Ms.CRKS's Reviews

  • Love it! (22 October 2009)

    I totally love this new line from Basic Grey! I've used the solids and some border stickers for a sibling LO and am working on a recipe card holder using the acrylic calendar stand from Maya Road. These are beautiful papers and I swear, they are NOT as bright as they seem! They're bright, but not neon lol

  • Beautiful! (16 October 2009)

    I love Making Memories rubons! They always come off so nicely and look awesome.

  • Not sticky? (13 October 2009)

    Usually BG has great chipboard stuff, but the batch I bought refused to stick to my pages. Glue Dots wouldnt even stick to these things, and I finally ran them through my Xyron and they seem to be sticking better. The tree I could only do so much with though, and was able to get the trunk to stick down but not the rest of it. Even though I had some trouble with these, I think they're adorable and would definately buy them again.

  • For beginners, maybe (09 October 2009)

    I wasnt that impressed with this and I was really hesitant to purchase it. There is no preview of whats inside on the outside of the box and in the past, I've been let down by these sorts of things. This was no exception. I can find better inspiration here in the gallery, just by browsing my favorite artists. This would be great for beginners or even just quick, simple, easy to put together gifts but for an advanced scrapbooker...I'd tell them to pass on it. In fact, I'm going to pass this on to a friend who is sort of a beginner and usually pressed for time.

    I also agree with Coco, there are not that many projects. I just counted, and of the 5 sections, the most for one section is 11 with the least being 3. On the box, it does say they will be coming out with more but I wouldnt waste my money on those either.

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    Perfect! (16 September 2009)

    I'm in love with this collection! I cant wait for Halloween to come so I can put together some layouts for my kids (and my own) albums and maybe even do a mini book.

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    Off to a shaky start but beautiful (16 September 2009)

    Even though I gave this 5 stars, I was disappointed to find that I couldnt put the cover together according to instructions. The pieces just werent matching up and I completely wrecked it, so in the garbage it went. I do plan on buying another though, as its a beautiful calendar that looks easy to put together. I think it'd make a great Christmas present.

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    Lightweight (20 August 2009)

    These scissors are lightweight, easy on the hands and able to get into the tiniest of places with much ease.

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    Stunning! (20 August 2009)

    This album is awesome and even though I havnt used it yet, I cant wait to! The outside over is canvas, as is the bag it comes with, but the inside pages are made of a beautiful sturdy almost Bazzill like textured chipboard. It'll definately stand up to whatever abuse you can throw at it and my can use Glimmer Mist on the pages without worry of them warping.

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    Gorgeous! (20 August 2009)

    I love these flowers! My only complaint is that they're not self adhesive. You could use pop up Glue Dots on them, but if you're trying to adhere them to the outside of a mini album (like I am), I'm at a loss as to how to do it. If you know, PM me!

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    Cute but cheap (20 August 2009)

    These letters are so cute and can be used on many projects, not just vacations, but are cheap. They arent self adhesive, which is a bummer considering I broke 2 of the six letters I used by running them through my Xyron sticker maker. I dont think these are worth the fuss at all.

  • Awesome product! (12 July 2009)

    This is an easy and beautiful way to display your mini albums. You can easily take the album off the stand to view and its sturdy. Definately plan on buying a few more of these!

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    Very cute! (28 May 2009)

    I love this album but its so beautiful I dont want to touch it for fear I'll make a mess of it! I'm not quite sure what to do with it though...

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    Love this collection! (26 April 2009)

    I used this collection to make an album about me and my brothers trip to Puerto Rico and it was perfect. I love the patterns!

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    Adorable cards! (26 April 2009)

    These cards are so cute! They look complicated but they're super easy to make. The only complaint I have is the instructions are in black and would have been better if they were in color. I cant wait to get a hold of more of these kits!

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    Love these! (28 March 2009)

    The only complaint I have about all of these chipboard stickers is sometimes a layer of chipboard comes off when you're trying to peel off the backing. The same can happen with all chipboard stickers though...these are super cute!

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    Love this! (04 March 2009)

    Great way to store your Slice, it includes a punch out in the back so it can charge while keeping the cords out of the way and the drawer is big enough to hold all the accessories, including the spatula.

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    Kind of bummed about the size (04 March 2009)

    This stamp is super cute but its really too small to be writing stuff in but I'm sure it'd make a cute embellishment or something.

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    Yummy! (04 March 2009)

    I've tried a few recipes out of this book so far and they were all totally yummy, especially the cookies on the cover!

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    Neat stamp storage (04 March 2009)

    This is the best storage for stamps I've found so far. I was able to fit 8-10 envelopes in each binder and its just really cute. I havnt put acrylic blocks in them and I think you'd have to sacrifice stamps to store the blocks. Theres also a tag on the zipper so you could label each binder with its contents.

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    Cute but not worth it! (02 March 2009)

    It took me a good 5 minutes at LEAST to finally get this thing down and that was after I cut off 3 inches. I was so excited to use this rubon and was really dissapointed at how hard it was to get down. I wouldnt buy another rubon from this company and at $5, they're not cheap.

  • Cant think of a drawback for this machine (01 November 2008)

    I just bought this today and even though I ruined my mat by not waiting for the glue to dry, I absolutely love it! It cuts quickly and is really user friendly. I also love that the design cards are reasonably priced and you get a ton of stuff on them.

  • Sweet! (01 November 2008)

    Easy to get the cards and booklets in and out...cute design on the front.

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    Love Basic Grey rubons but.... (05 November 2007)

    Have never had good luck with them. For me they're hard to get down and tend to crack. They come in so many awesome designs and I continue to buy them *hoping* I have better luck. I would recommend them but with a warning that I've had trouble putting them down.

  • Cute but hard to use (05 November 2007)

    I love these rubons! They're so cute and I was so excited to use them on an acrylic album for my son but I had a very hard time getting them to stick. I was expecting them to go on smoothly (especially on acrylic) but it took me almost 5 minutes to get the Dr. Suess quote to stick and even then it cracked and went on horribly. I ended up tossing the rest of the sheet and hopefully (I have others) the next time I use them I have better luck.