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Posted on: Sunday, 4 April 2010, 9:30am
Comment by: -Melissa-

Happy Easter, my friend! Hope all is well!

Posted on: Monday, 22 March 2010, 5:22am
Comment by: -Melissa-

Hey hunny bunny. Thanks for stopping by and checking in on me. I'm doing...well, I'm doing. Life is throwing me lots of lemons right now and I'm tired of making lemonade! But, we're dealing with it. Praying it will get better soon. How are you guys doing? xoxo

Posted on: Tuesday, 16 February 2010, 10:06pm
Comment by: Stacy A

Yep lots of inspiration! I'm game, let's do a challenge!!!!! You pick and let's say it must be complete by February 27. Deal?

Posted on: Sunday, 27 December 2009, 2:40pm
Comment by: -Melissa-

Hope you guys had a Merry Christmas!

Posted on: Thursday, 17 December 2009, 3:22am
Comment by: Mo_N_Jo

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.

Posted on: Wednesday, 25 November 2009, 10:45pm
Comment by: -Melissa-

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Hope you guys are doing well...miss you, girlfriend!

Posted on: Wednesday, 4 November 2009, 10:35pm
Comment by: Mo_N_Jo

Thank you so much for the sweet comments about my DD's hair donation. Have a great week!

Posted on: Friday, 23 October 2009, 8:51pm
Comment by: -Melissa-


Posted on: Thursday, 24 September 2009, 10:07pm
Comment by: -Melissa-

Jem is excitement!
Oouu Jem...
Jem is adventure!
Glamour and glitter,
Fashion and fame!

Posted on: Friday, 17 July 2009, 6:49pm
Comment by: -Melissa-

Hey goes it? Nothing real exciting here. Just enjoying what summer we can. Sitting home and relaxing tonight. I was diagnosed with severe anemia 3 weeks ago, so very, very tired. I get my week's vacation from work in 3 weeks...can't wait! Hope all is well with you!!!! Miss talking to you!

Posted on: Wednesday, 13 May 2009, 7:56pm
Comment by: -Melissa-

Sista??? Where the heck are you hiding? Miss talking to you!!!! Hope all is well.

Posted on: Monday, 13 April 2009, 8:19pm
Comment by: -Melissa-

The Bunny brought me a NASTY cold. I have bronchitis, laryngitis AND a sinus infection. I have no voice. I thought Nich would be lovin' it, but he is all sad. Nothing new and exciting here. You still scrapping?

Posted on: Sunday, 29 March 2009, 8:21am
Comment by: -Melissa-

Girlfriend!!! How have you been? Miss our talks!

Posted on: Tuesday, 24 February 2009, 5:41pm
Comment by: -Melissa-

9 days? did you manage? Glad things are going better for you. Things are good here. I quit the PT job at the brewery. Just got to be way too much for me. One job is enough...although, I do miss the *extra* money. Nothing like having to stick to a pretty tight budget. Oh well. Could be worse.
Try any good brews lately?

Posted on: Tuesday, 17 February 2009, 7:40pm
Comment by: -Melissa-

Hey chica! How you be?

Posted on: Sunday, 18 January 2009, 2:48pm
Comment by: SKeenan

Happy Sunday!'s Sunday already!? UGH! Same ol' here, too...we just got a few inches of snow and I just went to a crop (only got 2 1/2 pages done...oh well!). My 33rd bday was on Friday - Shawn and I went out to eat and he got me a very pretty necklace! I was shocked!
OMG, I'm the same way...I am so intrigued by ghost tours and stuff like that, but movies...I'll have nightmares! I think I'd be scarred for life, too, if I saw that movie at age 10! Yikes!!! :P
Woot woot, baseball! This weekend I'd be going to the Cubs Convention if I still lived in Chicago. So fun. That'll be a blast going to minor league games w/ Haley!! :D
So yeah, nothing new...just trying to be patient for a RING instead of a necklace from Shawn. hehe! Hopefully someday...I ain't gettin' any younger. Ho hum.
Well, gotta go. Hope things are going great!

Posted on: Wednesday, 14 January 2009, 6:48pm
Comment by: -Melissa-

Miss you, girl...where have you been?

Posted on: Thursday, 8 January 2009, 1:23pm
Comment by: SKeenan

Howdy!! Glad you avoided all the crazies on NYE! lol! We were on the train heading back to Boston...rang in the New Year w/ a beer in the snack car. hehe!
I give you kudos for even TRYING to watch a scary flick...I'm a scare-dee-cat!!!
How's life treating you?? It's almost the weekend..yeehaaaw!!!!

Posted on: Saturday, 3 January 2009, 6:57pm
Comment by: SKeenan

Happy New Year!!!!! How was Christmas?? Going back home was such a treat...but alas, I must get back into every day life. Hope you had a wonderful holiday - Happy New Year!!

Posted on: Thursday, 25 December 2008, 12:42pm
Comment by: -Melissa-

Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas!!!

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