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Phyrst's Reviews

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    Everything sticks! (24 March 2021)

    I can't imagine why this Magic pad is so popular! My diecuts all stick! As per instructions, I place the die face-down over my cardstock onto the Magic pad and run it through my Big Shot. Any little die-cuts stick so much, it's impossible to remove them in one piece even with the help of a spatula. If you've ever purchased a Tim Holtz colorize die, there's always small pieces to cut and they stick to the Magic mat like glue. Since I still need one plastic cutting plate to make a sandwich for the Big Shot when using the Magic pad, I've realized it's just easier on me to omit the Magic pad completely and stick with the old method of 2 plastic plates. This Magic pad is another craft item I won't use.

  • Verified Buyer

    Disappointing die! (01 February 2021)

    I'm a big Tim Holtz fan and I buy lots of his dies. In every review I mention how crisp and cleanly they cut. But this bigz 3D Rose 2 die is the exception. It doesn't cut clear through in several places so I have to snip the straggling pieces with scissors. Considering this is a bigz die and should cut through a number of materials, I'm really disappointed. It's messy with felt and I had previously planned to make a felt bouquet as pictured in the project with this die. I also noticed in older versions of this die, perhaps the original or # 1, either a small flower was included or a leaf or leaves. In this model, there's only the one flower, nothing more. Evidently Sizzix decided to save money and only produce this modern version with just the one flower. I thought of returning this die for a refund but my complaints involve the manufacturer and they're unrelated to the seller, i'm a senior and to be honest, with COVID 19 so prevalent, it's just not worth the risk of standing in line at the Post Office. With all the TH dies I've purchased, I suppose one disappointing die is not a big deal!

  • These discs don't open! (23 November 2018)

    I suppose I should've checked out these discs more carefully before I ordered! I wanted to use these discs to create a small journal of my own. I thought they opened and were flexible so I could attach pages but they do not open and they're not flexible. They're not expensive so it's not a big loss. I can still use them but not the way I planned.

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    Detail to rabbit face is a lot of precision work! (13 February 2021)

    As usual this die set cuts cleanly and crisply as most Tim Holtz dies. The rabbit image looks rather simple but I found it involved a lot of work. Adding details to the face like rosy cheeks, eyes, nose and mouth and the inner pink inside the ears was nerve-racking for me! Even using tweezers, it's rather precise work and required more of my time than I planned. I'd rather fool with a bigger character or floral image but you may like such detailed work. The large carrot die seems inappropriately sized to use with the rabbit, too large so I only use the smaller carrot. This die set is not my favorite although it's adorable and makes a cute Easter decoration. The rabbit has free arms that can hold a number of objects or be propped up holding onto a little basket, etc and that's pretty cool! To be honest, I don't think I'll use this die much in the future.

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    Awesome addition for a scene or a haunted house! (30 October 2020)

    There's 9 dies in this set and most are really useful and add a lot of atmosphere to a card. I have to use a precision plate with my Big Shot to get crisp and clean die cuts. One of the die cuts extra scroll pieces for the gate and the thin straight rail pieces to add dimension but as a senior with arthritis in my hands, those pieces are just so small, even using tweezers, it's too much bother for me. The bats are small, one is tiny but still a cool effect and the moon has 2 pieces that cut a sliver or a rather odd-shaped moon. All in all this is a nice die set and looks great with a scene behind it or the TH Thinlets haunted house. I'm glad I purchased this! I can see it will be well used.

  • Verified Buyer

    Another winning die by Tim Holtz! (25 September 2021)

    I love retro dies and this one makes a great shaker card. As most Tim Holtz /Sizzix dies, this cuts a clean, crisp image. The "cookie" dies included, stars, hearts, Christmas trees and gingerbread men are so cute; a nice bonus! I found the stove-top to be a little tricky with fitting in the thin-cut strips. At first I didn't always get those strips glued on straight but now I use a ruler and problem solved! Because this die can be used all year long, it's not limited to a certain season, it's a good value and a great addition to my collection.

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    Versatile and perfect trinket boxes! (06 April 2021)

    I live in a rural area where craft stores are quite a distance away. I do most of my craft shopping on-line. I couldn't find these matchboxes anywhere but here at After I decorate and transform them into colorful trinket boxes, I gift them to family and friends. One friend kept the baby teeth of her children in her box. Now that her grandchildren are old enough to understand about the Tooth Fairy, they love to examine mommy and daddy's baby teeth! My niece keeps odd earrings in the matchbox I made for her that have no matching mate. On several occasions much later, she's found the long-lost mate and she knows exactly where to go to pair them up. These boxes are so versatile, they can be used in a number of ways. Their possibilities are only limited by our imagination. They're small but with a little creativity, they can become treasure boxes! I'm so glad I found these here. I'm grateful that carries such a large variety and selection of crafting products!

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    Tim Holtz nailed the perfect pink color! (13 February 2021)

    Like most crafters, I like the TH line of distress oxide inks. I like how they blend so easily and how they look when wetted. I love this color pink, it's perfect. This ink pad is juicy and the ink is so easy to apply. Another winner!

