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Craft Creek's Reviews

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    Soft blue (11 June 2021)

    This makes lovely pearlized paint, or fabulous dots. The color is slightly richer than a baby blue. It matches well with lemon chiffon, ballerina slippers and opal. I use with the Wendy Vecchi tools to make larger, more even dots on craft sheet, then transfer & glue on card.

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    lots of fun (11 June 2021)

    This easy to use board has an extension to accommodate larger paper sizes. The guide on the device makes choosing paper size easy. The punch makes rounded corners for use on anything, as well as envelope notches. It includes a scoring tool, tucked underneath but I use my own. You can make very large envelopes and then make them into an envelope journal.

  • good basics (19 April 2021)

    a useful set at a sensible price. I use them as a guide for different shaped moon or sun in art projects

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    pocket pride (19 April 2021)

    these are top of the line in my view - the plastic is stronger than most but not too thick, can read labels through it, even though opaque, the two slots for closure make it easy whether a few or a lot of products inside. Holds both dies & stamps easily. I like them to store Altenew stamp and die sets because they come with a project card that also fits inside. Other brands have flimsy closure flaps

  • Verified Buyer

    Popular mint (19 April 2021)

    I have been using this ever since I received it as a free gift. It is affordable, but I would prefer it if it had more tack. It doesn't hold up well on dies or on textured card like watercolor cardstock.

  • cool warm sherbet floral (19 April 2021)

    great color combinations and handy size for quick cards and die cutting. The red shades aren't true to color, with some of them faded within the pad.

  • Mat madness (19 April 2021)

    I had been waiting a long time for this mat. It makes die cutting less effortful, quiet and smooth. While it is the same thickness as the cutting plate, it requires a shim of some sort. Without a shim, the dies emboss rather than cut. I have a Big Shot. It would be nice if I could attach a shim to the platform so as not to load a shim each time. As it is self-healing, I might get one to use as a travel cutting mat

  • cold on frost (19 April 2021)

    this ink pad seems misnamed. it is not a true metallic shade nor silver in color as described in the product info. it is a sheer off-white ink. it is hard to build up, can only be seen over dark inks or on dark cardstock. Not sure that I have a use for it, as I was needing a silver for my watercolor designs. In addition, the quality is different to the metallic gold, which is really nice, crisp and true to color.

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    Dome foam is new blend trend (19 April 2021)

    these domed blenders reduce, but don't eliminate sponge marks. the backing is more rigid so its easier to flip them on and off without any deterioration or separation of the backing

  • Dots at the ready (19 April 2021)

    I like that this matches the larger size and you can use the lid to store other things such as mica minerals, perfect pearls

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    Sophisticated sheen (25 March 2021)

    This is more translucent than it shows, and that is what makes it elegant. I prefer it to clear vellum when using vellum as a cover and embossing.

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    Tumble, flip and laugh (25 March 2021)

    I bought this to make cards for adults, thinking they'd probably find it kooky. But hey, it brought a lotta love, memories and good cheer, remembering the days when doing this was so much easier! I used rainbow sunburst stencil patterns on the inside and blended rainbow sections on the front. You can make a flip book too. Not just for kids.

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    boring rainbow - NOT (25 March 2021)

    I bought this for a staple for cards without thinking, but gee whiz, this is a winner. It is versatile to match with your geometric dies. I bought the DOTS die as well, which is really fun. Watch the videos

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    Unique (25 March 2021)

    I like this color way the best, because surprisingly, it matches so many other papers, products from other brands. I hope they bring it out in larger sheets, so I can make 6 x 6 cards.

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    Well conceived and well received (25 March 2021)

    This paper pad, matching enamel dots, stamp set and stamp-shaped dies (graded sizes, fancy edge) is terrific. I only bought it as a reminder of sending handwritten letters long ago. Everyone who looks at my stash chooses cards made with these supplies. So sweet and meaningful - with or without a stamp. I used the scrap borders from the die cuts to make frames for other cards

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    a rare paper pad (25 March 2021)

    I only know of a couple of grey / white paper pads. Mostly, they're black and white, but grey is so much better - subtle, takes any color for blending. I'd love some matching envelopes and enamel dots.

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    Dotty for dots (25 March 2021)

    I like all of the dots and the matching papers. OK to use with other brands as well. Every color goes with white and clear. I even got the ones matching Special Delivery

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    pups for peeps (25 March 2021)

    This adorable stamp set has great options on the Waffleflower website - silhouettes, colored, combined with garden / fence dies. I cut out some of the breeds to color the same as the recipients' dogs - which made it more personal. I used Wendy Vecchi grey cardstock, which was a sublet color and took the Copic Markers well.

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    best pick of the bunch (25 March 2021)

    I like this foam, brush and die pick. I'd prefer if the pick was oval or squared off, it rolls around and is a little too slim for my hands. However, I'm going to make a Quick Cure Clay glob for the cap for fun and to stop the rolling - something I'll be doing for my stamp blenders as well

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    Great value, travel & couch friendly (25 March 2021)

    Check out the video with this product. Even thou Tim Holtz is way younger and you are cleverer, this tiny workhorse is great for your tiny desk, tiny travel kit and tiny dies. Make quick, appealing tiny tags.

  • Cut with ease (11 February 2021)

    This knife is easy on the hands, as it doesn't require a lot of pressure to cut, as well as its comfy shape. The cap and blade storage lid fit neat & tight. The blade is held in its place by a clamp that won't loosen with use. This type of attachment is safe because once in place, it won't move. I wish there were more tools that considered comfort for repetitive fine movements. The Tiffany blue makes it easy to spot on a busy craft mat.