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Typedinpink's Reviews

  • SWEET!! (07 May 2021)

    This stamp set is so stinkin cute!! Perfect for cards and scrapbook layouts!!!

  • Perfect (07 May 2021)

    This is the perfect size for your small pocket cards and photos!

  • Perfect! (07 May 2021)

    This is such a great size for your small pocket cards and photos!

  • Perfect (07 May 2021)

    This is such a great size for your small pocket cards or photos!

  • Love!!! (07 May 2021)

    Perfect for your crafty needs!! I love the block lettering so much!

  • Great!! (07 May 2021)

    These are a must have for organization!!

  • Great!! (07 May 2021)

    These are a must have for Organization!

  • Great!!! (07 May 2021)

    These are a must-have for organization!!

  • Fantastic (07 May 2021)

    Graduation season is here and these pocket cards will be fantastic on grad cards!

  • Love!! (07 May 2021)

    These cards are going to be great to document our upcoming beach vacation!

  • Iíve been looking for a set like this!! (07 May 2021)

    I love this set so much!! Itís great to have these sentiments in a stamp set!!

  • Beautiful (07 May 2021)

    This is a great set to have on hand! Very encouraging!

  • Amazing!! (01 May 2021)

    This is a fantastic set not just for the grads in your life but anyone you want to wish Congrats to! The font used for this stamp set is phenomenal!! I know Iíll be reaching for it again and again!

  • Great addition to your stamp stash! (25 April 2021)

    This is great set to have handy when making cards of encouragement. I believe itís a must have set!

  • Spring has Spring! (25 April 2021)

    Love this stamp set! Itís perfect for adding sweet details to your bright, cheerful and spring-y cards!

  • Love these! (25 April 2021)

    Iím so excited for these pocket cards!! My daughter is in first grade so I plan to use them for my pocket pages!

  • Daisy love! (31 March 2021)

    Can you see a rainbow of daisies? I can using this beautiful stencil!

  • Fantastic (31 March 2021)

    This is a great stencil!! This makes for a lovely background!

  • Pineapple love (31 March 2021)

    Living in south Florida this stencil speaks to me! It just screams summer fun!

  • Super cute! (31 March 2021)

    I can see sweet projects for little girls with this stencil. My daughter will love it!!!

  • So Cute (31 March 2021)

    This stencil is just adorable! I already have super cute plans for this one!

  • Yes, you need it! (31 March 2021)

    I love nested dies!! This is the perfect set for all your slimline needs!

  • So pretty! (31 March 2021)

    This is such a pretty and intricate die. This will make for a beautiful card front!

  • Yes, you need it! (31 March 2021)

    Perfect for your slimline collection! The dies are already sized just right for all your slimline needs!

  • Great basic! (31 March 2021)

    This is a must have die in your slimline collection! Provides nice scalloped and stitched edges that adds that extra little somethiní somethiní to your cards.

  • Hearts galore! (31 March 2021)

    Hearts are always a good thing! This die is the perfect scattering of hearts to make fir a heart felt and cheery card!

  • Love this! (31 March 2021)

    This is such a beautiful die! It just adds a sense of sophistication to your cards.

  • All the stars! (31 March 2021)

    This is a great die! Iím loving slimline cards and this die is perfect to fill the whole card front for a festive design.

  • Great basic (24 March 2021)

    This is a fabulous slimline die set for your collection. This is a must have for your craft stash for sure!

  • Slimline perfection (24 March 2021)

    Who doesnít love a good Buffalo check!! This is a great slimline die and one that I reach for especially for a little something out of the ordinary.

  • Amazing!! (24 March 2021)

    I love this die!! Itís beautiful and literally adds sunshine to your crafting projects!

  • Great die set (24 March 2021)

    I love these slim border dies! They are great accents for your cards and if you havenít jumped on the slimline bandwagon, thatís okay you can cut these down for A2 cards as well!

