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BananaAnna2008's Reviews

  • Worst Tool Ever Introducrd to the Craft World (25 October 2021)

    I was very disappointed in this product. I bought it shortly after it came out and finally got around to trying it out. First of all, I was VERY disappointed to find the ink only lasts two hours and you have to buy replacement pads for each use. That alone blows my mind on how wasteful this product is for the price. I found the ink to be VERY sticky when stamping. This was good at first but the ink was so sticky, my cardstock stuck to my stamp. Almost as if the paper were glued to my stamp! I wasn't able to slowly peel the paper off my stamp either. I had to rip it off. I use high quality, thick cardstock so this was shocking to encounter. I then tried using the stamp cleaner specifically designed for this product to clean my stamp and found it didn't work. The toner ink basically glued itself to my rubber stamp and was NOT coming off...I ended up having to take my stamp to my kitchen sink and use Dawn dish soap and a hard bristled brush to scrub the toner ink off. This product has an innovative idea but it needs LOTS of work for it to be practical. Overall, a huge disappointment and waste of money.

  • Beautiful stamp (10 March 2021)

    This item stamped beautifully once appropriately prepped (rub the stamp with your hand or a little versamark to help get the manufacturing residue off the stamp - this is often why brand new stamps don't give that clear impression that people expect). I was able to create a beautiful card with this stamp for a rider in my life. I love the simplicity of this stamp and the sentiments that come with it. A well loved stamp set to add to my stash!

  • One of My Favorites! (29 January 2021)

    I have had this stamp set for some time and I LOVE it! I honestly have a feeling I'm going to wear this o e out and I'll need to repurchase it so I'm thrilled it's being carried on now! The lips are HUGE and fill up a 5.5x4.25 card front. I usually will take pinks and reds and layer the colors - lights in the center and darkest around the edges. I then put a couple of layers of embossing powder over the top for realistic looking lips. Makes for a great valentines or anniversary card.

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    Big and Roomy! (27 March 2020)

    I have a secret...I don't use this bag for crafts. I use it to hold my music and instruments! On top of my serious crafting addiction, I'm also a musician. The specialized music bags are so very expensive and quite a bit out of my budget. This bag was decently priced and has storage for DAYS. I can confirm that it can hold a large ensemble folder, flute/picc stand, Flute, piccolo, cork grease, tuner, etc. I can travel to and from performances with ease. This bag has large adjustable shoulder straps and sits quite comfortably on my back. It has a special side pocket for markers that expands out - this would make it nice and easy for crafting on the go! I love how big and roomy this bag is that I'm going to have to get a second one when I craft on the go. Really great bag!

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    Sponge Not Fully Attached to Base (09 December 2019)

    When I recieved, the sponge part of the dauber wasn't fully flush and attached to the base. I had to add some liquid adhesive to fix this issue. The dauber itself otherwise works just fine.

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    Great Color and Unique Texture (09 August 2019)

    I wasn't sure if I would like these dropes but I do! The grey is a perfect moon-like color. The texture is incredibly unique and helps to add dimension to my projects. I will be trying these stone drops in other colors as a result of my fantastic experience with these drops!

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    Best Sticky Ink Around! (09 August 2019)

    This is an absolute MUST HAVE for your crafting! Especially if you are into embossing! This ink is VERY sticky which is what makes it great to hold onto those plastic granuals until you can melt them with your heat tool. Since this is an oil based ink, you can create watermark like images when stamping too. My only negative comment on this stamp pad is that the pad can get dirty (especially if you're not the best at cleaning your stamps very well like me...opps?). If your pad is dirty, it will not affect the ink's ability to emboss with, it's just visually displeasing. Overall, this is my goto embossing and watermark ink. No other embossing/watermark ink compares!

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    Ok for Beginners - Pens Felt Dry (09 August 2019)

    The large pen is far too large for my personal preference - it doesn't really create thin lines when writing. Meaning it's really hard to create a difference between the down strokes and up strokes for caligraphy. The medium pen is probably the best as far creating a difference between the down and up strokes. The fine pen works ok too but felt pretty dry. If you are just learning how to write modern caligraphy for the first time, these pens will be good for you. Once you've learned and have found your style, I would strongly recommend a different type of pen. Especially for felt nibs.

