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Tristanrobinblakeman's Reviews

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    Love These Papers, But ... (10 April 2018)

    Love these papers - as far as they go. Terrific designs and colors - but there's only three designs, used in three different colorways. Because I make photo/memory albums, it gets monotonous with the same patterns showing up page after page, even though the colors might change.
    However, they work marvelously with the main signature "Master Detective" paper collection and they are easy to combine to create contast and focus. I just wish there were more variances in the designs themselves.
    Still, a good product, not to be dismissed.

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    Halfway to Being Really Nice (06 June 2016)

    Usually I am a big fan of FabScraps products. And from the photo of this die cut, I was sure I'd love it - and ordered three.

    Sadly, the frames can't be cut apart - or rather, they can be cut apart, but to get a whole frame, you have to cut into the frames they're next to ... so you can only get half of the frames to use.

    They're quite nice and all would be great to use in albums, on cards or layouts or other projects - but you have to decide which ones you'll use and which ones will be tossed.

    By purchasing three of them, I believe I was able to get one of each of them.

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    Stunning Retro Paper Collection (29 September 2016)

    This is a wonderful alternative to the same old Red/Green/Gold Christmas color combination. It has a terrific soft and nostalgic 1950's retro feel to it. If you love the silver or pink Christmas trees, pop-bead and pearl garland, romantic and vintage look, you'll love this collection.

    The only reason I didn't give it five stars is the paper isn't the heaviest and can't be used to construct cards, album pages, etc. It really needs to be layered on top of card-stock to have body.

    But, it's beautiful and well worth the effort of layering.

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    Tough One to Rate (06 June 2016)

    I think this is the best "gold" spray color out there. It shimmer and gleams like actual gold - it's just gorgeous.

    But the mister doesn't do a great job of fine misting - it has a frequent tendency to splatter blobs of the color - which is great if that's what you want - but if you want a mist, it can kill what you're working on.

    But, there is that stunning color ....

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    Lovely Die - Rather Small (06 June 2016)

    This is a lovely die - the cuts and embossing are clean and smooth and look very professional. Absolutely no complaints on the quality or visual of the die.

    I do wish it were a little larger. It's terrific for cards - but not much use for any kind of larger layout or project.

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    Fantastic Addition to the Mixed Media Tool Closet (02 March 2019)

    Before ordering this, I watched quite a few videos on Youtube, reviewing the mat, both pro and con. Finally, I decided it really wasn't very expensive, so I was going to decide for myself whether or not it was for me. I mean - with cupboards filled with art and mixed media products, it's not as if it would be the first time I wasted $40 on something I didn't care for!
    I'm so glad I did ... I love it. It's convenient - easy to care for and clean up on - has all the necessary spaces which would require multiple palettes without it - and, when work is completed, it looks handsome and far nicer than a stained and torn craft mat!
    Frankly, I use find Ranger and Tim Holtz products a bit over-priced - that doesn't stop me from using them, because they're pretty terrific - but, over-priced none-the-less. This, I actually find to be a bit under-priced for what it is. I have only had it for a couple weeks, so I don't know if it will last 'forever' - but if it last for a year, it's well worth the money and I'll just buy a replacement!

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    Best Ephemera Pack Ever (10 April 2018)

    I always love (and use) the ephemera cards from the G-45 collections. But, this one is really the best yet. The images are stunning - and the reverse side is every bit as beautiful as the front!
    It's not my favorite theme and subject matter - but, they are definitely the best of all the ephemera packs!

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    Beautiful Addition to the Stash (10 April 2018)

    I've already got quite a stash of this paper collection - and that's after creating two photo/memory albums from it! I probably wouldn't have ordered this again, as I have plenty for more projects, but it was on sale and I couldn't resist.
    The images are crisp and clean and the colors are beautiful ... one small word of caution: these papers (even when combined with the Patterns and Solids pad) have a tendency to lean in the bright direction, making contrast and combining them challenge. But when you hit the right combination, magic!

