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    You NEED this paper! (28 June 2019)

    Wow, elephant fan or not.... This paper will blow you away. The colors are absolutely stunning. Please get a few sheets. If you don't like it, then...........

    You WILL like it. Enough said.

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    Perfect for Everything (26 May 2019)

    I wish I would've discovered these years ago, they're fantastic! Sometimes I just want some tiny bling and these are perfect. There are an excellent selection of colors. I went back to order some more today and they were out of stock! So I guess there are more of you that know how great these are!!!!!

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    If you love blue, then this is for you!!!!! (20 May 2019)

    So many incredible shades of my favorite color. This paper is a breeze to match up with other blues in your stacks of paper in your craft room. It makes cards so interesting and I love the white space around the blue pieces. Ella and Viv come through again for me - I love their paper! Both sides of this are easy to use. Buy some, you won't be disappointed!

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    Absolutely beautiful!!!!!! (23 April 2019)

    All I can say is this paper is absolutely beautiful. The colors are so stunning you will definitely want more than one sheet,. I really like how they used various shades of green and pink and set them off with the black. The colors really "jump off" the page. You want this paper, trust me.....

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    Not Just For Christmas (23 April 2019)

    Even though there a white snowflake designs in the hearts, I plan to use this paper for other applications. The "snowflakes" are actually quite subtle. It is quite pretty and the shades of green, blue, and tan are vivid and easily matched by solid cardstock.

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    Even Better Than The Picture (16 April 2019)

    I've been really lucky lately picking out perfect paper for making my birthday cards. When I saw this one, I hesitated at first, but was drawn to the somewhat masculine/mature look of it. It is simply unique; not the typical red, blue, and yellow party paper.

    Im so happy that I order d some because I absolutely love it! Perfect weight for cards. Fun to match up with solids, too.

    Buy some, and then send some more to me! LOL

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    You Need to Get This Paper! (16 April 2019)

    This beautiful and versatile paper arrived on my porch only two days after I ordered it; three days ahead of schedule. Love that about ordering here.

    But anyway, this amazing paper is nice and heavy, perfect for cards. Easily matched with solids for backgrounds. I'm going to watch for other Photo Play papers. A go-to birthday card paper for me from now on. I need to get more!

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    Please reconsider discontinuing this... (29 March 2019)

    This paper is bright and sturdy. Perfect for card making and is adorably cute. Sad to see it is discontinued.

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    Another of my favorites Discontinued? Awwwww... (29 March 2019)

    I loved this paper and returned again for more - only to find it has been discontinued. It was easy to use and my card recipients all loved it. Sad to see it go.

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    Discontinued? Bring it back (please?) (29 March 2019)

    I love this card stock and was so sad to see it was discontinued. The colors are amazingly vivid and it is the perfect weight! Might have some scraps left over here and there, but this paper will be greatly missed.

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    How many pens do you have? (22 March 2019)

    A nice case, but didn't hold as many pens as I had hoped it would. My solution was to just use it for my "favorite" pens.

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    A Must Have for Card Makers (22 March 2019)

    Perfect in every way for adding sparkle and shine to your cards. Just put a thin coat over colored paper and BAM! whatever paper color is underneath becomes sparkly and shiny (it doesn't COVER up a color, it enhances it). This is my most-used color of Nuvo Glitter Drops. And it dries waaaaaaay faster than Stickles.

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    Perfect for Sparkle Junkies (22 March 2019)

    This is a great way to begin becoming addicted to Nuvo and their Glitter Drops. I use the "white" one the most. It grabs whatever paper color is under it, and adds glitter and shine. Absolutely can't live without it now!

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    Hangs on my wall year-round (22 March 2019)

    I loved the picture, bought a sheet, and hung it on my wall in my Craft room. I haven't taken it down. Because of the size of the trees, it wouldn't have much impact if used for a card. But it would be great for you scrapbookers. Nevertheless, I love looking at it year-round.

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    More Amazing in Person (22 March 2019)

    This is beautiful paper! The photos don't do it just stick. Order a sheet and I bet you return for more.

