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Justinehovey's Reviews

  • Love the separate banner! (24 November 2020)

    Love this die for shaker cards and that extra banner is a great addition!

  • Who doesn't love a rainbow? (24 November 2020)

    I adore this die, the sentiments match perfectly!

  • Fun! (24 November 2020)

    This is such a fun set for vacation layouts!

  • Focal Point (24 November 2020)

    These are perfect for adding a focal point on cards or layouts. Great size!

  • Beautiful word dies! (24 November 2020)

    Love these and they are a great size for cardmaking or scrapbooking

  • Verified Buyer

    Perfect for cards! (24 November 2020)

    I loved these sentiments for decorating my cards :)

  • Unique! (24 November 2020)

    I love how unique this handwritten-style font is!

  • Memories (24 November 2020)

    Great for scrapbooking and birthday memory keeping!

  • Gorgeous Font! (24 November 2020)

    These dies are perfect and a great size for scrapbooking layouts!

  • Very sturdy and perfect for storing multiple dies (09 October 2020)

    I love these envelopes for so many reasons - they are sturdy, hard plastic that will last a very long time (which is important for me if I'm buying something made out of plastic). I also like that I don't need one envelope per die set, I can add multiple dies to each one. They also fit perfectly in the stamp bin :)

  • Sturdy and Versatile (09 October 2020)

    You can store so many things in here. I used to store all my stuff in fridge bins but they are so long, it was hard to find shelving for them. This bin will fit on any standard bookshelf and is sturdy and will hold all my dies. They coordinate with the new envelopes and tabbed dividers. I love that! I hope there will be more sizes in the future!

  • Perfect for any project! (09 October 2020)

    This die is the perfect size for cards, scrapbook pages or to use as tags or little ornaments. I just love the banner so I can add tons of different sentiments and make it different every time!

  • Quality is amazing and FOIL!!! (09 October 2020)

    I just love the sticker books! They are high quality and they have a foiled page. The alpha stickers are definitely my favourite!

  • Verified Buyer

    Great for small bits and sequins (05 October 2020)

    I've been looking for a way to store my sequins that come in a little baggie and this is a perfect solution. It's nice and compact and easy to take on the go.

  • Perfect, class font (05 October 2020)

    This is a great staple to have in your craftroom. The font is very classic and easy to read. I love the lowercase and uppercase option.

  • Great quality and size (05 October 2020)

    These dies are perfect for cards and scrapbook pages. They are a really nice size. I always recommend cutting with some double sided adhesive sheets for easy placement (and no messy gluing) afterwards.

  • Banner-ific (05 October 2020)

    I love that the die has a built in banner and a separate banner. You can stamp directly or frame your banner which is a great, versatile option. The Rainbow Wishes stamp compliments it perfectly.

  • YESSS Finally an alphabet die that fits! (05 October 2020)

    I'm so tired of buying alphabet dies only to be able to fit the word "hi" if I'm lucky on my card. This die is perfect for fitting longer names and words and is great for custom cards.

  • Perfect for organizing (05 October 2020)

    These dividers work wonderfully with the new stamp storage bins. They are sturdy and tall enough that my stamps aren't seen over the tops of them. I also use them to hold my newly made cards and organize by theme.

  • Verified Buyer

    Very sturdy and helpful (05 October 2020)

    I love the Storage Box - it currently holds my scrap paper and I love that the dividers help me keep it neat and organized. It's perfect for storing stickers, ephemera, journals, stamps and more!

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    The perfect thickness (05 October 2020)

    This printer paper is the perfect paper that it goes through my printer easily (even a printer as cheap as the one I own!) and the stickers feel vary high quality. I've been enjoying making labels for my craftroom and using them in my planner!

  • Verified Buyer

    SMART CRAFT GLUE is the way to go! (05 October 2020)

    I love the new glue from It dries quickly and the nozzle isn't super thin which makes clogging less likely (we all know this can vary by climate though!). So far this glue is one of my favourites!

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    Love how sturdy it is! (05 October 2020)

    This is a step up to traditional post-it tape. I'm able to use it multiple times and the soft surface allows me to smoothly blend overtop. The roll is a great value and will last for many projects. Plus - it's mint so what's not to love!

  • Perfect for Cards or Scrapbook Pages (05 October 2020)

    I think one of the toughest things is creating a font and size that will fit both cards and scrapbook pages well and these dies have done it! They are high quality and the price is reasonable for such a large set of alphas. These allow me to customize my cards easily!

  • Verified Buyer

    Simple but Effective! (10 January 2020)

    Love these new spray bottles from - I use them to store water or I mix in a little perfect pearls. Thumbs up!

  • Verified Buyer

    Love these for crafting on the go! (10 January 2020)

    I love these little tubes for taking water with me when I watercolour in the park or outdoors!

  • Verified Buyer

    This Holds Everything! (10 January 2020)

    I am loving having this tower in my craftroom. It is very functional and practical. You can fit a lot of products in it. It is sturdy and strong and I love it! You can also add products to the tower that match a certain colour palette and turn it into a home decor piece. The clear tower is perfect and will match any craftroom.

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    Great stamp set for Encouragement (27 September 2019)

    I love the beautiful fonts as well as the different ways you can mix-match sentiments.

  • Verified Buyer

    Great spacing! (27 September 2019)

    I adore this stencil because it has large spaces for lots of colour and yet the lines in between are nice and thick allowing lots of white space for good contrast!

  • Verified Buyer

    This solves everything (27 September 2019)

    I love these! The domed foam is genius and allows for blending with no harsh lines. They seem to pick up more ink than other brands too so it's less work to blend.

  • Verified Buyer

    Perfect for Quick Christmas Cards! (27 July 2019)

    These sentiments are a perfect size for A2 Christmas Cards. They fit perfectly across the page. Love all the different fonts!

  • Verified Buyer

    Amazing for Card Fronts! (27 July 2019)

    These sentiments are a perfect size for A2 Christmas Cards. They fit perfectly across the page. Love all the different fonts!

  • Perfect for Christmas! (27 July 2019)

    These sentiments are a perfect size for A2 Christmas Cards. They fit perfectly across the page. Love all the different fonts!

  • Verified Buyer

    Endless Possibilities (06 April 2019)

    This stamp can be mixed and matched to make amazing floral elements, backgrounds, layered stamps and more. I just adore these for adding small elements to my cards when it feels like something is missing. Excellent quality stamp!

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    Great sentiments and great price! (06 April 2019)

    Let's face it, I need these sentiments sometimes for cards but I don't need a million wishing you well stamps so this small set is just the perfect size for sending out cards for illnesses or maybe even mood! Love the variety in such a small set!

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    Best Sentiments Ever! (06 April 2019)

    Anyone who has ever had a best friend needs this stamp set to make them an abundance of cards! Great quality, photopolymer stamps that you can use over and over!

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    Clear is better! (01 October 2018)

    I must admit I don't use daubers often but I do love them to ink edges and distress items. These worked really well and the clear finger dauber area made it easier to see what you are doing! The fact they are stackable is a huge plus and the container makes for perfect storage!

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    Great size and easy to hold! (01 October 2018)

    I have issues with my hands and holding small objects for long periods of time. These daubers were a perfect size to grip! They have a larger surface area than a standard dauber so laying down color was quicker and easier!

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    Great for Ink Blending! (01 October 2018)

    I LOVE these brushes! They are really great for layering ink on cardstock without getting harsh lines. They give a lighter more airy feel and add some texture of the bristles for interest. They are really sturdy, large and easy to hold! I think I need more for each colours of the rainbow but they wash nicely in the meantime.