  • Awesome number dies (24 March 2021)

    This font is great! It can be used with so many styles and we all need number dies! Perfect for card making, scrapbooking and home decor.

  • Another must-have (24 March 2021)

    I am loving this skinny font! Perfect for slimline cards!

  • A must-have (24 March 2021)

    If youíre a scrapbooker or a card maker a great basic set of number dies is a must have! I love the font and I will turning to this set often!

  • Perfect! (24 March 2021)

    I recently started pocket scrapbooking and these dies are perfect! These dies are great for photos, patterned paper whatever you need to add.

  • Non stick silicone craft mat (24 March 2021)

    This is a must-have! Great size and if you like to ink blend, you need this mat! I love using it to get my blender brushes started before you bringing it to paper.

  • Whatís not to love?! (21 March 2021)

    This is a beautiful die!! Those Roses!!! Itís perfect because it takes up your whole slimline card front so you can die cut add a sentiment and youíre done!!

  • Creamy and dreamy (20 March 2021)

    These are great to add a little something extra to your crafting project and I really like the consistency.

  • I love this stencil! (20 March 2021)

    Itís just so cute! Ink blend with rainbow colors to really make this stencil come alive! Stencils are one of my favorite things for card making.

  • Yes to the slimline paper pad (20 March 2021)

    Not only are to colors beautifully vibrant, but no more guessing on the measurements of a slimline card!! Brilliant!

  • Great Basic! (19 March 2021)

    This is a wonderful stencil to add to your collection. It can be a subtle background or you can really ink it up heavily to be the star of the show. Iíll be using it again and again!

  • Love these Bright colors (26 February 2021)

    If you need a ďpopĒ of color, this bundle is for you!!! The colors are so bright and vibrant and look beautiful on a card or scrapbook page. Highly recommend!!

  • Great adhesive (09 February 2021)

    Every crafter needs a great roll of double sided adhesive and this was is fantastic! Iím a card maker so I love to use this when I need an extra sturdy hold for interactive cards. It works like a charm!

  • Great pocket page (08 February 2021)

    I am slowly but surely getting hooked on pocket scrapbooking and these great quality pocket pages are awesome in helping me with that!

  • Yes to the big roll! (04 February 2021)

    This is great adhesive and as a crafter you can never have too much! I love this size!

  • Great quality! (04 February 2021)

    I donít make slim line cards very often but I will now! These card bases are so sturdy and theyíre already cut down and scored you! It really doesnít get much better than that.

  • Yes to the Polka Dots! (04 February 2021)

    Such a great quality album!! Iím also starting to get into pocket scrapbooking and Iím excited to start with this gorgeous album!

  • I love this album! (04 February 2021)

    This album is super high quality and itís such a beautiful shade of pink! Iím using it to store my stencils and I cannot think of a prettier way to do that!

  • Iíll be teaching for these! (17 January 2021)

    Again and again! I love the designs and the colors are so beautiful!

  • Fun! (17 January 2021)

    Who doesnít like an animal print!! Love this stencil!

  • Pretty (17 January 2021)

    This is such a pretty stencil. I love it!

  • Super Cute! (16 January 2021)

    This is just cute as can be! Rainbow cacti anyone?!

  • Verified Buyer

    Must have for your craft room (16 January 2021)

    These pouches are sturdy and durable. I use them for 12x12 paper as well as paper scraps. Great storage!

  • These are great! (16 January 2021)

    I am becoming a lover of pocket cards! Theyíre so handy to have and use for your pocket scrapbooking or even handmade cards. Very versatile!

  • Must have! (16 January 2021)

    All card makers need a little set like this! Super cute to add to the back of your cards to add a classy finish!

  • Simply Elegant (13 January 2021)

    Oh do I love these cards! They just make my eyes smile! I wasnít much of a scrapbooker before but Iím starting to tip toe over to pocket scrapbooking because of these cards!

  • Love this!! (13 January 2021)

    These block sentiments are awesome! I love to heat emboss, die cut and add to my cards. Perfect!

