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Zeea's Reviews

  • Verified Buyer

    Really Neat Effects (15 March 2022)

    This was one of the first items I bought from the website. The name sold me!
    The color is called "Funky Cold Patina", and you definitely can achieve some Patina effect, but it is VERY funky. In a good way. It is not realistic patina, although you can add some other things on top of it to achieve your desired look. The blue on this is a very nice teal and it makes up the majority of the product with bigger bits of copper and even some silver. There is a little bit of green that you would see with real patina, but its more about the vibrant teal. You can put on your ink and then hand sprinkle it on to make the bits more spread out and then stop shy of fully melting them to give a more textured look.
    Check out my projects to see how it looks.