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Labqueen's Reviews

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    Easy Peasy (23 February 2022)

    This is a wonderful way to gift a crafter. I introduced my sister to card-making several years ago and she has surpassed me in creativity and volume of work. She lives in Ohio and I in Arizona and sending gifts to her for birthdays and Christmas can cost more to send than the cost of the gift. With the gift certificate, she gets it immediately and you never know what the post office is doing these days. Even if I forget an occasion and remember the day of, I can get it to her without delay. AND, she gets what she wants! I don't know what she already has, so I know that she can get something that she really has to have.

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    Works fine with one small problem (26 May 2020)

    This die is a nice size and I like the style of the letters. It cuts well with one exception. I have used it at least 6 times and every time, the cut-out of the K in the word thank does not completely cut. I have remedied the problem by placing a couple of layers of purple tape over that area of the word and it is better, but not perfect. It can be very frustrating when a die that you like does this!

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    Smaller than I expected. (30 June 2019)

    I was a little disappointed when I received these because they are so small. I was hoping to use them for a card front, but I'll have to change my original concept to use them.

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    As close as I can get (30 June 2019)

    I have been searching for pink gingham paper for several years now and I just can't seem to find a paper that LOOKS like real gingham. That is, the squares are darker pink, lighter pink and white--three colors. This gingham is two colors and is good, but I really wanted a REAL gingham facsimile.