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Masrop's Reviews

  • Verified Buyer

    Useful but not perfect (07 November 2020)

    A simple frame sits over an A5 sized self-healing mat with grooves into which a paper or a foil blade is seated to quickly trim foil/paper to a useful size. It works well for smaller rolls of sheets of foil, but is less helpful in trimming larger sheets. Also there is nothing to stop a larger/protruding roll of foil to keep unrolling onto the floor. If you accept this trimmerís limitations, itís still a useful addition to your toolbag.

  • Verified Buyer

    Simple and effective (16 July 2021)

    This 12 inch ruler has a steel measure along one edge and a clear plastic measure along the other. Its real value is the long white bar along the middle which serves as a stabiliser. With only a little pressure, itís possible to secure your paper or cardstock with the ruler, while you cut. It wonít be for everyone, but for those with arthritis, it gives stability to the task: securing the cardstock or paper with the one hand you are already using to line up the cut, and freeing up the other hand to concentrate on the blade.

  • Great combination of qualities (13 July 2021)

    This is a very thin, paper-backed adhesive which comes in sheets that are easily trimmed to size. The adhesive film and backing paper/s are ultra- thin, which makes even intricate die-cut cardstock easy to release. Yet the die-cut cardstock retains its integrity, and the backing papers are easily removed. The tack of the adhesive is just right, allowing a little wriggle room to lift and and re-position. Finally, firmly press the cardstock in place, or burnish with a bone folder, at which point the stick becomes permanent.

  • Verified Buyer

    Success! (16 April 2021)

    I have a Gemini Junior and I admit to little success in stopping the warping of the clear acrylic plates. I read a post somewhere, recommending the use of this protocol for the Gemini Junior:
    1. Clear, never-used cutting plate on the bottom
    2. Then place the die, cutting side up, (taped to secure if necessary)
    3.Then cardstock
    4. Then shims (magnetic and plastic)
    4. Then grungy (warped) clear cutting plate on top, always mountain side up.
    I had a lot of success with this, but I've had vastly improved outcomes by replacing the magnetic and plastic shims with the new Magic Mat.
    Dies cut cleanly and usually in one pass.
    If the Magic Mat starts to warp, a quick blast of the heat gun on the warped spots and the mat seems to return it to its flat state.

  • Verified Buyer

    It works (13 April 2021)

    This tape has all the right qualities for stencilling and die-cutting, being both easily removable, without leaving any residue; and also having enough tack to tape down a stubborn die to a warped cutting plate. Mint tape is great, but sometimes it doesn't adhere strongly enough. This is the answer.