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Cindykt's Reviews

  • Verified Buyer

    Quickie Glue Pen (12 August 2007)

    I saw this used at a crop to add glitter to plain papers and was so impressed with the results I jumped up from the crop table and bought two. The glue comes out very even and stays damp a resonable amount of time. Rolls on with a blue tint so you can easily see where you are working, dries clear. I have used the pen on a lot of projects and have used under half of one glue pen.
    This pen allowed me to get the most even coverage I have ever gotten with glitter. Works well with flocking too.

  • Cutter Bee Scissors (01 August 2007)

    I never thought I would be all that impressed by a pair of scissors...I was wrong. These little things are great! The best detail scissors I have ever worked with. They are light weight, comfortable to use, and very sharp.