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Love 2 Learn's Reviews

  • Verified Buyer

    Makes Distressing FUN & EASY!!! (29 January 2011)

    Okay..I'm an admitted Tool Junkie....and for distressing I have a Handheld Scraper & some Precision Files.... but this Tool is the Bomb!!! It came with a small piece of cardboard, so of course I distressed that immediately, then 1 piece of cardstock, then 2 at a time. But I wanted to see how many pieces of textured cardstock it could distress at one time, so I cut 10 small scraps of textured cardstock, and it did a FANTASTIC JOB ON ALL FOUR SIDES IN LESS THAN 1 MINUTE!!!! Can you imagine how long it would take to distress 10 or 20 or 50 small pieces of paper by hand?

    As for those who say it's a little loud to operate, it sounds like a hand mixer on high---doesn't bother me a bit.

    It's lightweight enough to hold in one hand and distress paper with the other, but it also has four sturdy rubber feet which makes it easy to place on a flat surface and it won't slide around. (I even tried it on an "interior" edge of cardstock).

    Last, (but certainly one of my favorite features)...it has a handy Dust Compartment on the bottom, so you won't have "Paper Dust" EVERYWHERE!!

    Make distressing EASY on your fingers & nails....buy the cute & powerful Zutter Distrezz-it-All...it's worth the price!!!!!!!!

    The power cord is plenty long (4ft.- 4"), but wouldn't it be cool if some day, they came out with a Battery-operated version?

  • Verified Buyer

    LOVE at First Sight!!! (02 July 2009)

    I love K and Company's products and own a lot of their vintage lines. So this brightly colored paper was really out of character for me, but it was love at first sight.

    You must TOUCH this paper to know how beautiful it is, with it's glittered textures, foiled shimmer, and frothed designs.

    I have bought almost the whole line of products from this collection!!!!

  • Verified Buyer

    AWESOME VALUE!! (02 July 2009)

    Just went through my 73 pieces of gold foiled die cuts and transparancies and oh my gosh is this a beautiful collection.

    Loved every little piece from the larger floral scroll transpancies (with red glitter accents), to the gold foiled die cuts of flowers, butterflies, hearts, romance tags, etc.

  • Verified Buyer

    Will Probably Buy More!!! (02 July 2009)

    In accordance with this entire collection, I had to have these adorable acetate frames. They are much prettier in person.
    Each one has a different edge, design color, and little red glitter accents. I haven't tried them on different colored paper yet, but they look really good on white.

  • Verified Buyer

    Cutest SHAPED Tags!!! (02 July 2009)

    If you have bought anything from the Que Sera Sera line (especially the 12x12 paper pad), you will love these cute little journaling tags.

    The 5 best things about this little pad is:
    1. Shape
    2. Patterned Paper
    3. Colors
    4. Size
    5. Price

  • Verified Buyer

    Glitter Done Right!!! (02 July 2009)

    I just love this Dazzlers line of flowers--I own them in several different colors. First of all, let me say, I hate glitter that comes off on your hands---this glitter does not!!

    The small Florettes come in 4 colors and 2 sizes (1" and 1/2"). They are much brighter and sparkly in person!!!

  • Verified Buyer

    Great Quality Flowers!! (02 July 2009)

    This Mulberry Street Collection is so pretty!! There are 4 different flower sizes: 1-1/4", 2", 3", and 4". I'm not usually into shades of purple, but I thought these were really pretty. so I bought them in the large and small sizes---(also bought them in other colors).

  • Verified Buyer

    Much Prettier in Person!!! (02 July 2009)

    I absolutely love these flowers. There are 2 sizes (3/4" to 1-1/4") and 2 shapes of flowers in this collection. They are made of a very strong paper, the texture is realistic (kinda dried looking), and the tye-dye colors make these flowers look like you colored them yourself. Each one is unique!!!!

  • Verified Buyer

    Intricate and Lacy!! (02 July 2009)

    I have a Silhouette and can cut some pretty intricate designs, but nothing as pretty as this paper. When I saw this paper--I had to have it. The colors are so vibrant, and the cutwork is so beautiful and intricately detailed!!

  • Verified Buyer

    Many Different Uses!! (02 July 2009)

    I bought this Scraper to clean scraps off of my Silhouette cutting mat, but I have found that I use it for a lot of other things too.
    Great size (2-1/4 wide and 1-3/4" tall), very durable hard plastic, (will probably last forever), smooth and easy to hold.