathe a sigh of relief!

Posted on: Sunday, 6 April 2008, 10:28pm
Comment by: ELynn

Have a great week! where ya hiding?

Posted on: Sunday, 30 March 2008, 2:50pm
Comment by: Diane_T

Ok, so it is about time you added something to your gallery sista. *nudge*

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