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Posted on: Wednesday, 22 March 2006, 10:11am
Comment by: myboys

Your work is such a work of art! You are extremly creative and I can tell you put alot of work into your pages. The story comes to life with your journaling, picts, and everything you put on the page. This page is awsem

Posted on: Wednesday, 15 March 2006, 8:27am
Comment by: cookiedoo

Good job! you got the gallery up. The pages look great; I'm sure you'll win! I love the aydin page most. I gave the link to Michelle. The first thing she said was, "Your mom can do my wedding scrapbook." I think you should start hiring out, lol. I want you to do mine too ;-) keep up the good work and post some more pages if you can.

Posted on: Monday, 13 March 2006, 5:52pm
Comment by: cookiedoo

Hello mom, I just requested you to be on my friends list. To all those reading, my mom is an excellent scrapper! Her work is amazing. I don't have the patientence or creativity for that kind of work. I really enjoy looking through her books. Hopefully some day she'll get some time to make me a special one :-). She did quite a few pages in my graduation scrapbook and they were great. I'll keep looking for some entries. Hopefully you'll post some pictures of pages.

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