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Posted on: Sunday, 13 June 2010, 10:55am
Comment by: Boricua Scrapper 3

girl i love your space !!!!!!!!!!! thanks for the pic!

Posted on: Saturday, 24 April 2010, 10:57pm
Comment by: nikki3006

I just love you scrapbooking room. Thanks for sharing.

Posted on: Saturday, 9 January 2010, 3:02pm
Comment by: daney

hey - I just stopped by to tell you that I took the plunge and moved to "by color" for embellies, etc. I put some gallery pics. Decided not to buy any new organizational things since I have so many that I already don't use.

Posted on: Sunday, 1 November 2009, 6:34pm
Comment by: Tina scraps

oohh another New Englander, and an NCIS fan :)

Posted on: Monday, 31 December 2007, 7:56am
Comment by: KellyCali

Here's Wishing You A Very Happy 2008 New Year! Keep Care! :)

Posted on: Tuesday, 16 October 2007, 9:14pm
Comment by: LauraSolomon

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THOSE PROMPTS!!!!!!!!! Please send me your address so I can mail you out a goodie!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on: Friday, 31 August 2007, 7:33pm
Comment by: JoanE

Have a great Labor Day weekend!

Posted on: Saturday, 18 August 2007, 6:31am
Comment by: JoanE

Hi Northern neighbor. Any good stores up your way. I will be up that way next week.

Posted on: Monday, 23 July 2007, 4:59pm
Comment by: GinnyHughes

just wanted to say hello! i noticed you live in the lakes region, i live in sanbornton. i don't see too many people from nh around here! have a great day!

Posted on: Thursday, 19 July 2007, 7:38pm
Comment by: KellyCali

Well, I JUST finished going through A TO Z!....Love, Love.....LOVE your Rolodex Cards!! Thanks again for sharing those with me today on the msg board! Have a really great weekend! :)

Posted on: Thursday, 12 July 2007, 12:30pm
Comment by: {Nicole}

Just wanted to stop bye and say hello. Hope your summer is going great. Are you all located right on the water? We are hoping to get up to the lakes region in the next couple of weeks. Enjoy.

Posted on: Wednesday, 27 June 2007, 12:42pm
Comment by: sabine

Hi there, I hope you're having a great day. I've been thinking of joining Memory Works, but I've lost the thread in our forum somehow. Could you kindly send me the link? Thank you so much.

Posted on: Friday, 13 April 2007, 7:24pm
Comment by: AbbyDogMom

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Posted on: Friday, 13 April 2007, 2:43pm
Comment by: scrappintlc

Have a great weekend

Posted on: Saturday, 7 April 2007, 9:42am
Comment by: scrappercaz

Just love your altered projects - really inspiring!

Posted on: Thursday, 5 April 2007, 7:04am
Comment by: craftychick

Just dropping by to say hello! I hope you have a beautiful and blessed day

Posted on: Monday, 26 March 2007, 3:29am
Comment by: Im a Believer

It's Monday - I'm off to a great start! Wanted to wish you a beautiful day!

Posted on: Friday, 23 March 2007, 7:43am
Comment by: Im a Believer

Have a GREAT weekend!

Posted on: Sunday, 18 March 2007, 10:58am
Comment by: Im a Believer

Just wanted to stop by and see if anythings new in your gallery. Have a WONDERFUL week!

Posted on: Friday, 16 March 2007, 8:07pm
Comment by: Im a Believer

Have a WONDERFUL weekend! Talk to you next week!

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