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Posted on: Wednesday, 16 December 2009, 10:48pm
Comment by: Mo_N_Jo

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family!

Posted on: Thursday, 26 November 2009, 5:26am
Comment by: Toady1

Just wanted to wish you a Most Blessed Thanksgiving

Posted on: Tuesday, 17 November 2009, 6:20pm
Comment by: hotroding scrapbooker

I would fish more than once a year if I could catch fish like that one! Down in Michigan they don't come that big anymore!

Posted on: Monday, 23 February 2009, 6:25am
Comment by: mojoprice

Happy Monday!! I love you and miss you. Hugs, MJ

Posted on: Sunday, 18 January 2009, 11:23pm
Comment by: mojoprice

Hey there gorgeous. Happy to hear you are getting settled in the new house and loving it. Can't wait to come visit you later this year. I love you and miss you TONS!! MJ

Posted on: Saturday, 17 January 2009, 10:35am
Comment by: texasrnc

Hope you're getting settled into your new house in balmy FL! With everything going on in your life, I'm sure you'll have lots to scrap soon! Can't wait to see some new scrappin' creations!!

Posted on: Sunday, 4 January 2009, 12:48pm
Comment by: mojoprice

It's a little late, but HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I hope 2009 is a GREAT one for you!!

Posted on: Monday, 22 December 2008, 11:29am
Comment by: mojoprice

Happy Holidays, babe!! I love you and miss you. Hope you are all well and starting to get settled in. Hugs, MJ

Posted on: Sunday, 21 December 2008, 9:39pm
Comment by: Mo_N_Jo

We wish you a Merry Christmas!
We wish you a Merry Christmas!
We wish you a Merry Christmas
And a Happy New Year

Posted on: Sunday, 21 December 2008, 4:37am
Comment by: Toady1

Just wanted to wish you a Christ filled Christmas and a New Year full of God's boundless Love

Posted on: Sunday, 21 September 2008, 12:36am
Comment by: mojoprice

I got your e-mail with Alex's pictures. He is absolutely handsome. Can't wait to meet him next month!! I love you and I miss you. Hugs, MJ

Posted on: Friday, 19 September 2008, 6:07pm
Comment by: okispice

Hi from Zama! Do you have a craft store at Yokosuka that has scrapping supplies? I am in desparate need of some Asian stamps!

Posted on: Thursday, 4 September 2008, 12:18pm
Comment by: Valerie Foster Design

You're right - it WAS 2006! Whoops ~ I totally spaced that one =D SO good to hear from you again, hun! I hope you've been doing well!!

Posted on: Tuesday, 19 August 2008, 5:32am
Comment by: scrappnbarb

Glad to see some action on your site. TFS your new stuff you've been working on.

Posted on: Thursday, 3 July 2008, 3:16pm
Comment by: mojoprice

Hi you!! I hope that you are well. Haven't talked in awhile. I hope you got my e-mails about our flight changes. What a bummer, but hopefully it will all work out. I love you and miss you. Hugs, MJ

Posted on: Thursday, 26 June 2008, 7:25pm
Comment by: scrappnbarb

JUst swinging by. Have a great day!

Posted on: Friday, 30 May 2008, 11:58pm
Comment by: mojoprice

Hey hottie!! Just wanted to say "hi" and tell you that I love you. I have been thinking about you a lot lately. Can hardly wait for our trip. WOW!! It's going to be here before we know it!!

Posted on: Sunday, 25 May 2008, 2:09pm
Comment by: Wordweaver

Whole lots of tagging going on. How are you? I have been off line for a long time it fees like. Mom was very sick but is doing better now. I am working on cleaning out storage shed, garage and my room so I can get back to scrapping!!
Take care
Cheryl Wordweaver

Posted on: Monday, 19 May 2008, 2:44am
Comment by: mojoprice

You have been tagged. Check out my blog!!

Posted on: Thursday, 8 May 2008, 5:53am
Comment by: mojoprice

I received everything in the mail today. First of all, thank you so much for the gorgeous card. You're so creative!! Second, thank you for the kids' shirts. I think they're going to be just right. Amelia's might not fit her for much longer; she's a skinny long thing! Both the kids LOVE their shirts. Wyatt continues to say "Sumo" over and over. Too cute!! Third, I LOVE the book kit. I can hardly wait to make something of it. What a neat idea. You always find the coolest projects to make. I'll post some pics after I figure out what I'm going to do with it.
Hope you have a great rest of the week/weekend. I love you!! Hugs, MJ

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