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    Fabulous Colors and Texture (15 March 2019)

    I just love this paper! The colors are amazing and easily matched with other papers. It is a tiny bit distressed in the beige areas, but not much. I'm not much of a fan for distressed paper, but this one was acceptable to me and quickly became a favorite and a frequent go-to for my cards. It is sturdy and best used as a base paper.

    The photos of it on the site don't do it justice. I bought three sheets of it and will soon buy more. I've become a Crate Paper groupie!

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    You Will Love This Glitter!!!!! (01 March 2019)

    This four-pack of glitter will really give your cards a kick! My favorites are the butterflies and stars. The way I add them to my cards is to put a tiny dot of Nuvo Deluxe Adhesive where I want to place the glitter and then use a toothpick to place it. If the glitter piece won't stick to your toothpick, just lightly dip iit in the adhesive drop and then lightly wipe it off.

    (No, I don't work for Nuvo, I just love and trust their products),

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    Nuvo Adhesive is Amazing! (14 November 2018)

    After falling in love with Nuvo's Glitter Drops, I decided to try their adhesive. The price was right, and as a busy card maker, adhesives are extremely important to the success of my cards. I was quickly amazed at the strength of this adhesive. I love it and definitely will be ordering more!

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    Bazzillís color ďKachinaĒ is Amazing (13 June 2018)

    Wow! When I pulled out this paper from my shipment, I did a double take. The color, the texture - it all just came together and it seems to match lots of my patterned paper. I am shifting gears a bit and loading up on Bazzill products for my card making.

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    A Staple Now for my Paper Collection (07 May 2018)

    Well, I must admit, Crate Paper must have designed this ďEmmaĒ paper just for me. But Iíll share it with you..

    Designed for me because pink and blue are my favorite colors. And the combination will keep you ordering more and more.


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    Definitely a Winner! (07 May 2018)

    The colors are crisp and the paper is the perfect thickness for card making. Since I live in Florida, I am experienced in flamingos, and the ones on Carta Bellaís ďFlamingo FunĒ are perfect! You will want this paper for your Spring and Summer collection. Love it!

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    Excellent Quality, but blue is darker than appears (08 April 2018)

    This Perfectly Plaid Collection of Lawn Fawn paper caught my eye right away. I ordered several colors of it. This blue shade (Take Ten) is just a bit darker than I expected. Yet, the Lawn Fawn qualIty is still top notch.

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    Absolutely Beautiful Paper! (06 April 2018)

    Perfect paper to celebrate the arrival of spring! This was my first purchase of paper made by Ella and Viv Paper Company and I will be ordering more soon. This paper has brilliantly bright colors that were easy to match with my existing paper stash, and it is the perfect weight for card making. There is a wonderful amount of white space that helps make the flowers pop off the paper! Check out my gallery in a few days to see the card I am making using this paper. Have a great day!

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    An All-Star Card Making Paper (20 March 2018)

    This paper is absolutely outstanding!! It's the perfect thickness and the colors are very vibrant. I will be ordering more real soon because I work as a volunteer making cards for our U.S.A deployed troops and this paper with red, white, and blue stars is perfect.

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    Doubled Up on Plaid (11 March 2018)

    This paper is perfect for card making!! Beautiful colors, excellent thickness and two sides of wonderful plaid patterns. You are going to want some of this paper!!!

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    Stamping Stars and Stripes (27 February 2018)

    This stamp gets a lot of activity in my card making room. I make cards for the United States deployed troops. This stamp gives a beautiful image of our flag and I love coloring in the stripes with my red colored pencils. I recommend this stamp, and many others, made by Deep Red. Their quality out-shines other stamp brands Iíve tried.

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    How could this paper receive a bad review? (22 February 2018)

    I was doing my monthly shopping at and noticed this paper received a one-star rating. WHAT? And it appears that the writer of the review scored the paper low because of a shipping error, not because of the quality of the paper......

