Josefine Fouarge Aka HolyLise's Reviews

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    I love the bottles and the nozzle (01 January 2020)

    I like the nozzle that these come with. It's super easy to get the fluid out of the bottles in small droplets which makes it a little bit less messy to work with (compared to spray bottles). The quality of the Lindy's Starburst is as good as the usual Lindy's products showing vibrant colors and an amazing shimmer.

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    Spins around like it has nothing else to do. (01 January 2020)

    I'm a big fan of the Deflecto caddies and by adding the wheel base I mobilized them nicely. I stacked 6 caddies on top of my wheel base and it moves around nicely. I never had an issue with it.

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    Finally, the search is over! (01 January 2020)

    I can't believe that I finally found THE cling stamp storage that I have been looking for all my craft-life. Cling mounted rubber stamps are my favorite, so I have a lot... I tried so many ways of storing them and I was never happy. Till I found this system. It holds every stamp, since they cling to the plastic, I can add a sheet of paper to the front that shows all the stamps I have in this container, and I can add a label to the side, so I can easily find the stamps I want when the trays are stored sideways on my shelves. Yay!!