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Hardy Boys Mom's Reviews

  • Great Product (14 September 2010)

    I just purchased this tool and I absolutely love it! I jsut recently got into distressing my pages and was frustrated at how long it took me to achieve the look I wanted.

    This is so easy and you can run several pages through at once. I like that you can run paper through with the blade to get a light distressing and against the blade for some major distressing. It also is not as messy as it has a dust collector.

    It's a tad loud but I'll take the noise to make it easier to distress!

  • Great for textured paper! (31 May 2010)

    I bought this product at the store I used to crop at when I couldn't get a piece of textured card stock to stick to another with the standard sticky dots. It works great! Doesn't wrinkle the paper, doesn't stain. Can usually be removed if you stick paper in the wrong place just by rubbing it once it's dry. It dries REALLY fast, which can be a good or bad thing if you're slow at doing pages like me! The only bad thing I can say is that it stinks!