  • So cute! (13 January 2021)

    Donít let the name fool you! These pocket cards ainít just for babies! LOL!! Great designs and they can definitely be used for non-baby themed cards!

  • Must have! (13 January 2021)

    These stamps are a perfect fit for card making and a perfect set to have on your craft desk!

  • Celebrate all the things! (13 January 2021)

    Great colors and cute designs!!!

  • So Fun! (13 January 2021)

    I am becoming a pocket card fan! Love the designs and the quality is great! Great for cards but also good to add a little handwritten note to give to your BFF!

  • Love these!! (13 January 2021)

    Itís always nice to have journaling cards handy! Of course theyíre great for scrapbooking but also card making as well. Just cut it down to size, add a little stamping and you have the perfect embellishment!

  • Perfect! (13 January 2021)

    I love these journaling cards! They can be used for so many things! I love them on cards as well as little notes I like to give to my daughter.

  • Paw-Some!!! (13 January 2021)

    Pair this with the kitty kat stencil and youíre golden! My daughter took this stencil too! LOL!!

  • Darling stencil! (13 January 2021)

    This stencil is so cute my daughter immediately took it from me and started making a card with it!!

  • Love this!!! (13 January 2021)

    This is such a great stencil!! Itís super versatile and looks great on card projects!

  • Great stencil! (13 January 2021)

    This is a great stencil to add glitter glaze! Makes for an awesome background!

  • Lovely (13 January 2021)

    This stencil is just so lovely! Makes for the perfect background on a card.

  • Perfect Journaling cards (08 January 2021)

    These cards are great to have in your stash. Iím not much of a scrapbooker but I plan to use these journaling cards for my handmade cards as well as sweet little notes to my daughter.

  • Great Storage (08 January 2021)

    Iíve been looking for something nice for my 6x6 paper pads and this storage fits the bill! Iím super happy with the durability and it looks great in my craft space.

  • Verified Buyer

    Love This! (08 January 2021)

    I am so happy with this storage! I love it for my mini ink cubes! This is a much better alternative to having them stacked up on my desk! LOL! It looks great and is super durable.

  • Great Product! (08 January 2021)

    You can fit so much in this stadium organizer! Itís sturdy and looks great on my desk!

  • I love the Magic Mat! (24 December 2020)

    This mat is awesome! Even my 7 year old was amazed that it cuts so well! Weíve become so used to using 2 plates and all the scratching a cracking that comes along with that. but this mat fixes those problems. I even notice itís easier to crank (I have a Spellbinders Platinum machine). Also, the extended mat gives more room to add more dies to run through the machine at one time, love that!

  • Slimline cards and envelopes (20 December 2020)

    Slimline cards are all the rage and this set of premade cards and envelopes make it so easy! No measuring required! LOL! Good quality card stock and you can just grab and go!

  • Much needed product! (20 December 2020)

    Iíve been using the magic mat for a couple of weeks and I love it! The fact that I can save a plate is awesome because they can be pricey to replace. Of course every die cutting machine is different and you may need to adjust your shim depending on your die but itís a worth it because once you have it, youíre good!

  • Love this set! (01 December 2020)

    This sentiment set is small but mighty! I know weíre in Christmas mode, but Valentineís Day will be here before you know it and these sentiments would be perfect!

  • Who doesnít love gold? (01 December 2020)

    This metallic gold is so pretty! It looks beautiful for your stamped images and shows up beautifully on dark card stock!

  • Soft and Pretty (01 December 2020)

    I love it when I can find an ink thats totally different from anything in my stash. This color is soft but oh so pretty! When youíre looking for just a little something extra, this ink will do the trick!

  • Verified Buyer

    Perfect for the holidays! (01 December 2020)

    This set is so versatile! You can use it for tags, labels, cards even making your own patterned wrapping paper! The possibilities are endless!

