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Slorenzini's Reviews

  • Verified Buyer

    Love these glitter glues! (29 November 2019)

    Bought the Copper, Christmas Red, Diamond & Star Dust to replenish my supply for card making. These Ranger Glitter Glues are the best! Colors are true, the 'glue' dries pretty quickly, and they're easy to use. Ranger is my go-to brand for these and for ink pads!

  • Verified Buyer

    Best idea for stamping!! (17 November 2017)

    Just love these stamp blocks! Find I now look for clear stamps only to use with these blocks - makes stamping so much neater and exact!!

  • Best ink pads! (20 October 2017)

    Archival Ink Pads are my favorites! The pads are perfect for inking stamps without clogging between letters/lines, or messing edges of stamps and ruining a project. Have many colors, and am sure will be adding to that collection!

  • Love these! (20 October 2017)

    Have many of these Colorbox Cat's Eye Fluid Chalk ink pads - all different colors and collections of colors. They are so great for using with daubbers, or lightly 'dusting' across card stock for different and beautiful effects!

  • Lovely color. (20 October 2017)

    Nice color - not too dark, and the pad itself is not too 'squishy', so ink doesn't get all over the edges of the stamps.

  • Verified Buyer

    Great stamps! (06 October 2017)

    Bought the Heartfelt, Happy Thoughts, and Happy Wishes stamps. These are wonderful stamps for card-making. They are cut crisply and deeply enough that even if, by some chance, the ink gets in between words/lines, it doesn't transfer to whatever you're stamping, thereby ruining the card, etc.!! Love these!

  • Fantastic! (26 May 2017)

    Wow, these are just fabulous! No toting around a tray and bottle of cleaner! So easy to use, and the shammy does a great job!

  • Verified Buyer

    Great stamp selection! (20 February 2017)

    These stamps cover a multitude of needs for card making - flowers, flower centers, leaves and fronds! I use at least one for just about every card I design.

  • Verified Buyer

    Pretty butterfly! (20 February 2017)

    This punches out a good sized butterfly. Have another punch that does a tiny one, so this is good to have when I want a bigger butterfly, or both sizes for cards.