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Littlewoodangie's Reviews

  • Verified Buyer

    Perfect (03 November 2020)

    I have been looking for a low tack tape for my card making. This is perfect. It holds the dies in place but does not tear the cardstock when you remove it. Love it.

  • Verified Buyer

    Reluctant to purchase this. (18 August 2020)

    I have to admit, I was reluctant to purchase this mousepad. I saw it recommended on YouTube, and thought it was just a sales ploy. But, I thought, heck why not give it a go? Oh my goodness, I'm so pleased that I did. My stamping is clear and crisp with just one pass of the plate. I am now looking to see if they do one for my Mini MISTI

  • Verified Buyer

    So pleased I purchased this (18 August 2020)

    I have had the mini MISTI for a few years, and love it, it is my go to platform. But then I ordered to new MISTI. I love this platform. The mini limits you in the size of card stock, but the original MISTI allows for larger card stock. I love the way the plate hangs slightly over the edge for easy opening, and I love the fact that there is a place for the magnet, rather than having it on the bag. Love, love, love it!!

  • Verified Buyer

    So many tips (04 October 2019)

    This is the first time I have had this magazine, and I love it. I haven't done any scrapbooking for a long time, and I have got so much inspiration and so many tips from reading this. Not just for scrapbooks, but also for card making.

  • Verified Buyer

    Keeps it protected (02 July 2018)

    I was reluctant to buy a cover for the stamp platform. However, I have a few different brands, and have them all in one drawer. This zipper sleeve is so well padded, that it stops the plates from getting scratched. This is my favorite of all the stamp platforms, and I use it a lot. The zipper sleeve is easy to get the platform in and out of. Would highly recommend it.

  • Verified Buyer

    Keeps all my scraps in one place (02 July 2018)

    When I fitted my craft room, I used drawers from IKEA. On one wall, I used the wide thin drawer sets. I keep all my 12x12 papers in these drawers, one drawer for each color. These Stuftainers fit perfectly at the side of my 12 x 12 papers, and hold all the scraps that I can't bear to throw away! I have one in each of the different drawers so I never have to search for different colors. They are all right there where they should be!

  • Verified Buyer

    Great for Die storage (02 July 2018)

    I was a little unsure about buying this product because of some of the reviews. However, I wish I had ordered two! I have stored a lot of my thin dies in this box. I have kept them, with their magnetic sheets, inside the Avery Elle Stamp and Die storage pocket, and they fit perfectly inside the plastic boxes in this box. I get two die sets in each of the little plastic boxes. I now have all my shape dies, such as ovals, circles squares, stars etc., all in one place. I just take this out of the drawer and flick through them, no need to keep walking back and forth to the drawer, figuring out which dies will fit my project. I am ordering a second one for my other dies, such as phrases, , trees etc.

  • Verified Buyer

    Great price (04 May 2018)

    While these daubers and the storage box are a great price, I found the storage box to be adequate, but the catches a little flimsy. In fact one of them came off when I opened it. However, the box is perfect for storing them, and they fit comfortably in my shallow drawers. I would definitely purchase them again

  • Verified Buyer

    I love this! (16 April 2018)

    I just love this Stamp Platform. I have the larger Tim Holtz one, and this one is just as sturdy.

    I have the mini MISTI, which I use a lot, but I love the fact that you can use bigger card stock in the Tim Holtz platform, as one side and the bottom are open. It is so simple to use for both rubber and photopolymer stamp sets, no having to insert anything, simply turn the door around for whichever set you are using. It is well made, but still very light. Just love it.

  • So simple to use (08 October 2017)

    I was a little worried about having to take out the top of the platform and turn it round when using rubber and photopolymer stamps. However, it's so simple to do! I love this platform. It is sturdy, well make and takes larger sheets of card stock. Buy it before you loose it. It's a great addition to your stash

  • Verified Buyer

    Love these inks (06 September 2017)

    I saw these inks demonstrated on Youtube. I haven't used them with water, but I have used them dry. They blend beautifully. Did a lovely sunset with them. Love, love, love them!

  • Verified Buyer

    A little strange (06 September 2017)

    When I first used this product, it felt a little strange not to have any magnets. However, it does seem to work even without them. I am pleased with it so far.