  • Verified Buyer

    Perfect color addition for a pin collection! (13 February 2021)

    These enamel pins by Tim Holtz are quite large compared to most pins and these seem well made. I like this color. TH nailed a true pink!

  • Verified Buyer

    Spritz paper with water first and image is amazing! (13 February 2021)

    Works good. It makes a big difference if paper is lightly spritzed with water first before embossing. The texture is amazing! I have this same stencil and only purchased this folder because there's a tiny bit less space between the bricks. Shipping was fast considering all the effects from COVID 19 and the problems inside the postal service. has become my favorite source for scrapbooking supplies and card-crafting!

  • Verified Buyer

    Harrison makes a regal figure! He's king at my house! (31 January 2021)

    There's quite a few dies that make up Harrison, 9 pieces in total and it's very time consuming but it makes a wonderful image! I have the TH Bloom colorize die and it consists of 17 die pieces! The extra work involved always pay off! Tilting Harrison's head at an angle gives him a different look, a different attitude and his tail can be positioned in a number of ways. He's really quite regal and he's my new favorite! These colorize dies do require more time and effort to cut and assemble but they're well worth the trouble. The image they create just looks so life-like and dimensional. I've used this die with paper and felt and I love the results from both. I always include in my review how clean and crisp the Tim Holtz dies cut. Shipping was fast considering the postal problems and COVID 19. This is a wonderful addition to my collection and since my zodiac sign is Leo, I plan to use Harrison in several projects; cards, calendars and journals. His possibilities are endless!

  • Verified Buyer

    A really cute die! (26 January 2021)

    I used this die for Christmas cards and it makes a beautiful card. I've also used the little stitches and the candy cane dies in this set in other cards and projects. This die is big enough to stand alone with a sentiment and I received many compliments from recepients. My grandchildren just loved it! As I always note, Tim Holtz dies cut a clean and crisp image. Well worth the money. carries a good selection of the TH dies and they have fast shipping. I purchase most of my dies here and I'm quite satisfied!

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    So many ways to use this slot holder die! (26 January 2021)

    I found this die to be so useful for so many projects. I add this slot-holder to all of my journals and planners so I can tuck extra ticket stubs, receipts and notes inside. I've added it to the pages of junk journals, books, diaries, photo albums and cards I made. It's easy to assemble and adhere anywhere. It seems to be the perfect size to fit anything and everything. I'm so glad I have it! As usual, Tim Holtz dies cut a clean and crisp image and this one not only looks nice but it's also functional. The best of both worlds!

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    Another great shifter stencil! (24 January 2021)

    I use this Tim Holtz Diamond shifter stencil more than any other stencil I have. The pattern just looks so good! Using different colored distress inks just makes it so distinct. It works good for backgrounds. These shifter stencils are all very creative and they add an eye-catching element to cards or journal pages. I highly recommend this one.

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    Makes a cool Halloween display box! (24 January 2021)

    I painted the inside of this box black and used Tim Holtz Abandoned paper on the outside trimmed with TH Crochet dies. Then I filled it with knick-knacks from Ideology; pumpkins, skeleton bones, toadstools, TH paper dolls, etc. It looks really cool and I love it. Great decoration for the season. This coffin vignette box is sturdy and easy to work with, easy to cover and paint. It's big enough to be eye-catching!

  • Verified Buyer

    Versatile die! Can be used a number of ways! (24 January 2021)

    I love this die set! I use parts of it in a number of ways. The presents can be used for other occasions such as birthdays. It's not just for Christmas. Adding the bows on top is a little tricky but it's do-able. The elf character can also be used in other settings although I haven't done so yet. I've seen him used at Halloween too! Tim Holtz dies always cut a crisp, clean image. I think they're well worth the money. Shipping is reasonable considering COVID 19 and the problems at the Post Office. My order arrived in a timely manner.

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    Looks just lke crocheted lace! (01 November 2020)

    I use a precision plate with my Big Shot when I cut with these 4 dies and sometimes I have to move my paper and die at a different angle on the base plate several times to get all the tiny holes cleanly cut. You also need the cleaning tool with a brush to remove the extra bits of paper. Dispite the extra work and time I spend on these dies, they're well worth it for the effects on cards, scrapbook pages and art journals. They add such a feminine and delicate effect! I love these dies! They're one of my favorites by Tim Holtz and I don't think they'll ever become out-dated or too old-fashioned.

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    Quirky and creative cat stamps! (13 September 2020)

    Tim Holtz/ Stampers Anonymous always make good quality products. This Snarky Cats stamp set leaves a crisp, clean impression. They're quirky and creative and the sentiments with this set are perfect! I hope the dies become available, I'd certainly buy them too. Shipping was fairly fast in this age of COVID 19. I'm really happy with my purchase.

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    Nice freebie! (13 September 2020)

    i received these 3 daubers free with my order and I love them! I often use TH Distress Oxide Inks for backgrounds on my cards and these daubers work great. You just never have enough of them! Thanks to for a nice gift surprise!

  • Beautiful retro script! (23 November 2018)

    These dies cut crisp and cleanly and look beautiful. I love the font. Great addition to my Christmas collection. The word "Christmas" is perfectly sized for an A2 card. I love Tim Holtz Sizzix dies!