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  • whiskers paper pack (01 March 2019)

    I actually used this product in a recent project and I love it. I just wish I'd ordered more

  • deer's head stamp (01 March 2019)

    This happens to be one item I've ordered that I have actually used since I received it. It stamps great, I love it and I look forward to using it many, many more times

  • flourish dies (25 April 2018)

    I love these things .... they add that extra punch to any project

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    Too cool dies (31 March 2018)

    While I have yet too use these in an actual card, I do look forward to it as I have seen them used on Pinterest

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    Month dies (31 March 2018)

    I have been making calendars for my family for a number of years and I enjoy it so much. However, recently I noticed the blank calendars don't come with months anymore, so these will be indespensible

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    card die (31 March 2018)

    This is TOO cute and I am looking forward to using it in the future

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    Cat dies (31 March 2018)

    I just Love these little cats and I look forward to using them extensively in my card making projects for quite a while to come

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    Clock face (31 March 2018)

    I have seen this on numerous scrapbook pages and i JUST LOVE IT. can"t wait to use it on my own layout

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    scrapbook and cards today (27 November 2017)

    its ok

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    scalloped borders (20 November 2017)

    These are SO pretty. They add the add the perfect touch to any and everything

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    d-lites dogs dies (20 November 2017)

    Who doesn't love dogs? The only thing I may add is we need MORE dog dies!!!

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    beautiful corners (20 November 2017)

    i can't say enough about this die set. It is absolutely gorgeous and easy to use

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    beautiful die (10 October 2017)

    I used this die to make a card for my card making class instructor and she loved it so much, she used it in her next cardmaking class. Then, she wanted to keep the die to play with it She still has it.

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    sizzix plates (03 June 2017)

    I absolutely love your product and look forward to buying many, many moore.

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    sizzix plate (03 June 2017)

    I absolutely love the colour and look forward to many moore purchases of your product.