Possible Hoarder's Reviews

  • Review of One of the Papers Only (01 May 2009)

    I only own one of the papers in this set, the paper on the upper left-hand side of the picture, with the sparkly words. It's called Princess Majestic Words, DPP013. It's gorgeous! The sparkles outlining the images and words are dark green (almost or mostly black), and, there are adorable images of crowns and heels with bling, and, I really love what someone has done with the paper in creating a layout for a Pink Pirate Birthday theme. I will be using the paper for a layout of our female dog, who is "Daddy's Little Princess."

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    Intricate Layers for Dimension (01 May 2009)

    You can't tell from the picture how good these stickers look. They have intricate layers that add dimension. You can't tell in the picture, but, the rings are a very shiny gold on the edge and matte gold in the middle for a very nice, detailed effect imitating wedding bands with a matte or etched inner part and shiny edge. The bouquet is tied with real ribbon, and, the marriage certificate ribbon has a beautiful texture to it, as if it was sticker cloth. There is also a little sheen to the City Hall banner and a sparkly sheen to the flowers in the bouquet.

  • Gorgeous and Super-Dimensional! (01 May 2009)

    You can't tell from the photo how nice these stickers are! The tulle all around the chuppah is gorgeous and puffy and airy, the wedding bands are very shiny and almost like the real gold thing, and most of the stickers have multiple layers, a layer for each particular image or thing in the sticker, or, even just layers within each image or thing in the sticker. The bottom of the kiddush cup and the candle holder are also shiny gold. It's also a good value for six detailed, good-sized stickers.

  • Very detailed! (09 August 2008)

    These dimensional stickers have a lot of attractive details. The snow on the ski lodge is sparkly with glitter, and, the "Ski Trip" letter stickers are made of the same sparkly stuff, which you can't really see on the picture. I really like the lift sticker. I really like that the package includes the ski boots and skis as well as the ski poles. The lift ticket is also super-cute. And, when I went skiing, I liked the fire in the lobby at breakfast, and, I was so happy to find a dimensional sticker of a similar fire. This package has a lot of different accents, all really useful for a ski trip layout, all of which I wanted and will use, and, all in one package.

  • Very detailed! (09 August 2008)

    These dimensional stickers are very detailed. The tent sticker looks like cloth and has a sheen, and, it uses threads for the tie-downs. The skillet is shiny. The fire looks really nice; it's made of vellum, so, it creates a multi-layered color effect. The grass under the camp sign is fuzzy. The sleeping bag and backpack look like cloth, and, the backpack has metal button details, and, the sleeping bag has a thread detail that looks like a drawstring.

  • Can Use One Set of Stickers on Multiple Layouts, Not Found Everywhere (18 February 2008)

    You don't see this particular Jolee's sticker set in stores everywhere. It looks really nice, and, the picture can't really show the dimension. The clouds look really nice and are made of felt. I will be able to use the different parts of this one sticker set in multiple layouts. I'm going to use the duty-free and passport embellishments in my China trip layout and the plane and other embellishments in my San Francisco trip layouts.

  • Really Useful for Beginners (21 December 2007)

    I have the "handy pocket size" version of this same color wheel. It's exactly the same except about half the diameter. I saw this used on a scrapbooking show on cable, and, I had to have it! As a beginner, one of the first challenges is to pick colors for a layout that work well together. With this color wheel, you can pick out one, two, or three additional colors to go with your original choice of color, and, it's very easy. The wheel comes with instructions, too. You'd be surprised how beautiful the color combinations are. There is no way, as a beginner, that I would ever have thought of even a fraction of these color combinations, and, it's like having a warranty. You are guaranteed that if you picked the colors to use together by using the Color Wheel, they *will* go together beautifully!

  • Looks Even Better Than in the Image Here (07 December 2007)

    I bought this paper because I'm working on my wedding scrapbook, and the cream background colors and the fancy flourishes seemed to match what I have in mind for wedding page layouts. I don't know if I will use all the journal blocks on this page all at once. I might cut out and use just one block per page or per layout. You can't see the detail in the image in the product description above, but, there is faint script on parts of the paper and faint words like in legal documents and also like in correspondence. I also had the idea of scanning the journal blocks and printing them in different shades other than cream background with black ink so that they match whatever colors are in the layout that I'm working on. Because I would only have to scan a piece at a time, it wouldn't matter that my printer/scanner only does 8.5" by 11" images/paper. This paper is very elegant-looking and has the appearance of having taken a lot of work, like stamping and such, but, its' already all done for you. I think you get a lot of value out of buying this paper.

