TeriP's Reviews

  • Perfect! (28 May 2013)

    What a great product! I received this bottle with my Scraps of Elegance kit and what a great addition to my stash. Smooth application and gorgeous result! I plan on getting one in every color!

  • Another great Scotch product! (31 January 2013)

    Bought this a month ago (half off at Michaels and it comes with a roll) and like my pink ATG, I love this! I like the wider width of the tape and find myself using THIS ATG on mini books especially. Great adhesive to hold the heavy stuff together.

  • Great trimmer! (20 December 2012)

    Got this for a steal with a 60% off coupon, and love it! Cuts like magic. Most other cutters are not true to square so every cut was cut twice to make it work. This trimmer however, works like a dream, sharp blade, sound construction, stays put and perfect cuts each time. Since I didn't pay the full price for it, I can't complain about the price for this very worthwhile trimmer!

  • Nice! (14 October 2012)

    I wanted a mega runner for a while. The Pink ATG is a great product and the adhesive wonderful, but I find sometimes it's difficult to use it on smaller pieces of paper. This Mega Runner was the answer! I LOVE that's it's pink and wait patiently for the promised 'clear' refills coming in November! Always like the dot adhesive and this is perfect! Recommended!!

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    Fun and easy! (02 April 2012)

    I love this punch! It turns that paper you don't know what to do with, into gorgeous, usuable paper you can't live without! Easy to use and great fun!

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    Genius! (18 February 2012)

    I love ribbon, and have way more that I should, but now, with this wonderful new tool, I'm might have to get more. Provides a clean cut and then seals it so it doesn't fray! How cool is that! It's frustrating to see your finished LO or project with frayed ends on the ribbon...but I don't have to worry about that anymore!!

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    All in one! (18 February 2012)

    LOVE this tool! I didn't realize there were so many options to this tool. From traditional distressing, where you distress the edge of your matts or photos (with the side of the tool) to sanding (replacing my sandpaper file) for the perfect edge and finally the bottom of the tool exposes yet ANOTHER type of distressing tool, a wire brush! Finally, it comes with another, heavier interchangable head in order to get a deeper distress. Overall, great tool!!!

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    It's a Fiskars! Of COURSE I love it! (18 February 2012)

    I used this punch last night at a crop (I'll load the LO in a little bit) and like all Fiskars squeeze punches, it's a dream! The image is wonderful and great for all the vintage LO's I love to do and of course, the squeeze punches are my favorite!

  • These are fun! (31 August 2011)

    I saw a demo of these at my local Archivers and had to get them!!! I made a flower using part of my costume which was perfect to match the picture I used. It worked wonderfully! These are a blast to use!!!

  • Love it! (20 June 2011)

    This paper collection was MADE for me! I love the Wizard of Oz and G45 did it right! While I adore the movie, the original books are just priceless and G45 kept to the tradition.
    I bought the 12x12 and 8x8 paper pads and almost afraid to use them, they are so perfect!

  • Fun mini (11 June 2011)

    This is a really fun mini book from Bo Bunny. I had a great time putting my 4th of July pictures in it. There are parts that you punch out, but since every page is double sided, you can use the punched out pieces as chipboard elements!! This whole Liberty line is really special!

  • Great tool (28 May 2011)

    I had one of those regular corner rounders and did not like it. It kept getting jammed and I gave up on it. Then THESE came along.
    I LOVE this tool I love that there are different cuts, I love that it's not messy and I love when everybody at the crop asks if they can borrow it!
    This is a winner!

  • Great book! (28 May 2011)

    I have the first Page Maps book and was totally blown away by it. I loved the page ideas and color pictures, plus the extra cards that came with it.
    Page Maps 2 did NOT disappoint! Same format, with new layouts and new pull out cards! I put them together with a ring and they go with me to all my crops, in case after 10 hours of cropping, I need a quick, gorgeous idea!
    Further, I love that the book is spiral bound. Lies flat, which makes things SO much easier!
    Fantastic book, GET THIS!