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    Not The Best (25 June 2019)

    My initial reaction is that these water brush pens are built well, however, there are MUCH better ones out there. At least two of them are roughly the same large size. I found the bristles to be rather rough and it felt like I could feel them scrape against the paper as I used them (and yes, the bristles were wet and the brush had water in it). I didn't really feel like I had a lot of control with how much water came out of these. Overall, I'm disappointed with these and will continue my search for a better water brush pen.

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    Beautiful Die (28 April 2019)

    I love this die! It's a delight to craft with. I do wish it was easier to die cut with... perhaps that's because I've used it with thick, glittery cardstock but still. I've had to use some thicker cutting plates to help but that's that nature of background dies, I suppose.

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    Not So Permanent (26 January 2019)

    At first, I was very impressed with how smoothly this tape runner ran when rolled across paper. The tape rolled nicely onto the surface...I was impressed! No gumming onto the rolling mechanism! I used this adhesive to adhere a watercolor card front to a card base and at first it layed flat. After a day, the watercolor piece started to pull away from the card could see the adhesive pulling between the two pieces of paper showing it was still attached but not permanently securing the pieces together. We are talking about significant gaping here. I think I'll be sticking with my Tombow Xtreme adhesive instead for now on. Definitely not a permanent adhesive by any means.

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    Stamps Beautifully (30 December 2018)

    This stamp holds ink well and stamps beautifully. Perfect for basic backgrounds! It sticks to my MISTI well too!

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    Cute but Timly to Build (30 December 2018)

    I like that I can successfully cut through several pieces of paper at once but in order to conserve paper as best as I can, I have to trim the pieces to a more respectable size. Compared to thinlit dies, this is a weird concept for me (to trim the paper to weird shapes). The directions for this bigz die tell you to use a crease pad but a regular cutting plate works fine in its place. This little box is more clunky to assemble than I initially realized so get ready for that. I would definitely recommend using a dry adhesive strip versus a wet adhesive. I also recommend adding your dry adhesive and creating the flaps as you go otherwise you'll end up with a weird looking box. There is also no special die for the silver band just below the pink eraser. You will need to trim a piece of silver cardstock yourself for this. A heavier weight cardstock might be nice in place of a more flimsy 65 # cardstock. Makes for a neat gift just a pain to assemble.

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    LOTS of Sequins Stick to Protective Seal. (21 December 2018)

    These are a fantastic product. My only "beef" with them is that when you first open them, you have to spend time removing the sequins from the sticky protective seal. I get why the seal is sticky but there have to be ways to seal the bottle so so many aren't sticking to the seal. Otherwise a fantastic product for your crafting!

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    Stamps Beautifully (21 December 2018)

    This stamp takes the ink very well. I haven't experienced any paper clinging to the stamp in my MISTI which is awesome. Since you can't really use magnets to keep your cardstock in place in a stamp positioner due to this being a background stamp, I recommend using some removable adhesive to keep you cardstock in place. This will allow you to get the beautiful images on this stamp on your full piece of cardstock. Beautiful stamp and I'm so happy with it!

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    Limited Stacking Options (18 December 2018)

    I bought this thinking it would be super fun to create custom looking snowflakes. I guess this can certainly be done by stamping in different inks BUT only two of the snowflake pieces will line up with each other. All in all, you get 5 snowflakes out of the ten snowflake stamps. I adore the sentiments in this set. You can certainly get a custom look with these, I just wish the pieces were more versatile with each other.

  • Best Heat Tool Around! (06 December 2018)

    This is by far the best heat tool I've owned. It actually gets hot pretty quickly. Because it gets hot so quick, I find that I am spending less time holding the heat tool to my projects and therefore experience less warping of my cardstock. As with any heat tool, it's helpful to hold your project in place with craft tweezers or some type of makeshift handle so you don't burn your fingers - this isn't any different with any heat tool you use. I find this tool melts my embossing powders like a dream. I haven't had any problems with this tool. It even has a little stand to help hold up the hot part after use. This allows for you to let it adequately cool down before putting it away.