    Well, please listen up my fellow card makers and scrappers, I use this exact same Reminsce brand paper all the time and I love it! Iím always shopping here for patriotic paper. (I voluntarily make cards for deployed military care packages). So please be careful when you seen something on Scrapbook.comís site with a one star rating. Take the time to read the review. Then make an informed decision. Every single order of mine has arrived not only perfectly, but AHEAD of schedule.

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    Now I Want More Colors! (06 February 2018)

    Amazingly beautiful paper!!!!

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    Stunning Paper for Masculine Valentine (06 February 2018)

    The minute I held this paper in my hands, I knew it was destined to be my all-time favorite. The colors are vivid, the weight of the paper is perfect for card making, and the colors in the plaid easily match with other shades of blue and brown.

    I made a valentine for my incredible step Dad using this paper and loved the finished product. Iíll be ordering more real soon.

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    You will love this paper (24 January 2018)

    Perfect for making birthday cards! So colorful and blends well with so many solid paper colors.

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    Perfect for making cards for Royals baseball fans! (24 January 2018)

    I was thrilled to see this double-sided paper pack available on It is just what I needed for my card-receiving Royals fans. The double sided feature is extremely intelligently designed since one side has larger images, better for scrapbooking - while the other side has smaller images which are better for card making. Iím a happy customer. Nicely done by Scrapbook Customs.

    P.S. I also got the KC Chiefs paper pack and am just as delighted.

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    Perfect for the Chiefs Fans on my Card List (24 January 2018)

    I was thrilled to see this paper available on It is just what I needed for my card-receiving Chiefs fans. The double sided feature is extremely intelligently designed since one side has larger images, better for scrapbooking - while the other side has smaller images which are better for card making. Iím a happy customer. Nicely done by Scrapbook Customs.

    P.S. I also got the KC Royals paper pack and am just as delighted.

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    My Favorite Valentine-Making Paper (24 January 2018)

    This ended up being my favorite paper from for making this yearís valentines. I ordered 4-5 paper styles and this quickly found myself using this one the most. It has Impressive sharp, brilliant colors that blend well with everything...... Highly recommend this!!!!!!

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    Best for Scrapbooks, Not Cards, Hearts too Big (24 January 2018)

    Beautiful paper. Excellent quality, as usual for this brand. However, this is Probably best used for scrapbooking, since the side with big hearts loses its impact when cut down to card size. I used the other side with the little hearts for my cards.

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    How did I ever live without these? (24 January 2018)

    I used rubber cement for everything while making my cards, until my wonderful neighbor introduced me to Zots. I love them and now really wonder how I lived without them for so long.

    Be aware than these little discs ARE PERMANENT. I learned the hard way by trying to remove an item from a card that was secured by them. It WILL come up eventually, but it will not be pretty. The paper will rip, etc. So please use them ONLY when you are fully confident that you wonít change your mind. (Difficult for most, I know.). Another tip, please donít use your finger to remove the dots. (Even though a picture on the box shows a finger removing a dot). The dot will stick to your finger and roll up into a burrito-like wad when you try to remove it. Just place the paper (or item to be glued) on top of the dot, and all will be well.

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    Cute Stamp! (24 January 2018)

    I bought this to use on my Valentine cards and was pleased when it arrived. (And as usual, delivered it earlier than promised.). You can even use it as two stamps by covering up the hearts and just stamping the Hugs part, or vice versa. I highly recommend this stamp.

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    Takes 2-3 Coats and Creates Un-inked Stripe in Center (24 January 2018)

    Unfortunately, this pen needs 2-3 coats to solidly cover. It flows well, in fact better than the other brand I use, but leaves a thin stripe in the center of the line drawn that doesnít have ink on it. So you have to go over the area two more times.

    I use white pens by Gelly Roll, and they require a few coats as well, but donít leave the un-inked stripe in the middle. I will continue my search for a sold performer in the white ink pen category. Stay tuned.......

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    Spectacular Color and Quality (16 January 2018)

    When I received this incredible paper, I was delighted with the color intensity and the thickness. I used shades of pink paper with it and made some amazing valentines. My next order will definitely include the other available Gingham and Linen colors made by Doodlebug Designs.

    UPDATE: I ordered other colors, and love them just as much!!!