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Scramblinrosie's Reviews

  • Very strong (09 June 2023)

    The magnet is awesome holding down the heaviest cardstock, even 140lb card! I have no complaint using it on the bare MISTI platform.
    But (you know there was a but) using the MISTI mini mouse pad insert the magnet seems a little thick.
    The mat can squish, but pushing it down messes up the print. I use temp glue tape to hold the card down.
    It may be the fault of the insert as it is brand new.
    No matter what, I love both of my sizes and wouldn't exchange my ORIGINAL MISTI's for any of the copies the other companies make.

  • Verified Buyer

    Wonderful adhesive, excellent dispenser. (27 November 2022)

    This is a great adhesive.

    I got my 1st as a freebie from SBC. Normally, I only use Scrapbook.com's Clear Double Sided Adhesive Rolls as there's no plastic dispenser to waste.

    This is the 1st tape adhesive I've used that not only works on vellum & acetate but I don't need to hide it behind something.

    The biggest plus with this dispenser is the tape never advances ahead of the runner. I think most crafters know what I'm talking about. Whether it is adhesive or correction tape, once that tape pulls out a bit ahead, it's never the same. No matter how often you may be able to wind it back inside, it will always come back out again. I tossed a $50 Scotch Advance Tape Glider dispenser out once because it kept doing that.

    The MAIN problem I have with this tape is it is not refillable. That makes this amazing tape dispenser a waste of plastic. I cringe everytime I toss one into the recycling bin.

    If this dispenser was refillable, I'd have one in every room of our house. From the garage, to the kitchen, in both my husband's & my offices and both of our studios.

    Please find a way to make these refillable. Not only to save the earth, but to assuage my guilt!!

  • Verified Buyer

    It keeps warping! (09 November 2021)

    I thought this would be an awesome tool for cutting dies once instead of running them several times. It worked great even with my moat intricate dies, but after approximately 10 - 12 runs it warped in the middle! Using my heat gun and putting a weight on it, I straightened out the warp.
    But I've had to keep removing the warp from the pad after several runs through my nearly new manual Big Shot machine.
    If the Magic Pad has improved since I bought mine shortly after it came out, please tell me and I'll buy a new one and use this one for stamping.

  • Verified Buyer

    It broke rather quickly. (17 July 2019)

    I haven't had the chance to use this ruler as much as I wanted to due to a relocation but the few times I did use it, it was wonderful!
    However, about a month ago I took it out of my desk drawer to find that the metal bar fell off! There is no way that I can see where it could be reattached.
    I contacted WRMK's in the hopes that the ruler could be repaired. I also went to their blog and I have not heard one single word from.
    To my budget at the time, this was an expenaive ruler, but it was something that would make my life easier.
    I would have thought a company like WRMK's would have put out a statement or something regarding the ruler. Or give some kind of advice on how we could repair it.
    But not giving any kind of response is not very good to customers or to their business.

  • Verified Buyer

    Too pretty to cover! (07 February 2019)

    I have several Ella & Viv's collections and I've never been disappointed with any of them. I planned on using the paper to cover my card front and then add some kind of layer, topper or die cut on top of it. No matter what I tried I just couldn't bring myself to cover the paper up!
    I finally decided to cut the opening edge of the A2 card with a stitched ripple die. I then cut the paper to cover the card front excluding the ripple. Before attaching the paper to the card I tied a thin bit of white cotton crochet lace around it. I attached it to the card front, cut out a Ornate Label, stamped "Hello" in the center of the label and attached it with foam tape to the bottom right of the card. I happened to have a few stems of white babies breath paper flowers in my stash, so I placed a stem under the label.
    The "Field of Flowers" paper is the star of the card, the little flowers and label just gives it a tiny bit of wham.
    I wish I had thought of photographing the card before I sent it off!!
    I will be buying more of this paper.