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    Versatile Die Set! (20 November 2018)

    I love this set! I can use the actual snowman die for projects or I can simply use the negative space to create a shaker card. I am in love with this die set!

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    Best Blending Ink Around (30 October 2018)

    The colors are absolutely beautiful and blend together very well for backgrounds. I love that this ink reacts with water too! Beautiful addition to your ink collection!

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    High Quality (28 September 2018)

    This stamps stamp very well. My only complaint is that the penguin was attached to the star on the Christmas tree stamp by a tiny piece. I had to carefully separate these two stamps with a craft knife.

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    Fits Big Shot Perfectly (28 September 2018)

    I was a little hesitant to buy this but i'm so glad I did! It snaps onto my Big Shot perfectly. The part that says Sizzix on it is adjustable so you can slide it out to fit all of your adapter and cutting plates. There are extra spots in it for things like scissors, a crafter pick and other die-cutting tools. I love that it has a tape dispenser. My ONLY complaint about the tape dispenser is that it's not wide enough to fit wide tape rolls. It can only fit your standard width washi tape in there. The center part of the tape dispenser is adjustable for taped with a big or small opening. Overall, this is a handy tool to help you keep all your die-cutting tools with your machine. Must have!

  • Affordable and Quality Product! (05 August 2018)

    These are the BEST shimmer water colors I have ever owned at this price point. I have been looking for an affordable shimmer paint set and I am so glad I took the adventure in trying these out. The colors pop on dark paper and actually retain their bold colors. Like any water color, these do dry back BUT the metallic shimmer does not disappoint! Definitely a crafty staple!

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    Fun and sturdy stencil (12 July 2018)

    I love this stencil! It help you create some and wild looking backgrounds. A must for a crafty person's stash!

  • Needs Blades Replaced VERY Often (07 July 2018)

    I honestly love everything about this trimmer EXCEPT the blades dull incredibly fast. I will cut through maybe 5 pieces of 65lb cardstock before the blade shreds the cardstock, causing very rough and ripped looking edges. I'll replace the blade on the trimmer only to have the same thing happen again. This trimmer goes through blades like candy. What I do like about this trimmer is the precise measurements. It's a bit tough to read the measurements on the part of the mechanism that helps the arm swing out but other than that, they are no problem. I love the wire that shows you where your cut will be. I also adore the mechanism the helps lock the little slider mechanism with the's helpful when transporting it knowing there's no chance of that part popping up. If this trimmer had blades that lasted longer, it would have been perfect.

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    Small but Big? (09 June 2018)

    The die set was much larger than I was expecting but it creates a card much smaller than I was expecting. It's such a fun set and if you have ladies who love Nail polish in your life, this will make them LOTS of cute cards! The dies cut well.

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    CRYSTAL Clear! (21 April 2018)

    I am IN LOVE with these Nuvo Drops! The dry so incredibly clear. They look like water droplets after they completely dry. They also pick up and magnify anything they sit of top of as long as they are rounded droplets. I WILL buy these again!

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    Works Well When Properly Lined Up (21 April 2018)

    This turnabout stamp makes some pretty cool backgrounds! The possibilities feel endless with this one! You do need to make absolute sure it is properly lined up to get an accurate impression. The reason I gave this 4 stars is that you have to make a 6x6 inch guide out of thick cardstock and use a ruler to draw a big X on it with a thin pen or marker. Once you line your stamp on the large X, you need removeable adhesive to attach your working cardstock to the guide you created to help ensure accurate stamping. Despite the extra work this stamp requires, it's worth it! I would also recommend using this stamp with a stamp positioner.

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    Adorable Sentiments (21 April 2018)

    This set stamps beautifully! I love the large heart with all the sentiments inside. The word sentiments do very well when heat embossed too!

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    Amazing! (21 April 2018)

    This die cuts beautifully in my Big Kick machine. It's a versatile die that can be used in a variety of ways. The die-cut is large enough to carry a full 4.25x5.5 inch card with the help of a few embellishments. This is one of the few dies that has inspired me to make LOTS of different cards!