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Posted on: Saturday, 17 January 2015, 3:30pm
Comment by: ScrapnKel

Hello and yes, I am still here and there, lol! I just uploaded some sketches from last June (2014) through this January (2015) if you are interested! Happy scrapping and hope to see you all around! :)

Posted on: Wednesday, 16 April 2014, 4:32pm
Comment by: bonprof

Hi, are you still here? Love your gallery and so appreciate the sketches.

Posted on: Sunday, 9 May 2010, 10:54am
Comment by: Gabesmom105

Happy Mother's Day! Hope you have some great time with family. Your recent pages look great!

Posted on: Monday, 10 August 2009, 7:11pm
Comment by: ScrappinTXn

Hi Kel!! :) Sorry it took me a bit to reply... I've been away on vacation & just saw your message. I'm so very sorry to hear about your loss - my thoughts & prayers are with you & your family. I'm glad to know that my messages helped to brighten your day. Take care of yourself & I look forward to seeing you in the boards :) [[[HUGS]]]

Posted on: Thursday, 25 December 2008, 8:50pm
Comment by: ScrappinTXn

Just wanted to wish you & your family a very Happy Christmas & a very Merry New Year!!! :o)

Posted on: Friday, 30 May 2008, 8:06pm
Comment by: ScrappinTXn

Howdy Howdy Howdy!!! :) Just wanted to stop by & wish you a "happy weekend"! Hope that your weekend is an AWESOME one!!! :)

Posted on: Thursday, 8 May 2008, 2:02pm
Comment by: Vivian loves BLING

A clean house is the sign of a broken computer.

Posted on: Wednesday, 5 March 2008, 1:00pm
Comment by: Vivian loves BLING

Lost time can never be found.

Posted on: Sunday, 17 February 2008, 6:55pm
Comment by: Vivian loves BLING

Keep your words sweet, you may have to eat them one day. lol

Posted on: Tuesday, 15 January 2008, 8:48pm
Comment by: Vivian loves BLING

Every day is a fresh start, not just January 1st.

Posted on: Monday, 17 December 2007, 10:50am
Comment by: Vivian loves BLING

No job is too big or too small for an angel.

Posted on: Friday, 26 October 2007, 10:46am
Comment by: Vivian loves BLING

Contentment is not the fulfillment of what you want, but the realization of how much you already have.

Posted on: Monday, 1 October 2007, 9:00pm
Comment by: Vivian loves BLING

Dream + Planning + Determination = Success

Posted on: Monday, 3 September 2007, 10:06am
Comment by: Vivian loves BLING

Happy birthday!!!

Posted on: Thursday, 30 August 2007, 4:56am
Comment by: Vivian loves BLING

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are. -E. E. Cummings

Posted on: Saturday, 25 August 2007, 1:56pm
Comment by: Vivian loves BLING

Inspiration is everywhere, just waiting to be noticed.

Posted on: Wednesday, 15 August 2007, 2:32pm
Comment by: Vivian loves BLING

No hope is false.

Posted on: Wednesday, 18 July 2007, 6:38am
Comment by: Vivian loves BLING

Think on your feet but soar in your dreams.

Posted on: Thursday, 5 July 2007, 7:38am
Comment by: Vivian loves BLING

You don't have to be perfect to be special.

Posted on: Friday, 22 June 2007, 2:08pm
Comment by: Vivian loves BLING

Believe in possibilities!

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