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SweetieMP's Reviews

  • Love Glimmer Mists (14 June 2012)

    I own a large part of the glimmer mist line, older colors, new colors and a couple of the other product lines (Glam & Chalkboard). This is my go to product to add a bit of shimmer wherever I need it. Perfect with masks and I am so glad that Tattered Angels had developed their own line of masks now to go with the mists. No matter what color or what color shimmer you need, Tattered Angels has a mist that you can use. One thing to note, when they say 'commit to the mist' they mean it! Otherwise, you'll clog the spray line. Give your project a good spray and don't worry about keeping it in a tight little area of your project, its meant to add a burst of color and shimmer, GO FOR IT. If you're worried about getting it everywhere, grab a cardboard shield box big enough for your projects, they are handy.

  • Verified Buyer

    Universal Adhesvie (29 September 2008)

    I used this pen for a small frame project I had. Its great for writing out what you want to adhere. In my case, I used it to for embossing clear power over the Sakura stardust ink I had on my frame. Worked perfectly for preserving the ink and creating that wonderful little ridge with the embossing powder. It can go anywhere, and of course dries clear, so it can be your overall adhesive, but it works mainly for small areas and projects. I used a LOT of it on my frame, and ended up having to buy another, but it was perfect for what I did with it at the time.

  • Verified Buyer

    Glimmer Crazy! (03 December 2007)

    I was introduced to this line by a friend during a scrap event. I have been obsessed with them ever since. I have currently 7 different colors and I am planning on buying more. If you love ink with bling, this is the product for you. Check out my gallery, I have several layouts where I have used this. Pairs perfectly with any Heidi Swapp mask. You have to play with them first to get that perfect range, otherwise you'll have too many "raindrops" on your pages. Works well as a background border to pictures, they add that perfect little bit of glimmer.

    You do have to be very careful with them though, because they are ink after all. It stains fingers and gets everywhere if you're not careful. Protect your work surfaces and other projects if you have a cluttered desk like I do. And watch the cap, several of the colors I have are kinda leaky, and you have to shake them up to get the "glimmer" to mix, especially after they have sat for a while. Make sure you shake them up with the cap on because of this.

  • Verified Buyer

    Purchase with a Purpose (23 November 2007)

    I waited forever for this to come out, ever since I saw a full page add for it in Scrapbook etc. magazine. Without even having my hands on it, I believed it was a wonderful product, and it proved itself the first day I had it. It is a nice hefty, but thin, box and the magnets really are strong. It fits nicely into my rolly bag as well. I mainly purchased it for its secondary purpose - the ability to "play" with your layout before committing. I really love being able to set things all in place and stand back to take a look at it, or leave it over night (or after a Scrap Mania event) and look at it the next morning with fresh eyes. One con though, wash off the magnets before you use the product. They seem to be covered with a fine dust that can leave marks on your project. I learned this my first time using it.