  • Verified Buyer

    Always count the dies! (04 October 2018)

    I really love the Laboratory Thinlit dies. I can use them all through the year.
    Just a few examples are: For Get Well cards (Medication bottles), to Valentine's Day (Love potions), to feminine Birthday Card (perfume bottles) to a masculine Birthday Cards (Beer or Wine bottles), not to mention, Halloween and Yule.
    I've run a few through my BigKick to test them out and to see how they all look together, plus I wanted to have a few premade bottles ready for a sudden inspiration. I use the Precision chrome cutting pad with a regular cutting pad and the magnetic platform.
    First thing I do when getting these dies is to dump them out on my work table and put them together onto a cut piece of magnet sheet that will fit inside of the Sizzix plastic envelope.
    When I did this set, I I found that I am missing 1 die. There were supposed to be 28 dies, and I only have 27. It seems that I am missing the die that has the larger corks.
    So, make sure you count your dies or you'll be in a shock when you are trying to build the shelf of bottles.

  • Verified Buyer

    Works even better than the old one did! (29 September 2018)

    I bought this Chrome precision plate out of curiosity. I already had the sizzix precision cutting pad that I bought through Stampin' Up! in 2015.
    I never understood why the precision base plate said NOT to use framelit dies (outline type of dies with no inner intricacies), with the precision plate. I hadn't read the warning from SU or Sizzix that they would warp before using my plate. I tend to use stitched rectangles dies and Spellbinders Card Creators sets a lot and not one of them warped.
    I have 2 problem children that even the older precision plate had problems with. Spellbinders Resplendent Rectangles and Cottagecutz Garden Fence and Gate dies. I tried everything even with the plate, waxed paper, shims, etc and not all of the tiny cuts would go through with 1 pass, it would take up to 4 or 5 and I still had to be carefull popping out the chads. Of course, 4 to 5 times is better than not at all with the regular base plate and cutting pads.
    But then I bought the Chrome Precision Base Plate.
    First thing I tested it on was the 2nd inside die of the Resplendent Rectangles die set. ONE PASS and all of the chads fell out of the spaces! Just ONE!. Then I tried the Cottagecutz set.
    ONE pass and it was cut through.
    That is all the news you need to get one of these pads if you have problem children dies too!!

  • Verified Buyer

    Very pretty! (29 September 2018)

    I Only use one cutting pad at a time because I keep my precision cutting plate on top of the magnetic platform. 2 cutting plates will last a long time and I have loved the new colors Sizzix came out with last year or so. But these Scrapbook.com exclusive cutting pads are really very pretty and they have an extra advantage...at least to me.
    There had been times with the other colored cutting pads that I would lose the edges because the colors of the cardstock would blend into the cutting pad. But with these, the glitter in the pads shows me where everything is.
    The glitter is well seated into the acrylic that makes up the pads, so you do not need to worry about getting little glitter shaped patterns in your cardstock or paper.
    I will order another set or 2 of these pads before Sizzix discontinues them or something. I love to find a pair of glittery cutting pads in Apple Green!

  • Wish it was smaller (13 July 2018)

    There's a statement you rarely hear, I wish it was smaller.
    I make a lot of cards and I prefer the smaller stacks or pads as it keeps the images on the papers in scale or perspective. I really wish there was a 6" by 6" or 8" by 8" pads.
    I shouldn't want to buy this 12" by 12" pad as there would be too much waste.
    BUT I WANT IT!!!

  • Verified Buyer

    This is perfect for my Doctor Who card!! (10 July 2018)

    I bought both this Deep Space and The Universe papers unsure which one would look the best for my handmade TARDIS, but I picked this one!
    I am planning on sending Peter Capaldi a fan letter and thanking him for being such an excellent Doctor and for finally, after all of the years that I have watched the show, a character that I can claim to be, My Doctor.
    Seeing as how I am in the states and his agency is in London UK, I have no idea if it will get to him or if I will hear back from him now that he has left the show, but I hope that whoever is sorting his mail will see the envelope (that I also made from Deep Space), that is holding my card and letter, and that he will feel compelled to send it on to Peter.
    Thank you Ella and Viv Paper Company, for having these papers for us. There are many Space themed papers and stacks out there but none have the beauty of these images. I do not know if they are images from NASA, the Hubble or the ISS, but wherever they come from they look like what I think deep space looks like.
    I have many astronomy club members in my family and I would love to see this line of paper continue. If it is to be discontinued, let me know so I can buy up some of the remaining stock!!!