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Vh678's Reviews

  • waste (14 August 2011)

    I have a brand new roll of this tape, and I thought it was adorable, but it just shreds off the roll. It sticks too well to itself, so as you pull it off the roll, you get the top layer of the tape below it on the piece you are pulling off. It's like when 2 ply toilet paper gets torn funny and the two layers are different lengths. I've wasted half the roll trying to get it to come off as one piece of tape with only one thing written on it. It was cheap, but it was a complete waste.

  • Verified Buyer

    Pretty dang awesome (18 February 2010)

    I didn't realize how helpful this guide would be! There is a lot that is just common sense, but it really helps to see how someone, who is really experienced at this, is able to effectively organize. I've gone back to this guide multiple upon multiple times while trying to totally redo my scraproom. Totally worth the buy!