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    E-magine what you can do. (21 June 2008)

    This was one of the first things that I brought from the Super Store. And I am so glad the I did. I have used this in so many ways. I have used it in LOs, Cards, Invitations, Bookmarks.

    I have and am still getting compliments on the window with the curtains. Thay have made a wonderful House Warming Invitaions and beautiful "Looking into the Future" LO.

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    The Secret Guide to Digital Scrapbooking (E-Book) (11 June 2008)

    I am just learning how to do digital scrapbooks and this has all the great places to go for the best products at the best prices, mainly the freebies. Being an E-Book all you have to do is click on the link and make a folder and save for future references.

    This was composted by Digial Scrapbookers that know their trade and they have given us some the sites, forums and resource they use and why.

    This is the kind fo information that a beginner digital scrapbooker will love to have. A seasoned digital scrapbooker can us also, and once they get get it will wish they had gotten it sooner.

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    Express Yourself. (18 May 2008)

    It is on of the best investments the I have made. I am on a budget and I was going crazy when I saw it. I would go to different stores and visit it, while I was putting so much money away perpay check to by mine.

    I use mine all the time, for traditional scrapping, cards and crafts. Now that I am learning how to do digital scrapping I love to use it to make it a hybrid layout.

    I you like to do almost anything with paper this is the machine for you.

    Come one, get bitten by "The Bug." Resistance is Futile.