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LakeshoreLady's Reviews

  • Toss the sandpaper! (02 October 2007)

    Why didn't someone think of this sooner? The Basic Grey Precision File Set is a must-have for a scrapbooker of any style.

    The set's six files are each sturdy enough for as much use as you can give them. Use them for hard-to-reach places on monograms, or for taking the little paper "nubs" off of die cuts. They're great for distressing, too.

    This is a must-have tool, and at this price, it's affordable for everyone and anyone. Get yours today at the sb.com superstore!

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    The best HS product EVER! (26 September 2007)

    "Bling" - shiny crystals and rhinestones - is a HOT trend in scrapbooking, and Heidi Swapp has made it easy for you to add that pizazz to your layouts.

    What I love about the Jewel Art Bling Frames is that each piece (circle) is ONE sticker. Gone are the days of piecing each jewel one at a time. Even better, the sticker goes on easily and you can reposition it if it doesn't look right, without damaging the frame.

    Bling frames can serve many purposes. Use them to add flair to your title, frame your journaling, or draw attention to detail in a photograph.

    Try them! I can guarentee you'll love them!

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    It really works! (13 September 2007)

    The Sakura Quickie Glue Pen is nothing less than fantastic. It is easy to use, mess-free, and it would be nearly impossible to make mistakes with it.

    The glue pen is comfortable to hold, easy to grip and writes just like your favorite gel pens. The glue is tinted at first (so you know where it's been applied) but dries clear.

    Though I haven't used it to adhere an embellishment to my layout, I did have tons of fun doodling with it, then shaking glitter onto the glue. It works great!

  • A must-have! (12 September 2007)

    I have been using Glue Lines for a couple of years now and can't scrap without them! They work perfectly for adhering items with small areas, such as alphabets.

    Glue lines go on easily and are mess-free. These are perfect if, like me, you don't want to fuss with messy glue and then wait for it to dry.

    Glue lines also have a very strong hold and bond to many materials, including textured cardstock, metal, acrylics, fabrics, and wood.

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    Very fun to use! (11 September 2007)

    The Heidi Swapp Mini Bird Mask was the first HS mask I had ever attempted, and I had so much fun with it!

    The branch and bird are two seperate pieces, so you can set the bird on the branch however you wish, or use one piece and not the other. I am currently working on using only the branch on a Halloween layout.

    You can make the look your own by experimenting with painting over it - dry brushing, foam brushing, sponging, etc.

    The back side of the mask is just barely tacky - just enough to hold it steady on your paper, but not sticky enough to damage your work upon removal.

    Though I've not yet tried, I think it would be very easy to trace the mask as a stencil if you actually wanted a paper version of it.

    Overall I think the Heidi Swapp masks have a great deal of potential and look forward to adding to my collection and getting creative!

  • Great assortment (10 September 2007)

    This is a great assortment of decorating chalks. As you can see, you receive quite a wide range of colors and shades of chalks. You can even use two, three, or more chalks, blended together, to make your own unique look.

    These chalks work well with Versamark Ink, or on their own. You can use the enclosed chalk applicators, or a q-tip, makeup sponge, or other instrument to acheive the desired effect. I personally like to use my chalks to give the appearance of dimension by chalking the edges of paper piecings.

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    One of BG's best! (20 August 2007)

    The Basic Grey LilyKate Collection pack is just splendid! One thing that I've always loved about Basic Grey is that they don't stick with the same two or three colors throughout the entire collection pack, and they certainly didn't disappoint me with the LilyKate collection.

    The colors and textures in this pack are fantastic, and there are SO many possibilities for these patterned papers. As the previous reviewer mentioned, don't be fooled by the feminine name, because these papers are most definitely unisex. It is a great collection for moms of boys who are itching to add just a *little* feminine touch to their layouts. This kit would also be great for cardmaking.

    Don't forget to pick up a matching pack of monograms and some Basic Grey undressed chipboard letters to complete this kit!

  • Great starter bag! (20 August 2007)

    This was my very first crop bag, and I absolutely loved it. It is comfortable to carry and doesn't take up a ton of space in your car or near the crop table. It has quite a few compartments and a nice, deep space for storing papers and tools. It is perfect for a beginner who doesn't have tons of supplies or for a seasoned scrapbooker who knows how to take "just what they need" to a crop. I would definitely recommend this product to a friend, or "neighbor!"

