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    Different journaling blocks (22 June 2008)

    I agree with K_cam about some of them being ''off-printed''. When I bought them, I thought I would use them more often than I actually do. They never seem to really fit my style. I think it's because of the plastic they're made off. Would have preferred a thinner product. But one thing I was very surprised was how well you can write on them with a marker. I was afraid of making a mess because it's plastic but no, it was perfect.

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    Love this system. (19 June 2008)

    This photo case is perfect to store my hundreds of photos accumulated over the years. I like to organize by event and year so I put all the pictures of one event in a sleeve, label it and voila! The plastic envelopes (or sleeves) fit well in the case and protect the photographs from dust. I also really like it's portability. Easy to carry when you want to share with family. You either bring a single envelope or the whole case.

  • Perfect for cardstock (18 June 2008)

    I love my large cropper hopper paper holder for my cardstock. I can arrange the sheets by colour and they are easy to visualize with the opening at the front. They contain hundreds of sheets! I prefer vertical storage for paper and CS to horizontal storage and this product is perfect for that. No more sheets falling on my shelves. Now they are all in CH holders. The only drawback is that dust can accumulate on the the top.

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    Perfect to save space (16 June 2008)

    Fiber cards are perfect to save space and money. I would always buy new ribbons because I couldn’t find what I needed. Now, they are all stored by colour using these fiber cards. Can visualize very quickly what I have and it doesn’t take much space. The only negative aspect would be that the card creates creases. If I only need a small piece, it’s not an issue but if I need a long piece, I have to iron it. Personally, I find it’s a small price to pay for the convenience of this system.

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    Great on chipboards (12 June 2008)

    If you want to change the look of your letter chipboards, just add some glossy accent. It makes it glossy and add some dimension. It's also useful to glue stuff. Just add a tiny bit and voil! The only drawback is when you want to cover a big surface, it has a tendency to make bubbles.

  • My favourite scissors (06 May 2008)

    My favourite pair of scissors (I have 4) is the teflon-coated cutter bee scissors. You can cut anything (even tape or adhesive) and the cut will be perfect. And I love that they don't get sticky and gummy from adhesive. The pointy tip is perfect to cut small and intricate pieces. Finally, the handle is very comfortable and the cap makes it safe when you bring it with you to a crop.

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    Perfect for tiny pieces (03 May 2008)

    This glue pen is the perfect adhesive for thin pieces. I use it for all my small letters and embellies. No smudge, ever! I really recommend this product and would suggest to store it upside down to make sure it flows well everytime.

  • Good trimmer for paper but not for photos (27 April 2008)

    Before buying this one, I was using the ProvoCraft lime trimmer. This one is by far my favourite of the two. I really like that the paper is held by a magnetic bar and the ruler. No more paper sliding while cutting and no more marking my CS to know where to cut. I simply use the ruler. Its negative points would be it doesn't always cut straight and I don't like how the blade cuts photographs. Don't be in a hurry when you cut CS or paper with this trimmer or it won't cut straight. I found out that the best way to get a good cut is to go slowly and apply the same pressure on the blade all the way.

    Good: magnetic bar, ruler, rotatory blade.
    Bad: No very good with photos and can be tricky to get straight lines.
    Overall: Pretty good trimmer.

  • Best white pen out there (14 April 2008)

    I own all the white pens I could find. This one is my favourite. I have both the Fine and Extra-fine point. Unlike the Signo, it won't stop giving ink in the middle of journaling. Opaque and without odour (if there's an odour, it might be the oil-based Sharpie not the water-based) it's perfect to use on any CS or pp and even on photographs. The only negative aspect of this pen is that it has a tendency to splash a little when you press too hard or when you mix the ink before using it. But a little practice solves the problem.

  • My favourite colour (13 April 2008)

    I own all the colours available. This one is my favorite. If the tip of the bottle gets clogged, a trick is to use a needle. To avoid clogging, I like to keep my stickles upside down. That way I always have a nice flow of glitter. Another trick when using these, is to never panic. If you try to make a thin line of glitter and it's too thick, just use your X-acto knife to correct by pushing the glitters at the right place. The fact that stickles take quite a long time to fully dry (at least 30 minutes), it allows you to correct any mistake (can even wipe off if don't like the effect). Perfect for the bling lovers!