  • I *love* this paper! (07 December 2007)

    I am a beginner working on wedding, travel, and pet scrapbooks, and I've been buying up dog-related embellishments, stickers, papers, etc. I loved this paper from the moment I saw it. The words on it are so cute, like "Foot Warmer" and "Walking partner," and the words are in different fonts, some in cursive and some in block print with some words larger than others, and, it all looks great together, and the colors in the paper--shades of brown and a beige-type shade--work really well with photos of dogs of similar color and with outdoor pictures with those colors (or even indoor pictures with those colors in them). The only reason I didn't give the paper 5 stars was because it's a medium-weight paper. I think it might hold up on its own in a scrapbook without needing to be attached to cardstock for stability, but, I'm not sure.

  • So Beautiful, Elegant, Fun & Easy (07 December 2007)

    I'm a beginner, and, when I saw a friend using the Making Memories foam stamps with their acrylic paints, I was amazed by how easy it was. The stamps and paint create that fancy "professional" look that seemed so unattainable to me before. The stamps also come in their own little plastic carrying case that looked really flimsy to me, but, my friend has taken her paints & stamps with her when she scraps away from home, and, her paint & stamps are still nicely contained in their little carrying case. These particular stamps, the Floral-Dingbat stamps, create an image large enough to adorn the corners of scrapbook pages and to create borders, and the flourishes are just so beautiful!

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    Great All-Around Scissors (24 November 2007)

    I've read all the other reviews written about these scissors before my review, and, I agree with everything already written. I want to add that the scissors come with a little plastic cover for the sharp blades, and, so, they're very safe. I do like the little locking feature pointed out in another review for the same safety reasons. I am a beginner, and in the books I read about scrapbooking, I found that fine/detail-work scissors were recommended, and, that scissors with the spring-assisted feature were recommended, especially for the fine/detail-work. A younger scrapbooking friend was puzzled and thought the "regular" scissors would be better for me, but, although I'm not "old" per se (I'm turning 38 in less than a month), it is definitely easier on my hands, and, I appreciate a pair of scissors that won't trap my fingers in its finger/grip holes.

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    A Beginner's Viewpoint (19 November 2007)

    I just started "formally" scrapbooking a few months ago. I had not even completed my first layouts until this past weekend. I had purchased some Fiskars shape templates individually, but I had not bought the cutting tool. I figured I could just trace the shapes and then cut them out. I started with the circle template. I was shocked to see that although I had traced a perfect circle, the end result was not a perfectly cut circle. I kept having to trim parts here and there because my initial cutting was so uneven. After a while, you don't want to keep trimming for fear there will be nothing left. So, I went out to the store and bought the cutting tool. I wish I had purchased it before, but I had no way of knowing what would happen. Hopefully if a beginner reads this review before trying to cut out circles, if that beginner is as bad as me at cutting nicely, hopefully they will buy the cutter and save themselves the time and trouble that I went through to learn this the hard way.

  • Versatile & Inexpensive (31 October 2007)

    I already had a UHU glue stick at home when I got into scrapbooking a few months ago. It's possible to spend a lot of money to get into and stay in this hobby, so, it's so nice to know that something you already use is safe for scrapbooking. I have an old stick, before the package indicated that it is acid-free and scrapbook-safe. As soon as I use up my old stick, I can't wait to get one of these new ones that change color as they dry!

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    These Pens are Recommended by Everyone (31 October 2007)

    I'm a beginner, and I saw these pens recommended in every book I read. I have the black and the brown. They do write very nicely and precisely and evenly, and they feel really nice to use. You can't just use any old pen for scrapbooking if you want to preserve the memories. You have to make sure the ink won't wash away and that it won't damage the paper, and, the pen needs to write evenly without blobs or skipping. These Sakura pens do all that.