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    Works okay! (EDITED REVIEW) (20 August 2007)

    The concept of the Fiskars Craft Drill is great, but I was a little disappointed upon trying to use this tool. It did go through the small wooden tags that I used it on fairly easily, but one problem is that it is hard to tell when the bit has gone all the way through the item you're drilling, and you may end up scarring your cutting mat up pretty badly. I would recommend having a seperate mat just for drilling purposes.

    Another BIG problem that I found, is, with one hand on the tool itself and the other on the handle, there is no way to hold down the item you are drilling, hence it begins to spin. I think Fiskars should have thought this through and sold the Craft Drill with it's own cutting mat that has some sort of device for holding down the item to be drilled.


    So I tried putting the item to be drilled on a wooden block after a friend suggested it, and it worked like a charm!

    The first item I attempted was a thin acrylic tag, and unfortunately it cracked the tag. However, I was drilling multiple holes, so I think that just didn't work, as it weakened the acrylic.

    I also used it on a chipboard tag. I used the smallest bit and drilled four holes. That came out beautifully and was very easy, though of course I had to sand the roughness off after I was done.

    So... it's not such a bad tool! In fact, by using the wooden block, the problems I listed earlier are not an issue.

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    Gotta have it! (17 August 2007)

    If you plan to write anything at all on your scrapbooking layout, you NEED Zig Writers! These markers/pens are so vivid on paper and come in a vast variety of colors.

    The fact that they're twin-tipped leaves you with many options, as one end is fine for writing and the other is thick for either writing or coloring in a project. I personally like using both ends to color in rub-ons for a custom look.

  • Great product (17 August 2007)

    Fray Check liquid seam sealant is a must-have for ribbon lovers. If you've used ribbon, you know that some types can fray easily, sometimes ruining the look of the layout. A few drops of this ribbon sealant solves that problem. It goes on easily and dries clear. As the previous reviewer mentioned, it does momentarily change the color of some ribbons as it dries, but don't panic; it does dry clear.

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    Tim Holtz inks RULE! (17 August 2007)

    There are a lot of ink pad choices out there, but the best quality I have found thus far is from Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pads. They come in a wide variety of colors - anywhere from classic browns and black to mustard yellow - and last forever. Also, the pad and case itself are square, which, at least to me, makes them more easy to handle when you are using direct ink to paper inking techniques.

    You are looking at my FAVORITE Tim Holtz ink - Walnut Stain. It is definitely a scrapbooking staple if you are in to the distressed look, but make sure you check out the other colors Tim has!

    P.s. You should store these upside-down to keep the pad nice and wet. :)

  • Not a good buy (16 August 2007)

    Like I am sure many other people were, I was thrilled with the idea of a small, portable, and user-friendly sewing machine made just for scrapbooking. Who needs a big tabletop version, just for sewing paper? Sadly, I was disappointed. Though the concept is great, the Provo Craft So Crafty Mini Sewing Machine is not user-friendly at all. It is nearly impossible to create a straight line, and the inability to regulate the speed makes you feel like it's out of control. I also do not feel that it produces a quality stitch when you do get it to sew. Sorry Provo Craft... I like many of your other products, but this one fell thru.

  • Loving my Fastenator! (16 August 2007)

    The EK Success Fastenator Decorative Stapler is a wonderful alternative to using standard, small and plain staples. This tool is super easy to use and refill.

    The staples come in a wide assortment of colors and designs. They even make slotted staples, which you could run ribbon through.

    The Fastenator has so much potential for making amazing, creative layouts. Use the staples on paper, tags, ribbon, and so much more!

  • MM Rub ons are the best! (16 August 2007)

    Once you begin using Making Memories Rub ons, you will be hooked. The rub ons come in a variety of colors, fonts, and sizes and are easy to use.

    Some other rub ons seem to have a hard time adhering to whatever it is you are rubbing on, but not Making Memories rub ons. They come off very easily and stick to just about anything.

    Try them on paper, metal, transparent embellishments, and so much more!

  • Verified Buyer

    Great product! (16 August 2007)

    Glue dots 1" glue lines are one product that I always keep within reach. I do not typically like dealing with messy glues, so this adhesive is perfect for those who feel the same.

    Glue lines work great for narrow spaces where your tape or tape runner might be too wide, such as the back of ribbon or rick rack. They work especially well on the back of letters like chipboard monograms, where you need extra adhesive to hold the sometimes heavy embellishment into place. Also, the fact that the roll is perforated to each line eliminates the need to break out your scissors when you use the glue lines.

    I have been using this product for quite some time and have yet to find something it won't stick to.

