MYIA's Reviews

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    My Favorite! (04 March 2010)

    This has to be my all time favorite collection! I am completely head over hills for porcelain and every embellishment that goes with it!!!

  • At the moment my Favorite! (04 March 2010)

    I have to say that at the moment this is my all time favorite, and the reason I say at the moment is because I am in Love with the Porcelain collection from Basic Grey the same way and the way Basic Grey all ways seems to get my juices flowing, I am sure they will come up with something just as yummy or better (hard to top this).

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    Fun and Compact! (19 July 2009)

    My slice is so convenient and compact! I love how small it is and the design cards rock! I like the fact that you have to apply the adhesive and then clean it, unlike some where the adhesive wears off and you have to throw away the entire mat!

  • Wonderful! (19 July 2009)

    I think this is my favorite crafting product I have bought this year! It is absolutely fab! It cuts circles and lines perfectly and the magnetic Idea was excellent! This is the best tool set that I own and I have a ton!

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    Love It! (14 May 2009)

    This paper is so fun and colorful! I love basic Grey's paper collections!

  • Verified Buyer

    Girly Fun (12 January 2009)

    This is the most amzing collection there is.. I know I am kind of late using it, but I am in love with it! I will probably purchase it again soon.. My absolute favorite Paper collection that I have ever used, the embellies are the bomb too!

  • More Sweet than Bitter (09 January 2009)

    Okay, I am a basic grey addict but, this has to be the most beautiful Valentines Day collection there is for 2009!!! I am in love with this collection of papers they are super sweet! The brown and pink combo is the bomb! I love how basic grey always includes enough letters on the letter sheet, that's sweet! And the embellies that go to this collection are also very nice!

  • Love it! (13 October 2008)

    I loved working with this plastic layout! Fun!