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    Dies are great!!! (Rings are worthless.) (11 July 2021)

    The fact you get a straight-edged page die and a layering die in addition to the camera insert die set totally makes this kit worth the purchase if you don't already have the original set.

    You will need extended plates/platform (6" width is fine) to run the full camera piece through your machine. It is also very easy to save paper and run the die through covering with a smaller top cutting pad just the half you want to cut (say, the solid camera shape and not the one with the cut out lens) and then trimming as necessary.

    Do be aware, however, that the rings in this kit are merely a cheap "extra" and despite looking like good quality and having some weight to them, they are very poorly made and either won't open at all or won't open enough to easily go around album pages; probably they were bought in bulk where there was no quality control. Disappointing only because I wanted to see my album put together before I had a chance to get more rings from my local office supply.