  • Not for me... (15 August 2007)

    My Coluzzle Swivel knife remains in a drawer, barely used. Though I liked the idea of having a knife that would go around curves easier, this was hard to use. The blade seemed to move around very easily.

    The only good features, in my opinion, are the easy-to-grip handle and the fact that the cap stays on tight, unlike other (Xacto) knives.

    Perhaps I wasn't using this properly, but be that the case, they should maybe have instructions on proper use listed on the packaging.

  • Verified Buyer

    A scrapbooking staple! (15 August 2007)

    The possibilties for these Basic Grey Undressed Monograms are ENDLESS! You can cover them with the Basic Grey Monogram Stickers, paint them, ink them, cover them with patterened paper, and so much more! They are just the right size for embellishing after you cover them. Use pins, staples, ribbon, rub-ons... whatever your heart desires.

    I use these monograms so often that I now consider them a scrapbooking staple. They are so versatile and add texture and dimension to your layouts. Basic Grey puts care and quality into all their products, and it shows on these monograms. They are nice and thick, and cut precisely. Try them once, and you'll be hooked!

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    Wonderful product! (15 August 2007)

    If you haven't noticed, painting on layouts has become HUGE in scrapbooking. Using paint broadens your horizons and opens up so much potential from odinary supplies. You can paint paper, chipboard, metal, transparent embellishments, and so much more!

    I have used many kinds of paint, including the $1 or less craft paint, and I stand by Making Memories paint as the best for scrapbooking. First off, the colors are so rich and vibrant, and there are so many to choose from. Also, the paint goes on very smoothly.

    Just a quick tip... you may notice that the paint begins to 'seperate' a bit when it's sat for awhile. Simply give it a good shaking and you're ready to go.

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    Such a useful tool! (14 August 2007)

    I have used my Xyron Create-A-Sticker 150 "Little X" on so many projects that I've lost count!

    Not only is the Xyron 150 a small and portable adhesive tool, but there is really nothing else out there like the Xyron Create-a-Sticker products. To top it off, their products are SUPER easy to use. Even my six-year-old can use this dispenser.

    You can fit so many items into this tool and have a nice, permanent or repositionable adhesive on the back. One item I love to run thru this machine is ribbon. You can do two, three, maybe even four strips of ribbon at a time and have the entire back of the ribbon covered in even adhesive so it stays where it needs to.

  • So many possibilities! (14 August 2007)

    I would most definitely recommend Heidi Swapp's Ghost alphabets (and other products) to other scrapbookers. There are SO many possibilites with this product.

    To name a few...

    - Put patterned paper behind the letters
    - place glue along the edges and gently dip in glitter
    - Paint designs on the letters
    - Paint the edges of the letters
    - Ink them, stamp them, etc
    - and so much more!

  • The best cardstock! (14 August 2007)

    Bazzill Basics Cardstock is the BEST cardstock on the market. There are so many different colors, textures, and sizes to choose from. I can't imagine not being able to find the right shade of Bazzill to match a project - there are just so many options.

    Bazzill Basics Cardstock isn't made like other, more flimsy cardstock that you might find on the market. It is very durable and won't end up with a bunch of creases in it before you get a chance to use it.

  • Verified Buyer

    A MUST HAVE!!!! (13 August 2007)

    I would simply be LOST without my Cutterbee scissors. I have used them on every layout I've ever made and they are the best scissors on the market, hands down. I have been scrapbooking for six years and have not had to sharpen these once.

    These scissors are not only affordable, but they cut with such precision! The non-slip grip makes these scissors easy to handle, and the "sheath" keeps you protected when the scissors are not in use, and the precision tip makes it easy to cut carefully along small embellishments.

    I would definitely recommend this item to any scrapbooker.

  • Very useful! (13 August 2007)

    I have two sets of these paper trays and I really like them. Because each tray is seperate, they are pretty versatile for fitting in your scrap space. I have two stacks of ten, side by side, but I could most certainly stack them in one tall stack. I don't have the wheels for them yet, but they would also come in very handy, as you could roll your paper right to your work area.

    I would like to see them a little deeper to fit more paper in each slot, but other than that, they are great. I have had no problems with the trays bowing out, either.

  • Verified Buyer

    A must-have (06 August 2007)

    This little tool is so light and easy to use. You simply rub it back and forth along the edge of your paper and you are left with a nice, distressed edge to ink or leave as-is. It is much safer to use than the edge of your scissors, and won't take up much room in your crop bag.