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Posted on: Tuesday, 10 October 2017, 8:30am
Comment by: KVRLVN

Hi Terri! Thank you so much for sweet comment on my Under the Sea card and St. Augustine Fountain layout. I so appreciate it. Have a great week. :) Kelly

Posted on: Tuesday, 10 October 2017, 4:56am
Comment by: ccarter

Thanks for your kind comments on my Sunshine Play layout; they made me laugh and thirsty. We got our first snow yesterday. I know you miss it - ha!!

Posted on: Monday, 9 October 2017, 5:49am
Comment by: kzookeeper

Hi Terri - thanks so much for the visit to my gallery and for all your sweet comments. I can't take credit for the beads on the ice cream - it was a sticker that came that way - I've had it for years and finally found a good use for it :) Hope you have a wonderful week. Betty

Posted on: Saturday, 7 October 2017, 9:21am
Comment by: yelenats

Thank you, Terri, for the amazing comments! Have a nice weekend! Yelena

Posted on: Friday, 6 October 2017, 5:00pm
Comment by: CoolCath

Hello Terri, You made my day with all that praise for the pansy layout. I bought those flowers and they are so big bright and beautiful I was just glad to use them. You are such a generous and supportive friend here and I appreciate it. I also love your style with the two page spreads.. Cathy

Posted on: Friday, 6 October 2017, 12:18pm
Comment by: scrapperb2

Thank you for the wonderful comment on Vegas. I write a lot of poetry, but this was written in pain as I watched what transpired that night. I hope to be back on as I will explain my MIA's lately. Hugs Terri, Linda

Posted on: Tuesday, 3 October 2017, 2:30pm
Comment by: eapipkin

Hey there, Terri! Thank you for the kind remarks on my Our Family layout! I sure appreciate your support. Hugs, Elizabeth

Posted on: Tuesday, 3 October 2017, 8:13am
Comment by: KVRLVN

Hi Terri! Thank you for your sweet comment on my Thinking of You card. I so appreciate it. :) Kelly

Posted on: Monday, 2 October 2017, 3:27am
Comment by: kathylovestoscrap

Oh Terri you always make me smile and feel good when you visit my gallery, Your comments are always insightful and make me think of my layouts in a different way. Thank you for your continued support and guidance. Much appreciated. Kathy

Posted on: Saturday, 30 September 2017, 7:15am
Comment by: ccarter

Good Morning, Friend. Yep, leaves are turning and there is a crispness to the air. We had a week of rainy weather, which is unusual for this time of year. Helps reduce fire risks in the mountains, so that's good. Are you adjusting to your new tropical surroundings? I have heard Margaritas can help with that process. Have a great weekend.

Posted on: Friday, 29 September 2017, 10:16pm
Comment by: yelenats

Terri! My dear friend! You definitely made my day! THANK YOU!!!! Yelena

Posted on: Friday, 29 September 2017, 7:34am
Comment by: MarciLB

Thanks Terri--send me your address and I'll send you a "coffee" ATC!

Posted on: Friday, 29 September 2017, 4:08am
Comment by: CoolCath

Good Morning Terri, I wanted to thank you for your sweet comments on my new layout with Graphic 45. I have so much of it and I am so slow with making projects. I really thank you for your support. I am always looking for new ways to use the line. Thanks again. Cathy

Posted on: Wednesday, 27 September 2017, 8:34am
Comment by: Puddin Head

Hey, Terri! Thanks so much for all the nice comments on my recent cruise trip pages! I really appreciate it. We miss you on our chat thread - hope you can stop by and visit soon.

Posted on: Wednesday, 27 September 2017, 7:56am
Comment by: KVRLVN

Hi Terri! Thank you for visiting my gallery and leaving a sweet comment on my Jackpot Winner layout. That win did pay for our trip and we used the rest to book a trip to NOLA for Christmas. My SD card in my camera somehow got corrupted and I lost the entire first day of photos. So hurt my feelings. Maybe time for a new camera. :) Kelly

Posted on: Monday, 25 September 2017, 9:13am
Comment by: KVRLVN

Hi Terri! Thank you so much for all of your sweet comments on in my gallery. I so appreciate it. Have a great week. :) Kelly

Posted on: Saturday, 23 September 2017, 4:58pm
Comment by: kzookeeper

Hi Terri, thanks so much for stopping by my gallery and for your sweet comments. My daddy was a really nice guy. He was the sweetest man ever - I might be a little bit prejudiced. :) He's been gone now for over 17 years - so hard to believe - and I still miss him sooo much. I was his baby and he loved me unconditionally and I knew it :) Anyway, thanks again. Hope you're staying safe down there in FL - We got a bit of the "hurricane" weather up here in Georgia, too - no fun. Have a great weekend, Betty

Posted on: Friday, 22 September 2017, 5:56pm
Comment by: ccarter

Thanks for the compliment regarding my smarts. There are days when I wake-up, look in the clothes hamper, find my brain in there with my underwear wrapped around it, and realize it is the result of spending the day with my head up my you-know- what. Other days, I'm lucid as all get out It's just how I roll.

Posted on: Thursday, 21 September 2017, 5:14pm
Comment by: bakw

Just couldn’t resist, could you! Terri, you surprised me. I thought if you did comment on one, it would be the Alabama Twisters LO (my personal favorite). While I do do single photo LOs, I usually use several photos. I hope the info I sent helped. Thanks for the gallery visit. Barbara

Posted on: Thursday, 21 September 2017, 8:46am
Comment by: fennec

Hi, Terri!
I am so glad to hear that you are OK and your new house was not damaged by this awful hurricane! I saw terrible reportsabout hurricane by TV. Are your relatives on river-cruse? How are they going to reach SPb by river? SPb in USA or SPB in Russia? :) In any case I would be happy to meet you in our SPB if you would come! And than you will have to go to river ride along SPB rivers and canals! I am sure you would love it!
Terri, I was so happy to read your comments on my album! Thank you so much! Yes, children are grow up very fast. :)
Have a nice day and don't foget about trip to SPb!

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