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Jzausmer's Reviews

  • Verified Buyer

    Too big for any normal size (19 February 2023)

    This product needed to be able to fit on something smaller width wise. I did try to make it multiple times but it was very hard and the candles and the Hanukkah part were so connected that I could get one right and mess up the second one or vice versa. I love the design but it needs to be a ton smaller to fit normal cards not random card that needed a custom envelope since there was nothing that fit not even my 5x7 card without it looking extremely looking horrible. Was never able to make a single hanukAh card from this stamp set

  • Verified Buyer

    Amazing quality!!! (29 September 2019)

    I got these just to see if they were better than the normal blenders that seem to fall apart so fast and I was not disappointed this is an amazing product. They last through multiple blends without even a hint that there is an issue. I definitely will be getting more as these are the best thing ever or ink blending!!!