  • What a neat idea!! (28 May 2011)

    I saw the video for this on youtube and was hooked! I bought one (pink of course) and wow, what a neat concept! The attached pen doubles as glue on the other end. We're not talking plain pages here either, they are all different and super fun looking.
    There are accessories (pockets, stamp, bookmarks) and this is the perfect book to have with you during your travels this summer. I just added tickets from a museum and a movie and my fortune from a fortune cookie yesterday (it was a good one)! If you like to journal and have keepsakes, this is the SMASHing product for you!

  • Love the Fancy Pants kits (11 May 2011)

    These kits are so cute and so easy to do. Nicely embellished with clear instructions. If you're looking for some scrap therapy and don't have a lot of time, these kits are for you. I happened to love the colors in this kit and was truly happy with the end result. Super fun to do!

  • Don't get me wrong! (12 April 2011)

    I wouldn't dream of giving up my pretty pink ATG, but this new Tombow runner is GREAT! The ATG works beautifully, but I find I switch to a smaller runner to adhere smaller things. With the 'stamp' feature of this, I can't tell you how easy that is now! I am a particular fan of the dot adhesive but you can get both a line or dot kind. Feels good in your hand and works like a dream! Okay, so I got it for two reasons, the stamp feature and yeah, it's PINK!!!

  • Gorgeous and romantic (10 January 2011)

    I used this line for some of my parents and grandparents wedding pictures and since the photos were all sephia tone, they looked perfect with the vintage look of the paper. G45 REALLY knows what they are doing with their paper. This line was truly made for the romantic in all of us!

  • Simply gorgeous! (29 December 2010)

    G45 really knows how to make paper! This line is so pretty and so detailed, I can't wait to get more and create more with it. First project is underway. This paper as well all their lines is simply gorgeous!

  • Xyron and a good cause (05 October 2010)

    Of course I love the regular Xyron sticker maker and I have two! But, I bought this one because it's a great pink color and unique shape and part of the sale goes to breast cancer research.

    Get it for a friend to remind them to get their mammogram and do their self exam, then scrap something pink!!

  • Love the different textures (22 September 2010)

    I love the variety of textures to this trim. The brown trim is actually velvety and the green is yarn like (so decorative). The wide lace is delicate and perfect for those vintage photos.
    I do wish that anybody putting trim on cardboard like this and wrapping it around would reconsider doing so. You can't use a ribbon iron on the trim like this, that has a lot of dimension to it. Just a thought! But used this trim with the Teresa Collins Noel kit I just bought...PERFECT!

  • Exquisite! (22 September 2010)

    This paper is SO beautiful! The picture does not come close to showing the details. The top left corner and bottom right corner are sparkly embossed, which really sets off the beauty of this paper. My sister does a lot of sewing this paper is worthy of her!

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    Rosette trim (22 September 2010)

    I love the companies coming out with all the rosette trim, like this one! The colors on this are just beautiful and while I wish I could get 10 yards of it, I think what I have is enough! The thing that got me to buy this was the colors in it, but I like the American Crafts or Websters rosette trim better as it has more dimension. I know that sounds weird, but I like a lot of dimension in my scrapbooking. This trim is going on a lovely picture of my grandmother from a vintage photo I have of her in a pink suit. The trim should set of the picture quick nicely!

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    Very nice (22 September 2010)

    While these do not have a lot of dimension to them (they are rather flat), they are still quite lovely and very very feminine. I even used the packaging back in a layout as even that was gorgeous!

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    Really pretty! (22 September 2010)

    These butterflies are delicate and pretty and seem to be reinforced with a fabric back, which I think makes them a tad more durable. The colors in the photo do NOT do them justice as they are much prettier in person!

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    THE best! (10 August 2010)

    I was so upset when Kokuyo went off the market and searched for a suitable replacement. Until this Pink ATG came along, I hadn't really found one. But this ATG is AMAZING! Lightweight, easy to use, TONS of adhesive that lasts for a very long time, and friendlier to the environment as you throw away the paper and a small wheel, but not an entire plastic cartridge! Pink, going green! And it being pink is the bonus! It's a great tool and highly, highly recommended!!

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    Neat! (28 December 2009)

    Just starting out with embossing and found this to be a great dry embosser. The machine is lightweight and easy to use and gives you deep embossing, it's really impressive! Use with Core-dinations paper and you get a neat look if you sand the raised image. Very cool tool!