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    Stuff is Amazing! (18 March 2018)

    I don't know how this stuff does what it does - but it does it!
    It releases all sticky residue - including Scor-Tape! - without staining the paper, without causing any damage whatsoever, dries almost immediately - and if you get the piece of paper off you want, if you're quick, it doesn't even remove the sticky part, so you can restick it in the correct position!

    Best four bucks you'll ever spend! I don't know how I made albums - or any crafts! - without it!

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    Well Designed Die Makes a Quick Easy Mini Album (16 February 2018)

    I make a lot of mini albums and they're usually a rather time-consuming affair. This die really makes the whole process quite simple, and most important at times, fast! You can put together a small mini-album in less than two hours, whereas doing that without a die is next to impossible.
    It's a clever design which is also attractive and adapts easily to many different styles.
    Highly recommend.

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    Stunning Images, Quality Printing and Cardstock (21 December 2016)

    This is really a beautiful collection of papers. Graphic 45 always has a soft, romantic, nostalgic palette of colors, and these images are the perfect vehicle for those tones and shades.

    Vintage paintings of high fashion society ladies in gentle pinks, corals, browns and highlighted with shades of blue and cream make a feminine and pretty statement on items created from it ... my customers seem to like it very much and I am so pleased that Graphic 45 has brought it back in this special collector's edition!

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    Absolutely Luxurious Looking Flowers (09 June 2016)

    I liked the idea of gold flowers when I ordered these - but I wasn't ready for how really luxe and elegant they look. I am so glad I ordered a couple of packs. I used them in a Marie Antoinette themed album, and they fit in perfectly ... next I'm going to use up the rest of them in a book with the Graphic 45 Enchanted Forest paper collection...they're certainly enchanted looking!

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    love, Love, LOVE this stuff! (06 June 2016)

    This is my go-to white stain for every shabby grunge steampunk project. It's opaque - but doesn't have 100% coverage - it's perfect.

    I go through a bottle every two weeks!

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    Elegant Pocket Detail (06 June 2016)

    I purchased this to use as a detail in mini-albums - and it really adds an elegant touch. The cutting and embossing of the die is very clean and professional looking. They small "extra" dies are quite nice to layer on the pocket for added embellishment.

    Well worth the small investment.

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    Favorite Permanent Ink (06 June 2016)

    Can't go wrong with this ink...water resistant - you can use watercolors, markers - anything - over it and there will be no bleeding or wicking. And it is terrific for stamping the most detailed stamp images - rubber or acrylic.

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    Quality Rolling Storage Cart (18 May 2016)

    I got two of these carts when I became weary of fighting the jams of the wheels and the constant need for re-tightening the screws on the plastic (albeit, less expensive) ones I was using.

    I've very happy with these. They're strong - and thus far, have not required any re-tightening of the screws that hold them together. They are thoroughly filled to bursting with art and craft supplies, but the wheels don't jam and they roll smoothly where I want them.

    The top is also sturdy and strong, and they hold the two revolving paint and mister racks that I have. It's great to be able to double up the storage that way without worrying about the revolving racks collapsing the rolling carts from the weight!

    Not that they were a reason I bought them (frankly, 'style' in my studio isn't that important to me), they look terrific. They have a vintage industrial look to them that I find pleasing. And I like that you are able to see what's in each one a little bit so that you don't have to search through all the drawers to find what you're looking for.

    A quality purchase that I'm happy with!

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    Another NIce AdvantEdge Punch (13 May 2016)

    I wish this tool had been more popular. It is such a great tool and the punches that are available are terrific - but there are just too few of them. I don't think this was a big seller for Fiskars, so they don't produce a huge line of punches that work with the machine.

    However, this one is intricate and makes wonderful borders. LIke all the AdvantEdge punches, it's easy to operate and constructed very sturdily.

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    Gorgeous High Quality Crafting Lace (13 May 2016)

    This rich gold lace is beautifully made and constructed to hold up well. I've used it in many albums and it stands up to a lot of abuse and retains its elegance.
    Highly recommend for those luxe projects!