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Roxannac99's Reviews

  • Love the Extended Magic Mat! (27 March 2021)

    I have a Cuttlebug and when it came to intricate cuts, it did not cut well. This magic mat is a game changer! I am very happy with it so far!

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    Great Digital pack! (19 January 2021)

    I really like this pack, especially the window frame!

  • The die looks pretty! (21 December 2020)

    I rated this a three for now because I have not tried it yet. They sent me this survey and I have to fill out each and everyone although I really didn't want to until I have seen how it cuts. I am sure it will rate a 5 but until then...

  • No time as if yet! (21 December 2020)

    I haven't had a chance to use it yet. Too busy getting ready for Christmas! Can't wait! Christmas will be over soon, Lol!
    I gave it a 3 because it would not let me send this thru without filling in one of them. I am sure it will rate a 5 though.

  • Small but Mighty! (21 December 2020)

    I purchased this to use with inks/glue for faster drying. I like that it is on the smaller side, making it easier on the hand and wrist. It seems to heat up instantly, not as powerful as embossing gun, which is why I wanted it.

  • They are medium size and all different! (12 October 2020)

    I love that each snowflake has its own characteristics. Although sime look the same, when you really look at them, they are just a bit different.

  • Love Snowmen! (12 October 2020)

    I have not stamped with this yet. I love all the little detail pieces that will make the snowmen so cute!

  • Great for making shaker cards! (09 October 2020)

    I bought these to make shaker cards with so I don't have to cut thin strips. I have not used yet but shipping was fast and package in good shape.

  • Great for card making/die cutting! (09 October 2020)

    I ordered these to use for card making and die cutting. I plan to try to use them as die cuts with foil. I have not used yet but shipping was fast and great!

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    So Cute! (19 September 2020)

    It is such a cute stamp! The girl blowing bubbles stamp is a decent size. The girl is approximately 2.75 inches tall and approximately 2.5 inches wide (from edge of bubbles to end of ponytail). There are four sayings with her.
    I can't wait to get the die (evidentally, they ran out).

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    Love the stamps! (14 July 2020)

    The round stamps will make pretty cards and love the different stitch stamps to add that little extra!

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    Jumbo sponge dauber (11 July 2020)

    I have not tried this yet. However, it is large and would help cover a larger area much more quickly!

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    Lawn Fawn Knit Picky paper pad (11 July 2020)

    This paper pad has very nice colors. It is single-sided cardstock (6x6) -36 sheets, that has very simple small prints. Nice colors for fall. Some sheets have small leaves, some a heart type shape and some with a diamond background with a lattice look in the foreground. I really like this pad!!

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    Tis the Season-Bundle of 10 (07 July 2020)

    I have not used this yet. However, will be looking forward to it this season!

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    Valentine Bundle-Freebie February (07 July 2020)

    I have not used this yet. However, it looks great for Valentine's day!

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    Little houses-Digital Cut file (07 July 2020)

    I have not used this yet, however, it looks awesome!

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    Deco Foil Transfer gel (08 January 2020)

    I used this on cardstock, let it dry then put foil over and ran thru a laminator. It holds the foil well. Make sure you don't get the gel on any where you don't want foil!

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    Opal Deco Foil (08 January 2020)

    It works ok. You just have to be very careful not to get the transfer gel anywhere but where you want it!! I used in the laminator, it did great in there. I tried to put it on by laying it on top of cardstock and rubbing it on. It doesn't work as well by that method. I have used one of the foils with double sided tape though and it worked great!

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    Great Floral Sampler Pack! (07 November 2019)

    I was browsing and found the Floral Sampler Pack along the way!
    A bundle of 20 Designs, what a bargain when it was for FREE!!
    Thanks!! So Cute!!

  • Nice shade! (07 September 2019)

    Love the Nuvo drops! Hold their shape, stay rounded. Have a nice shine to them.

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    Nice shade! (06 July 2019)

    The gold is a nice shade, not a brassy gold. It holds its shape well and I Loce the tops on the bottles!

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    Morning Dew (06 July 2019)

    I love how it forms a dot! This color is very pale. However, I had a flower that was a light green and it kind of took on the color of the flower, only a lighter shade, so I don't know if it does that with other colors or not. I will have to try them. I love the tops of the bottles!

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    Nice shade! (06 July 2019)

    Love the shade of pink. Love how it stays in a drop form and love the bottle top!

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    Pretty shade of purple (06 July 2019)

    I used this last night. It is a Pretty color. I love how the drops keep their shape!

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    Nuvo Drops (06 July 2019)

    I love the color and I also love the top of the bottles!! The bottles are so classy looking. I used a few of the colors I ordered last night to make centers in some flowers. It just adds pizazzzzzz!