  • Great Beginner Punch (31 October 2007)

    I'm a beginner, and this was one of the first punches that I used at my local scrapbook store for my first layout. You can use both the punched-out heart shape, and, you can use the "negative" left in the scrap of paper after you've punched out the heart. It's a great way to use leftover scraps of paper, and, this particular shape, the heart shape, is very versatile and can be used in wedding layouts (what I have used it for) and pet layouts and baby layouts, Valentine's Day, anniversaries, engagements, and even for traveling and food and shopping, etc. You'd be surprised how nice the heart shape looks even in non-traditional colors. In my first layout, the heart shape is cut out of a persimmon orange cardstock, and it looks really nice as an accent on the mostly blue page.

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    Good Part of Basic Beginner Scrapbooking Supplies (31 October 2007)

    With this punch, even if you had nothing else other than paper, you can create really nice, clean, eye-pleasing layouts. I'm a beginner, and I think this is great for beginners to add to the first set of supplies they buy. It was the first new tool I used at my local scrapbook store, too, even before using glue. It's also relatively inexpensive.

  • I wish I had seen this set before I bought some items individually (30 October 2007)

    I have the red-eye pen & the pH tester pen. The pH tester pen is very handy. I use it to test scraps of giftwrap or scraps from ads in the mail that I am thinking of including in a scrapbook page. If the item tests too acidic, then I spray it with Archival Mist. I wish I had seen this set before I bought some of the items individually. I wasn't even aware of a lot of the items in the set, and, it's more economical to buy the set than to buy the items individually. The pH tester pen especially is hard to find in stores. I looked in at least a half-dozen local scrapbook stores before buying it online.

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    As a beginner, this was great (21 October 2007)

    When I was putting together my first scrapbook page, I was trying to adhere some ribbon, and I tried liquid glue. Even after the glue dried, you could see it through the ribbon, because the ribbon was so thin and/or transparent, I guess. These mini glue dots worked great, though. They keep the ribbon on the page, they don't show, and they were very easy to use. They were the first adhesive I bought, and they're my favorite.

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    Multi-tasker (19 October 2007)

    I trace shapes onto photos and mats with these. I don't have or use the special cutter tool that is used with these templates, but it's easy enough to just trace and cut out shapes with regular scissors. The edges on the borders are a special bonus, with larger designs than what a decorative scissor can produce. And, they're easily kept in a binder.

  • I have one of the papers (19 October 2007)

    I have the Uber Persian paper. It's *really* nice. I found it in a bargain bin. There's a really beautiful layout using that paper shown here.

  • So fancy! (19 October 2007)

    The only reason I didn't give this five stars is because it's not reversible, and I do so love reversible paper with designs on both sides. It's a really nice paper, though. I found it in a bargain bin at a store. It has a lot of detail to it with a distressed look in the pattern without actually damaging the paper.

  • I'm Crazy About These! (19 October 2007)

    I *love* these! The leather is so nice, so different from the normal stickers and other embellishments. And, the collar is just precious, and it's just like the collar we gave our dog. The little chains are a nice touch and so are the little metal bones. SUPER CUTE!

  • Really nice! (19 October 2007)

    I love these, especially the No Barking metal sign because my husband wants our dog to never bark. The metal is substantial, it has a nice feel in your hand, and it has "texture" with raised letters and designs.

  • Love the Skyline Sticker (19 October 2007)

    I really like the skyline sticker. I did some shopping in Chicago, in the city, and that's what I remember best about my visit there.

  • Great Title Sticker (19 October 2007)

    I like the skyline title sticker a lot, and, the other stickers are really good because they're all icons associated with Philadelphia, including the Philly cheesesteak sub.

  • Nice Stickers (19 October 2007)

    I'll be using these for pages showing our wonderful trip to San Francisco. The gate sticker and pier sticker are great, as is the streetcar.

  • So pretty! (19 October 2007)

    The dragon especially is so shiny and nice, as is the Foo dog or whatever that cute little face is. I'll be using these as embellishments on some China pages in my travel album.

  • Really pretty! (19 October 2007)

    I bought these for the travel album I'm working on. I haven't used them yet. I was actually in the airport in Japan, but, I'm going to use the stickers for a page with some fancy pictures taken of me in China, where they dressed me up in a similar-looking kimono.

