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Posted on: Tuesday, 22 December 2015, 4:57am
Comment by: nanalovesyou

Patter, I wanted to stop over and wish you a very Merry Christmas and a safe and wonderful New Year! many hugs joyce

Posted on: Wednesday, 15 July 2015, 4:40am
Comment by: nanalovesyou

Morning Patter!
Please know that I have been following everyone here whenever possible.
I have been flying back and forth for the last month, I leave again tomorrow at noon. My sis lives in AZ and she is having a crisis with her husband, he has the final stage of dementia. My heart is so broken for her and kids! What an awful disease that so many are going thru and really don't know what to do or to expect. I am so sorry I haven't been able to send out some beautiful angel dust to everyone of my dear angels that follow my work, and also to my NEW angels that are leaving some of their awesome angel dust. Thank you so much, and know I will totally try to keep up with my report on the colors and weight and texture of my angel friend's dust! My God bless each and everyone of you! Thank you especially Patter, Many hugs joyce and lil rusty!

Posted on: Tuesday, 3 February 2015, 3:09pm
Comment by: nanalovesyou

Thanks so much for your encouragement Patter on the pic of my #1 Journaling! You are a great model for Christ's love. Would love to meet you in person some day! Maybe in Heaven!
Many hug! joyce

Posted on: Tuesday, 3 February 2015, 2:47pm
Comment by: nanalovesyou

Hi Patter! I did it! I got brave and posted my first journaled page just now. I prayed before I started making it, so it is from God. Many hugs, joyce

Posted on: Thursday, 29 January 2015, 1:36pm
Comment by: nanalovesyou

Patter! Thank you Thank you Thank you! A beautiful box arrived on my porch just now! Opening it I was shaking inside with anticipation! What a Wonderful Bible! Plus 3 crosses and alpha's! You are so totally kind and generous! Thank you honey so much. I can't wait to start journaling my first page! Many Many hugs! xoxoxo joyce

Posted on: Monday, 19 January 2015, 5:40am
Comment by: nanalovesyou

Morning! I am loving your Journal Bible. Are they for sale, and where might I get one? Take care my friend! Many hugs, joyce

Posted on: Sunday, 16 February 2014, 3:02am
Comment by: nanalovesyou

You have some very beautiful journaling pages! Just to let you know that I am adding your name to my prayer list. Our God is good, all of the time. And, as you know, we don't know His "whys" but we do know He is in control. Keep strong my friend. God bless you and your family. joyce

Posted on: Saturday, 1 February 2014, 12:28pm
Comment by: precious310

Thank you so much for the LO about "American Idol". God moves in mysterious ways. Now when are they on??

Posted on: Monday, 30 December 2013, 7:33pm
Comment by: 48SevenTime

Thanks so much for your wonderful comment on my New Year layout! I love using BF chippies and enjoy entering the sketch challenges! I hope you and your family have a fabulous 2014!

Posted on: Sunday, 17 November 2013, 3:03pm
Comment by: 48SevenTime

Thank you very much for stopping by my Miss Neola layout I entered in the Blue Fern challenge! I really appreciate your lovely comments! Donna

Posted on: Monday, 28 October 2013, 10:32am
Comment by: 48SevenTime

Thanks so much for stopping by my First Day layout! I really appreciate it!

Posted on: Tuesday, 25 June 2013, 10:38am
Comment by: 48SevenTime

Thanks so much for stopping by by Daises LO! I really appreciate it! I bet you have a ball designing for BFS!

Posted on: Monday, 27 May 2013, 1:06pm
Comment by: identicaltriplets

Hi Sunnydi! Not sure where you would see my response so thought I would PM and post here. :) Anyway, the bins are 3 1/2" high so your paper would need to probably be in something to hold them up or I think they would fall over. Also, the 12x12 paper could only fit in the top bin. There is only about 6 1/2" between bins. Hope that makes sense. Let me know if not. Blessings,

Posted on: Monday, 27 May 2013, 1:02pm
Comment by: Sunnydi

I have a question about your Raskog cart you are using. Can 12x12" paper sit in it? Thanks for the help

Posted on: Monday, 1 April 2013, 1:45pm
Comment by: *cardgirl*

Hello, I've just been looking around your gallery after seeing your recent altered book. I was really inspired (love the 6 journal pages). Hope you don't mind that I took a peak & now off to visit your blog. Thank you. Caroline :)

Posted on: Tuesday, 5 March 2013, 11:30am
Comment by: Roosterhead designs

Hi there - do you have time to answer a Q'n? On the floral heart card, the chipboard heart - did you paint it a darker color B4 crackle painting it? I used the same crackle paint on a pc. of white painted chipboard but it never really...Crackled! I really like that you can see the 'effect' on yours.
Thanks~ Karen

Posted on: Wednesday, 13 February 2013, 4:27am
Comment by: souzas_mail

I've been visiting your gallery and just think your layouts are so beautiful!! so much inspiration! thanks and have a beautiful day!! Elaine

Posted on: Friday, 25 January 2013, 10:53am
Comment by: bayamonesa1

I love your pages and the fact that your blog give credit to the Lord of our Salvation. I am also trying to incorporate more faithbooking on my albums. You gave me lots of inspiration. Thank you for sharing your talent!

Posted on: Sunday, 19 December 2010, 7:13am
Comment by: livnbygrace

Good Morning to you as well. Thank You for responding so quickly to my post. I will check out the set and then I'm going to see what you have going on for 2011. I caught a glance of something u have posted @top of ur page.....ill head to your blog&check it out. I would like to do waaay more scrapping this year. Ive not tried or joined in on the different scrap challenges out there. So your post caught my eye!!
Many Blessings to You&Your Family over the Holidays!

Posted on: Thursday, 25 November 2010, 12:13am
Comment by: cherrier2

Happy Thanksgiving! I wish for you great food, fun with family and wonderful friends. And most of all lost of photos to scrap. Have a fun filled day......~Cherrie~

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