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Posted on: Monday, 28 January 2013, 12:48pm
Comment by: lina696

hi I love your layout´s. do you share your layouts some other place? regars lina

Posted on: Wednesday, 13 July 2011, 6:39pm
Comment by: tealbrand

laura i been missing u 2.................

Posted on: Tuesday, 19 May 2009, 10:33am
Comment by: Taba

hi laura!!! *misses* how r u?

Posted on: Tuesday, 13 January 2009, 10:31pm
Comment by: kimberlysdream

Hey Laura I love your work I need some people for my design team kimberlysdream.net take a look at my site. [email protected] thanks kimberly Van Rossum

Posted on: Thursday, 20 November 2008, 6:30am
Comment by: scrappygayle

Hi Laura - thanks for accepting the friend invite :) love the colours on your pages!

Posted on: Sunday, 16 November 2008, 6:44pm
Comment by: dallasvaroney

*smiles* you've been tagged!

Posted on: Wednesday, 12 November 2008, 10:35am
Comment by: elledee

Join in the fun! You've been tagged... Check out my blog!!

Posted on: Sunday, 2 November 2008, 10:26am
Comment by: Inspired.By.Love

Hi There! Tag...Your It! Please Check My Blog.. Thank You! *Andrea

Posted on: Friday, 26 September 2008, 7:16am
Comment by: Taba

oh where oh where has my Laura Klein gone...lol Miss ya gal hope that school stuff is going well.

Posted on: Thursday, 14 August 2008, 11:01pm
Comment by: DawnP.

cant wait to see more LO's. you are so talented!

Posted on: Sunday, 27 July 2008, 2:41pm
Comment by: ctmhsassyscrapper

Just a note to say hello!

Posted on: Tuesday, 15 July 2008, 8:01pm
Comment by: chalk4ever

Hi Laura...hope your doing well...can't wait to hear from you again !!!

Posted on: Sunday, 13 July 2008, 10:37am
Comment by: Lauriebird

Your art is still amazing ~ Have an awesome summer !!!!!

Laurie in Vegas

Posted on: Wednesday, 2 July 2008, 6:18pm
Comment by: MirCV

Hi Laura, there's a long time that I don't visit you at this website so I am busy with my own forum in Spain!
But I still adore your art, and I stoped here to say HELLO!

Posted on: Thursday, 26 June 2008, 7:16pm
Comment by: scrappnbarb

Hope your doing well. I'm glad you got in to nursing school. Much love.

Posted on: Monday, 16 June 2008, 3:54pm
Comment by: Hilary duff fan

Hi I am Asra. I am pleased to be your friend.

Posted on: Sunday, 15 June 2008, 7:43am
Comment by: Scrapping Chica

LOL! Just read your profile! Love the shopping part!

Posted on: Saturday, 14 June 2008, 10:20pm
Comment by: Scrapping Chica

Is that u in ur profile pic?

Posted on: Thursday, 5 June 2008, 12:42pm
Comment by: Mossy Oak Chick

I am tagging you...whats your four? check out my blog

Posted on: Friday, 2 May 2008, 8:02pm
Comment by: chalk4ever

Hi Laura..miss you !!! hope school is going well !!!

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