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    Watercolor pencils (27 March 2015)

    I am an artist and also photographer and card maker and I just love the watercolor pencils. I use them everyday. At first I couldn't sharpen them then I got an old type sharpener that we had in school and I was on my way. The only thing with the pencils is that they are very soft so you have to be care sharpening them. But, I still keep going because I love them.

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    Nice brush (15 March 2015)

    These brushes are so nice to use because you never have to put your brush in water. I love them they are great. I do wander though how to get them really clean?

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    Wonderful (15 March 2015)

    I have been doing alot of watercolor pictures. I am hoping to sell them. I am also doing a beginner watercolor class in my apartment. WoW!