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    worth every penny and more (19 June 2008)

    I LOVE THIS STUFF. It holds everything to everything. And its weird but I actually like the smell. Reminds me of years of crafting stuff as a kid with my mom. Back to the actual review... This glue works on all kinds of stuff as other reviewers pointed out. What I like best is that it dries clear and that really makes it versitale. The last thing I used it on was last night in fact - I glued down thin flowers - can't see a thing; pretty ribbon - can't see a thing; chipboard - stuck on there forever; buttons - nothing shows through the holes. You get my point. Hopefully the fact that this glues the best will stick with you. (Pun intended.)

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    My Best Friend (19 June 2008)

    I use this trimmer on almost every single LO I make. I currently live in a one bedroom apartment so my scrap space is small. I know some of you can relate to that. I needed a trimmer and I needed something compact - this guy was perfect. The only problem I have is that sometimes I don't get a straight cut but I'm pretty sure there is some user error on those cuts. The extendable arm is sturdy and easy to read like all of the inch markings. The blade is ergonomic too. Thanks fiskars!