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Deebeth89's Reviews

  • Verified Buyer

    Good but with reservations (26 December 2018)

    I really like this, the only problem is the same one as most of not all of their cling stamps have, the cling foam is slightly undercut so the edge of the design stamps funny. I mentioned this to them before and while they said they'd fix the problem I don't think they have, or at least not consistently.

  • They usually have great things but not this time. (25 August 2018)

    I have the entire collection and I've never been able to get it to work correctly. I spent hours yesterday cutting and punching my pages for a MAMBI mini planner and the center punch was always off except in 1 case and even then it was slightly off in the upper section. I wound up gluing my pages on the prepunched pages that came with the planner since I don't need the weekly pages and only want monthly.

  • Good but with reservations (20 August 2018)

    I bought 1 that broke within a week when I ran a Spellbinders Foxy die through it, they sent me a new one that lasted for almost a year with light use, it seems to be goofed up now though since the handle will only go back and forth and not in full rotations, I tried cutting 5 different dies. The roller cogs seem to be rather flimsy and prone to breaking, in the U.K. they actually sell replacement cogs for this machine and the exclusive version of it, the Sapphire. It would probably be a good idea to do the same in the U.S. with directions on how to replace broken cogs. When it works it's a nice little machine for cutting smaller dies. This doesn't take embossing folders, it also doesn't suction down to many surfaces, I bought a Sizzix Sidekick working platform to use with it.

  • These are great (17 August 2018)

    I have a planner I've wanted to add a few pages to but nothing worked to cut holes that lined up, I even bought the WRMK planner punch board and all the punches and it didn't work. So happy I can finally print my pages, die cut them and forget about it with this set of dies.

  • Verified Buyer

    This is great!! (06 August 2018)

    I bought this to use with my Spellbinders Prizm machine, I think this would be a great thing to have no matter what brand of mini die cutting machine you have since most of them don't suction down on anything but glass, plexiglass, stone and maybe metal. Love the fact this doesn't slide like an acrylic block will.