  • I love this! (19 October 2007)

    I bought this title sticker, but I haven't used it yet. I'm a beginner still working on my first page for my wedding album. It's technically a Disney sticker, but, it's perfect for my wedding album, a beautiful sticker with a theme and a title that I was planning on using anyway. I was really surprised to see this sticker when I was shopping. The colors I'm mainly using for the scrapbook are blue and orange and brown, and a theme I'm repeating is "After the Rain," and this sticker connects both to the "dreams come true" theme, and, with the cloud, to my "After the Rain" theme. You can't really see in the picture, but the cloud has texture to it, like soft cottoney texture.

  • So elegant, so beautiful! (19 October 2007)

    I bought these but have not used them yet. I'm a beginner, still working on my first page, for my wedding scrapbook. But, take a look at all the layouts shown here that use these rub-ons! Wow!

  • So pretty! (19 October 2007)

    I bought these but have not yet used them. I bought them because there were shades of orange in my wedding bouquet. Also, orange is just one of my favorite colors anyway. I think I will end up having these stickers in many albums. I think they're very versatile, and I like their upbeat sass!

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    Wish I Had Known About this Even Sooner (19 October 2007)

    I am a beginner, and the first night I fussed with my first album, my wedding album--actually, the only album I own right now--I nearly went off the deep end because of my emotional frustration with the posts on the album. I knew I would need more pages than the 10 pages the album came with, so I had bought more pages. When I unscrewed the posts, it was like Pandora's box. I was just not able to get the pages to stay in there while I tried to attach and secure the second level of posts. Who knows what would have happened if I had wanted a third level of posts. I saw this product in a scrapbook store near my old home, and I was very excited. I haven't used it yet, though. I guess I still have post-traumatic stress from my initial encounter with the posts in the album. The reason I gave it four stars instead of five is that it does yet make sense in my brain how to use this to replace the posts, but, I do have problems generally visualizing three-dimensional things from two-dimensional instructions. My husband says he can do it, but he says that about everything, though, and he's rough-rough-rough with scrapbooks, and he bends my page protectors and creases them from how roughly he turns pages, and he pops embellishments off of my pages in progress when I ask for his help in finding matching paper at the store. Instead of hovering the potential new paper above the in-progress layout, he puts it right on the layout and moves it around, getting the new paper under the embellishments or glued on mats and cardstock, popping them right off . . . so, needless to say, I want to figure out how to use this product on my own. Maybe I can find some more detailed instructions and pictures online somewhere. *ANYTHING* is better than the posts the album came with!

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    A Dream Tool Kit (19 October 2007)

    This was the tool kit that I bought after researching all my options when I started scrapbooking a few months ago. I've used the craft knife, and I was surprised at how easy and safe it was to use. I needed to cut through only a top layer that was attached to plastic-covered binder, and it cut only through that thin top layer without damaging the plastic-covered binder. That's precise! I haven't used the rest of the tools, but I feel good knowing that I have everything I need for classes or crops or anything. It does cost more than a couple of dollars, but, I actually had a discount certificate that I used to buy it. Another little thing, the lid stays right on the kit. I had been afraid that if the kit got jostled, that the lid might not stay on, but it does, even though I keep it in the front pocket of my Mimi Travel Tote. Also, it comes with a little sheet of instructions, and that is very helpful to me as a beginner.

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    Great Starter Paper Trimmer (19 October 2007)

    This was one of the first things I bought when I got into scrapbooking a few months ago. It has worked really well for me. It's really easy to use, nothing complicated to figure out, and it makes easy, clean cuts. I really love that I keep it in the front pocket of my Mimi Travel Tote, and it is so sturdy that it holds up to that. I gave it four stars instead of five because it is limited in what it can do as compared to larger and more expensive cutters, although, for my purposes as a beginner, it does everything I need it to do, and it doesn't take any extra space to store, and, of course, it's a great savings as compared to the larger & more expensive and more complicated cutters. If you're a beginner, especially, if, like how I was (but no more!) you don't want to invest a lot of money into the hobby until you know that it's for you, then this is the right paper trimmer for you.