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Bytesprite's Reviews

  • Verified Buyer

    More than an ITop Punch (28 January 2010)

    I love the ITop Brad Maker and use it on almost everything from layours, cards and even boxes. I can use the paper of my project to make brads which pull the design together. However, a discovery has me loving this product even more. I found I can use the punches to make flowers. I simply ink then blend the edges, crumple them and stack three to make flowers, using a custom made brad to hold them together. They turn out very pretty and give my layouts the three dimenional and realistic look I just love. Who knew?!

  • Make Organization Even Easier (04 January 2009)

    If you own the Lower Tier, it is worth the investment to pick up this top level. I love this storage device because everything is in view, but neat looking. It rests on the corner of my desk, not taking up much room at all. The second tier just makes everything easer to view.

    Besides, giving you more room, it allows you to put your smaller items together on the top. It makes the "hunt" much easier and looks a lot neater. I have filled both tiers and am consdering a second set.

  • Verified Buyer

    A Nice Surprise (04 January 2009)

    I typically am drawn to lighter or brighter colors. Being new to Distress Inks (I know, can you believe it?) I bought this one to go with the lighter pink ones I bought. When I used it, I was amazed at the depth it gave my work. I now plan to buy all of the dark colors too.

    If you have not tried the distress inks, you need to give them a try.There are a lot of web vides available to teach you how to use them.

    I would recommed the blending tool, for it allows you to work with the inks at diffrent levels (deep or light) I definitely gives the look I have been looking for that I was not achieving with paints. They are my new favorite thing. Can't wait to learn more about them.

  • Verified Buyer

    Best all around Die Cutter (18 November 2008)

    I can't say enought about how much I love this die cutter. I own the Sizzix and the Cricut, which I also love, but if I were to only pick one, this would be it. This is for several reasons.
    Cost - the price is cheaper as are the cartridges. For the price of two sizzix, I can get an entire cartridge. The Cricut offers the same value, but this is half the price of a cricut cartridge and you get at least one alphabet with each shape unit. The cartridges also have designs where you can make the embellishments they sell. All you need to add are brads clips and ribbon and you can have the complete set.
    Size - the size of the unit and the design cards are small. I am storing my cards in a pocket in my scrap carry all tote and have room for the two more I need and more. The unit itself is about a third of the size of my sizzix and cricut.
    Versatile - Making Memories designs are diverse, coordinated with their product line and when all is put together you have a scraptastic page. You also do not waste paper, for you decide where it is to cut. You have the additional option of using the negative space right on the background page. With other units you need to cut the paper to fit the die and then paste the negative spaced embelishment on the page.

    The only downside I have expeirenced is that I need to replace the blades more frequently. This could be only because I need to learn how to adjust the pressure better. However for the same price as two cricut blades you will get many more with each purchase.

    For the money, the size and the value you cannot beat this machine. Like I said, I just can't say enough.

  • There is a lesson to be learned in this device (20 March 2008)

    I thought I was organized before this. What used to take up two drawers, accordian file, bucket and multiple page organizers has been reduced to 15" of space. Wow!