  • Must have! (01 December 2020)

    Reinkers are a must especially when you have such a beautiful ink! I feel like itís so important to keep your metallic inks juicy so you can always get a great impression. Plus, I love to use mine for adding little drops or splatters of ink on my projects.

  • You need this (01 December 2020)

    This color is so different and pretty, youíll want the reinker handy so your ink pad never dries out! Trust me, youíll get a lot of use out of the beautiful frost color.

  • Verified Buyer

    Great dies! (30 November 2020)

    These are high quality dies that will enhance any product youíre working on! Must have!

  • Awesome dies! (30 November 2020)

    Perfectly classic alpha die set! This is a must have!

  • Love these dies! (30 November 2020)

    These dies can be used for so many things! Cards, scrapbooks, tags, school projects. Love this!

  • Super Cute! (30 November 2020)

    Typically, I donít make many cards for Halloween, but this set is adorable! My daughter even swiped it from my desk and used it (sheís 7). And you know if kids like it, itís a winner!!

  • Awesome punch! (30 November 2020)

    This punch makes it so easy to create your own Memorydex cards! No fussing with measuring where the slots should go and itís perfect every time. Cuts like buttah through patterned paper and card stock!

  • Time Saver!! (30 November 2020)

    I love being able to reach for these card fronts instead of cutting down a full sheet of card stock every time I make a card. Iím all about convenience and these card fronts are just that!

  • All the Rainbows (25 November 2020)

    Give me all the things! This rainbow die is perfect for cards, tags or anything your rainbow heart desires. Itís also a great size!

  • Great Die! (25 November 2020)

    I absolutely love this die!! Itís a big focal point for your cards and itís just so pretty when itís cut out in various colors.

  • Verified Buyer

    I love these little pockets! (25 November 2020)

    So, I am not a scrapbooker but I use these page protectors for ink swatches and ink blending. Theyíre the Perfect size and to have all your colors within arms reach inside a binder is awesome! Love these!!

  • I LOVE this Memorydex!!! (22 November 2020)

    First if all the favorite!! This totally brought me back to old scrapbooking days. I used my daughters school pictures to start making a beautiful Memorydex. I absolutely love it!! Great addition to my craft roomí

  • Great die set! (18 November 2020)

    This set is a must-have for your craft room! Basic die sets are a necessity and these dies will be reached for over and over again!!

  • Adds the perfect shimmer (15 November 2020)

    Love this pen!! When you need just a little sparkle for your projects this brush marker is perfect!

  • Great Bright Yellow (15 November 2020)

    Beautiful yellow color and blends really nicely!

  • Verified Buyer

    Genius idea! (15 November 2020)

    A2 sized beautifully colored card stock! Iím a card maker so this is perfect for me!

  • Love these tweezers! (15 November 2020)

    Not only is it pretty but itís so functional! I recently started using tweezers more because my fingers do not pick up small sequins well! LOL!!

  • Verified Buyer

    Craft room staple (15 November 2020)

    This glue is wonderful! As others mentioned, you really donít need to squeeze because it comes out fairly quickly but not too much that I made a mess. Itís tacky but still gives you time to wiggle which is helpful when stacking die cuts. This is a staple in my craft room for sure!

  • Great dies! (15 November 2020)

    Love the size and love the font! The words are so pretty and cut out very nicely. I was a bit worried thinking they would tear, but I die cut about 20 of these for one project and not one tear! You have to be careful with your glue though because some spots are super skinny but smart glue does the trick!

  • Verified Buyer

    Blends like buttah (15 November 2020)

    Love these domed blender brushes. I would get lots of harsh lines using the typical round blenders, no harsh lines with these!

  • Verified Buyer

    Fun set! (15 November 2020)

    Although I live in Florida, this stamp set takes me back to winters in Ohio! Love the whimsical images and Iíll be using this set for tags and cards alike!

  • Super cute stamp set (15 November 2020)

    This is the perfect stamp set for Christmas tags, cards even custom wrapping paper! I know Iíll be using this quite a bit this holiday season!