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Danshell's Reviews

  • Verified Buyer

    Cosmic Shimmer Gemstones Gilding flakes (08 August 2020)

    Oh my the colors of fall. You can almost smell it.

  • Verified Buyer

    Cosmic Shimmer Red Blaze Gilding flakes (08 August 2020)

    Such pretty colors in the jar. Perfect for fall or Christmas.

  • Verified Buyer

    Penny Black Vintage truck (18 May 2020)

    Oh how fun is this little truck! I can put all kinds of things in the bed and it makes such a cute card!

  • Verified Buyer

    E6000 Spray Adhesive (18 May 2020)

    Oh my where has this been all my life? No smell and it sticks great!

  • Verified Buyer

    Buffalo check stencil (16 February 2020)

    This stencil is easy to use and covers the whole front of an A2 size card. I have had fun trying color combinations with it. Great stencil

  • Verified Buyer

    EK Success Tweezers (16 February 2020)

    They are great for holding items after gluing and many other things. I needed and extra pair and these are just the ticket

  • White glitter glitz (01 January 2020)

    Oh the sparkle! I love this stuff

  • Ranger clear EP (01 January 2020)

    I have used this for a very long time and have no problems with it at all

  • Pitch black card stock (01 January 2020)

    It is heavy and it is BLACK! Certainly something every crafter needs!

  • Verified Buyer

    Plaid stamp background (01 January 2020)

    How fun is this. With plaid and buffalo check all the rage it will be perfect!

  • Zippered Pouch Large (01 January 2020)

    I love these to put things in such as projects I am working on or new stamp sets I have gotten etc. I have several and use them all

  • Shimmer powder lunar rocket (20 December 2019)

    This probably my least favorite. But as I play more with it maybe I will change my mind. Not a lot of wow factor

  • Nuvo shimmer powder Meteorite Shower (20 December 2019)

    This will make really cool galaxies

  • Golden Sparkler Nuvo shimmer powder (20 December 2019)

    This is what got me started! Such gorgeous colors come out of this bottle! WOW

  • Nuvo shimmer powder Falling leaves. (20 December 2019)

    This has very pretty fall colors and would be lovely on a card!

  • Nuvo Shimmer powder Catherine Wheel (20 December 2019)

    Oh the colors in this are amazing! My favorite by far!

  • Cherry bomb Nuvo shimmer powder (20 December 2019)

    Very pretty. Fun to play with!

  • Nuvo Shimmer powder blue blitz (20 December 2019)

    Beautiful blue color! Especially pretty when mixed with other colors

  • Glittered cardstock gold (03 August 2019)

    So so pretty and the color is a perfect gold. And it die cuts like a dream!

  • Glittered cardstock silver (03 August 2019)

    So easy to die cut. Best cardstock ever

  • Glittered cardstock (03 August 2019)

    Beautiful sparkley color and very easy to die cut. Great for snow or stars or anything white.

  • Verified Buyer

    3 dimensional mini tropical fish stickers (23 July 2015)

    these are perfect for all of the summer beach or underwater cards. I do believe I even saw Nemo in there!

  • Verified Buyer

    3 dimensional stickers mini hummingbirds (23 July 2015)

    I will tuck these little hummers into flowers that I have colored. They will just make the card

  • Verified Buyer

    Mini drink umbrellas 3 dimensional stickers (23 July 2015)

    These will be so fun to use on cards with a drink on it. Perfect size

  • Verified Buyer

    mini butterflies dimensional stickers (23 July 2015)

    Beautiful and perfect for cards