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    Read the description! (12 June 2020)

    I was so excited to see this stamp because it was so pretty. Shame on me for not scrolling all the way down beyond all the other products to find the description and read it. Particularly for the price $12 I thought it was a background stamp. It is not it is 4 x 4. Yeah shame on me for not reading the description thoroughly but $12 for a 4 x 4 stamp really?? That's what I expect to pay for background stamps Farrah full card size. I still think it's really beautiful and I will still use it but I am disappointed.

  • Must have! (08 April 2018)

    I absolutely love this! I keep mine in a coffee mug so plenty of air gets to it as it dries. It cleans stamps so well and in my opinion is a real necessity for clear stamps since some cleaning solutions can be harmful to them. My favorite thing about this is that I can very quickly clean not only the stamp, but the clear block or the lid of a platform positioner like the Misti. Invariably I end up with ink on those as well. Just a wipe or two and everything is clean! I do stamp off before cleaning, but even though there will be ink on the shammy, I've had no issues at all with the ink transferring. This is a great product!

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    Not bad, but there are better. (08 April 2018)

    It does work fine, and if you need one, but don't have much to spend, it is less expensive than many others. However, if you can spend more on another type, I would. The lip or ledge is small, so it can be a bit tricky to keep the card stock in the corner and there are no magnets to help keep it from moving. It does seem fairly sturdy, and isn't a bad tool for the price. If you want to find out if using one of these tools fits with your style of stamping, this is an inexpensive way to do that. For myself, I will be upgrading to a better one as soon as I can.

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    Great Sprayer (08 April 2018)

    First, it is a 4 oz sprayer, not 2 oz like listed. I was pretty sure it was since Tim said it was 4 oz and I didn't think he'd made 2 sizes. A 2 oz sprayer would be a little ridiculous. This is a good size to pop in a bag if you want to take it somewhere, and the locking toggle makes sure it won't accidentally spray. Fits in the hand nicely. The fine mist is very even and nice when you completely depress the plunger, but I also love the droplets in different sizes from slightly depressing the plunger. I used to have to dip my fingers in water to try to get splotches when I wanted them, or try to flick it from a brush and often you got too much. This is much easier. I normally wouldn't spend much on a spray bottle, but I really do love this one. Tim as usual, did a great job designing it.

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    Small but sharp! (07 November 2017)

    These are very tiny, but they are ever so sharp! They cut great and are comfortable to use. I wouldn't want to do a lot of fussy cutting with them because they are so small, but if you need to cut something that is very intricate, like say a flower with pointy leaves, these are just what you need, and you can't beat the price.

    They don't come with a cover for the tips or I'd have given them 5 stars. And when I say tiny, I mean it. Maybe 3-4 inches total length. Blade length is much shorter. They'd also be a great addition to your sewing basket due to their small size.

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    Very nice! (07 November 2017)

    Love these tweezers. Such a great price on them and they are very good quality. They don't come with a tip cover, and the tips are rather sharp, otherwise I'd have given them 5 stars. I have some very small silicone tubing that I put over the tips and that works great.