  • Adorable! (29 October 2009)

    This chipboard album is really cute! I bought the matching paper pad, which had the die cut shapes to cover each page perfectly. I put it together in a snap and the clear acrylic cover is a nice touch. If you're short on time and want to give a handmade, yet quick gift, this is the book for you! I highly recommend the paper pack that is made to go with this, you won't be sorry! I'm hoping Deja Views does more of this type of albums, the finished product is adorable!

  • Love the look (21 October 2009)

    I think these book covers are just perfect for that vintage feeling for heritage pictures. Even works well for that worn look for a well loved book. I plan on getting a few more!

  • Fun and easy! (18 October 2009)

    I've actually bought two of these (along with chipboard book it matches) and had great fun putting them together. The pages are diecut and easy to punch out (a HUGE plus) and matched perfectly the chipboard pages. A fun easy project to do. Makes a great gift too!

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    Neat paper! (18 July 2009)

    Oh sure, it's Teen Angst, but wow, does this work for one of my LO's! I like the neat die cuts, helping to point out without adding more to the page. Good quality paper and great fun!!

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    Very cool tool! (28 June 2009)

    What's not to love?! First, it closes flat...nice touch! Second, the border punches have some really clever designs. Third, they are easy to use, lining up what's punched with what needs to be punched. Clean punch, clean design, and clearly cute! I think these new flat-type punches are the best and yes, easy to carry to crops because the click shut. The Beach Scene is so fun and punches exactly as pictured. Practice first on scrap paper so you get the hang of it, but you'll be border punching in no time with these clever punches!

  • SO fun! (26 June 2009)

    My first board book EVER and it helped that it was a kit! Instructions are good, but make sure you cut the paper as they tell you, it's really important because you use almost ever inch of paper given in the kit. The included embellies are neat and there are two envelopes to hold "Special Keepsakes" and "Recipes", both of which I used! One thing though..the swirls you see on the front cover while sticky, will need extra something sticky to ... stick. Chipboard stickers aren't generally sticky enough.
    Recommend that you read every instruction before starting and you will have a gorgeous finished project!

  • Lovely wordbook! (07 May 2009)

    I'm giving the finished product to my mother for Mother's Day and it turned out great! The Mimosa papers are some of the prettiest I've seen and perfect for this particular wordbook. The book is not at all flimsy and the rings included are nice and big so you are able to embellish the book to your hearts content without worrying about being able to open it. The paper is covering both back and front of all pages and there's enough room for plenty of pictures. I really love all SEI wordbooks and you can't beat the price!

  • Gorgeous (04 May 2009)

    I got this in one of my kits and am reserving it for a special LO I have in mind. I love how delicate this is! It's a great element to any LO! I'll post mine when it's finished!

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    So cute! (06 April 2009)

    I saw this punch listed here on SB.com, but found it at my LSS. This punch is SO adorable! I was thinking of all the summer LO's I could use this for. The Fiskars squeeze punches are my favorite! And I think making them different colors was genius! They are SO easy to use and you can punch the exact part of the paper you want to, you can see everything. I think there are several others in this series (the bright pink) and all are adorable! Highly recommend any Fiskars Squeeze Punch!

  • Love this! (15 March 2009)

    I just bought this and it's so cute! I love the Fiskers squeeze punches! So easy to use and their shapes are cute! I also like how they sort of color code them for each season (Christmas punches were dark green).
    Plus, the packaging allows you to see the size of the punched piece, taking out the guess work. You can 'squeeze' them while they are still in the package. The fit nicely in your hand and are easy to use. I highly recommend all of Fiskars squeeze punches!

  • Wonderful! (24 November 2008)

    One of my must haves in a tote is that it stands upright. This is sturday and adorable. Has tons of pockets, a nice shoulder strap and sturdy handles. I have the matching Tote Ally cool tool tote as well. Perfect for crops, holds a ton of page kits (I might have 35-40 in mine!) and is much envied by fellow croppers! I like being able to carrry my pages in progress in this tote. It's a must have for a scrapper on the go as well as the organized scrapper!!

