Amigosa's Reviews

  • Best. Scissors. EVER! (30 May 2009)

    I won these scissors in the NSD prize pack and I am so thankful I did! I probably would have never bought these on my own, just because I hadn't ever heard about them. Everyone talks about the Cutterbee Scissors. Well, if you have ribbon, even wire, something delicate to cut than these are by far the scissors for you. The Cutterbee's are great for fine details, but they don't compare to these with cutting other things. I love these scissors!!!

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    Great boy collection! (30 May 2009)

    I am a huge Basic Grey junkie and when I first saw this collection I was in love! With having to scrap many, and I do mean many, boy layouts I am always looking for some new and different papers and embellishments to use. I actually bought 2 packs of this collection so far because I love it that much. I really love these range of colors, patterns and designs. My favorite pictures to use while I'm scrapping with this collection are outdoor pictures. It just goes so well with them.

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    LOVE IT!!! (02 May 2009)

    I absolutely LOVE the StazOn inks, the black especially. When it says that it will staz on... it seriously means it. This ink will stay on anything it touches, even your hands and clothes. :-) I use it to stamp and ink edges the most. If you stamp with this ink, it will stain. I use a baby wipe to get most of it off though. This is not a distressing ink and does not blend well. Tim Holtz inks are better if you want to blend. I cannot say enough good things about this ink though. I use it on most of my layouts and cards!

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    I *love* these! (25 April 2009)

    I am using these on the layout that I'm currently working on. I *love* them! I usually don't post product raves like this, but I am seriously loving these rub-ons. A few reasons: they go on the paper so easy, the easiest I've ever had rub ons go on! I put part of the rub-on on a place that I didn't want it and with a little work of scratching with my finger nail, they came right off! There is NO damage to my paper at all! These rub-ons are a great accent to my layout.

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    I love this stuff! (17 August 2008)

    I absolutely love lace cardstock! It is a great addition to any page. This one is probably my favorite right now. You could use this one for a 4th of July page, a sports page or I used it for "You Are My Shining Star". My favorite thing about this card stock is the versatility. I can use the whole piece, or cut just a bit off for an accent and everything in between.

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    I love my bug!!! (17 August 2008)

    I use my cuttlebug on nearly every layout! I bought it because I couldn't put a few hundred dollars into a Cricut. No, it cannot do as much as a Cricut, but I sure do love this little guy. I use the cuttlekids alpha dies because they are so much cheaper. The main reason I bought the cuttlebug was because I could use other brands of dies.

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    Great Circle Cutter (17 August 2008)

    This is actually one of the first tools I bought when I started scrapping at the beginning of this year. It is so easy to use and cuts great circles. You can also use it with a pen/pencil to draw a circle.

    The only problem with this is that it doesn't cut very large circles. I think the largest it does is 6 inches across. I didn't realize that when I bought it.

    I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to cut small-ish circles very easily.

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    Love the shape cutter! (03 May 2008)

    I really do love this tool to make letters! It does take some time to learn how to use it correctly, but once you do it is so fun. I have been using it on quite a few of my layouts recently.

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    LOVE these scissors! (03 May 2008)

    It seemed that everyone on this site would recommend these scissors, now I know why! I bought them last week and haved used them on every single layout I've done since then. They cut perfectly!