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ScrapHappyStArLIGhT's Reviews

  • Amazing! (22 December 2010)

    Yes, it's big and bulky. At first I was intimidated but, to be honest, it really didn't take me long to figure out how to use it and how to line it up correctly. Very user-friendly! I was tired of fighting with my Glue Glider Pro so when this came in the mail, the GG Pro went immediately into the "donate" box. Another plus...the adhesive sticks really well! I'm extremely pleased with my purchase!

  • Great Addition! (17 March 2010)

    This has been a great addition to my scrapping room! I already have a Cricut so I don't need anything that cuts. This works great! It accepts other brand's folders (which is very handy). I love that it takes up very little space! This is so much easier than the old dry embossing with a stylus and metal plates!!!!

  • Not Great (27 February 2009)

    I don't onw this runner (thank heavens) but my CTMH consultant loves it and uses it for her projects at our monthly crop. I can't stand it. I can never get the whole width of the tape to get on what I'm trying to adhere. But it does well with getting things to stick.

  • Works Very Well! (27 February 2009)

    This glue works well at getting things to stick! And it's VERY fast drying! However, my bottle is always gumming up and I have to clean it before every use. Maybe they should redesign the lid.

  • Wonderful! (27 February 2009)

    Fantastic glue! I love that there's a fine point for applying precise amounts and a bigger tip for covering larger areas! Works great to adhere buttons, ribbon, paper, and other things!

  • Yuck! (27 February 2009)

    This adhesive is always gumming up on me! And the stuff I am trying to adhere doesn't stick! Plus, sometimes only half of the width of the tape comes off, the rest is stuck to the paper in the runner.

  • Good backup (27 February 2009)

    I like this tape runner fairly well. The only downfall is that sometimes getting the right number of tabs is a little tricky. You might think "just one more" and after you lift the runner up you realize a sliver of the tab is a little too long so you have to fold it so you don't have extra adhesive showing. I prefer the red roller by 3L (it has the tiny rectangles).

  • Fabulous Tape Runner! (27 February 2009)

    I love this tape runner! I was using the CM tape runner but it was becoming a pain to try and find a consultant and get it to me in a timely manner. One day I ran out of refills and was desperate to get ANYTHING! I ran to HL and this was on sale. And then I became hooked! I've never had any troubles with it and everything I adhere down STAYS!

  • Gorgeous! (17 January 2008)

    I love this stamp set as I'm very "into" doodling right now! Ine thing that I really love about this stamp set are the little dots on a few of the designs. I love stamping the design in black and going back with my Uniball Signo White pen and dotting all of the dots in white! It really makes this set POP! My only complaint is that they're a little less quality than CTMH. They lose stickiness after the first use and just don't seem to grip the blocks as well as CTMH. I still love them though!

  • Beautiful Design! (17 January 2008)

    I love the design of these stamps! They're absolutely gorgeous on ANYTHING! I used them to decorate a mat for a picture frame and it turned out lovely! My only complaint is that if you're used to Close To My Heart, they're a little less quality. The "stickiness" seems to wear off after the first use. They just don't stick to blocks as well as the CTMH stamps but they still work great and for half the price of CTMH!

  • Great Trimmer! Great Company! (18 October 2007)

    I purchased this trimmer from the Superstore as my main every-use trimmer. It's amazing! I can trim the tiniest sliver off of a piece of paper and it's still straight! I love that it folds up so I can take it with me to crops! I also love that it'll fold out to a full 12x12 size! That really helps when I'm trying to trim a 12x12 sheet of paper! I can get it measured and cut very accurately!

    I did have a problem with the ruler that came with my trimmer. The magnetic backing was peeling off the plastic ruler. I contacted Making Memories and in 3 weeks I had a new ruler and a couple extra goodies as an apology for the inconvenience! Great customer service from this company!!!

  • Multi-Surface Use! (18 October 2007)

    I love this pen! I ordered it right here from the Superstore! It has a very bold, white color (not opaque like some white pens) with just a single pass (no going back and rewriting over it to get the white to show)! The pen writes smoothly without interruption! There's no need to go back and fill in spots where the pen stopped inking or anything like that. I have even used this pen to write on metal! It was just as bold and smooth on metal and it didn't rub off!