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    More than 5 stars! (09 November 2008)

    How about 100? This machine is amazing. I mean, amazing! It cuts up to 23 1/2 inches (with the right mat) and it's fast and easy, literally works right out of the box. A must have for the serious or silly scrapper! This would be a great tool for teachers, cardmakers, scrappers, school projects...there are no limitations. Don't let the price of cartridges scare you. There are usually plenty of sales and sites that offer discounted prices and the different images you get with each cartridge are unbelievable. Totally worth the price!
    Of note, the Expression does not have a carrying handle, so taking it to a crop is tricky, but worth it! I highly recommend this wonderful tool for anybody who considers themselves 'crafty'!

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    LOVE this paper! (01 November 2008)

    This paper is super cute and fun with it's different images and edges. It's good solid paper and so easy to work with because there's SO much you can do with it! Totally fun!

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    Love this paper! (27 October 2008)

    Did a LO using the Busted collection and it was very well received! This is such a cute collection totally worth having for the little 'criminals', be they children or furry babies, in the event they are captured doing something they shouldn't be! I love the fingerprint on this page, but the title is magic!

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    Very cute! (27 October 2008)

    The Pugsley paper is so cute! I mean, scary.....!! It's hard to be scared of a happy pumpkin! I love the colors and the circular writing around each image (all different!). Really, really cute!

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    Cute Paper! (22 October 2008)

    Very clever idea, the Addams family collection! I LOVE the pumpkins on both sides of the Grandmama paper, so cute! Had to get two sheets because both side are so adorable! Rusty Pickle always has great paper!

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    Love the chipboard books! (22 October 2008)

    I love the shape of Bo Bunny chipboard books, they're fun to work with. This one is not so intimidating as the others are with more letters. I like the cat cutout on the A, very clever! I hope to finish it soon and post!

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    Adorable! (22 October 2008)

    I LOVE these chipboard stickers! The faces are cute and funny and the chipboard is nice and solid. Very fun to work with. I'll post my page soon (just after Halloween!).

  • Fun idea! (12 September 2008)

    I love most anything made my Autumn Leave and I got this for Christmas last year and I brought it to work. I love that I have scrapbooking stuff at work! This calendar is wonderful. Tons of project ideas, great photos and sits very nicely on my desk. When the year is over, I plan to put acrylic covers and rings on it and use it as a nice addition to my scrap reference library! There are category keys in the corner of each page, which is a really neat idea! A perfect gift for the scrapper in your life!

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    Great tool tote! (11 September 2008)

    I love my AMM Tote-Ally cool tote! Lots of pockets, a drawer, a lazy susan attachement (especially wonderful at a crop!) and the Tote 3 is designed slightly different in that the handle at the top is now two handles, allowing you to access the large pocket in the middle with greater ease. The drawer at the bottom is secure and a great place to store and carry ink pads. Lots of elastic holders to keep things secure when you're on the move. Smart design, user friendly, holds a LOT of stuff and PINK!

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    Great idea! (11 September 2008)

    This "Code Enforcement" paper is so clever! It already has a slightly distressed look, which makes for a fun layout. Journaling is easy with the 'form' type paper and there's plenty of ways to use this and the entire line of the Busted Collection! The page I did was fun to do. If you've got any pictures of someone caught in the act, this is a great paper to use for your layout!

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    Cool stuff! (30 August 2008)

    I was directed to this during a class I took, and then at a crop last night, I bought some and used it for my layout. It punched easily and added the perfect dimension to my page. I would imagine this would work well with clear albums to add that extra something to them. Paired with the Souffle pens, you can't miss!

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    Love these! (30 August 2008)

    I have three (pink of course) and just LOVE them! I like the picture window in the front and they close nicely. I also have the 8x8, but I haven't yet moved to 8x8 pages!!

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    I have the baby scrap can (30 July 2008)

    And the Mama is GREAT for my scraproom! I take the little one to crops. They both fold up so nicely and of course, I love pink!

  • The best (24 July 2008)

    I've tried a number of different adhesives and this is by far the best. I've used others and had to use Kokuyo to restick after the other adhesive let go. Simply the best adhesive out there!

  • Great kit! (18 March 2008)

    Short on time? This is the kit for you! The instructions say you can do this in about an hour. It took me a little longer, but the result was wonderful! Pages are precut for you and everything you need is in the box...really! The pages layouts are all different and it makes for a nice book. I'm getting another (different theme) to finish and give to my sister for her birthday.